The Pilgrim Center: Burned Church in North Miami Holds Sunday Service in Tent

These congregants of The Pilgrim Center were determined to have service outside, after their church burned down.  It was hot, but they yearned to be in the presence of the Lord.  Volunteers set up a tent, some chairs and equipment as their church members walked past the rubble.   The church fire happened last week and it took about 60 firefighters to put it out.

Now, the pastor says  he and his church members will be having services in outside in the tent or anywhere else, according to

 In the meantime, we will keep the pastor of The Pilgrim Center and his church members in our prayers.

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Burned Church Holds Sunday Service in Tent

The congregation will hold church every Sunday under a tent or somewhere, until their building is rebuilt.

By Julia Bagg
While the Sunday morning sun beat down on The Pilgrim Center's scorched remains, workers and volunteers got to work.

They opened two tents, unfolded eight rows of chairs, set up microphones and speakers.

“It’s terrible,” said Jean-Jethro Pierre, a church member seeing the destruction for the first time. He walked his children past the piles of rubble over to the tents across the street.

Some 40 worshipers came together in their Sunday best...Read full article, here.

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