Eye Was Not a Lie Detector

Many people believe that a person's eyes could not lie. For example, when someone is lying, eyes tend to blink or reluctant eye contact with his interlocutors. However, recent research by academics at two universities in the UK showed it was just a myth.

In his research, they tested the theory that is believed to lie psychologists as a sign of nature, such as when one speaks as he glanced to his right, he probably is lying. Whereas if you glance to the left, defined by a sign showing honesty.

"The results of the tests we did find that the theory is wrong," said the experts from Edinburgh University and Hertfordshire University. The research is published in the journal Public Library of Science-ONE.

The link between eye movements and honesty are key elements of neurolinguistic programming (HIP), a method to improve the quality of life of people with a psychological approach.

One aspect of NLP that teach someone about the relationship between eye movements and thoughts. According to this theory, when one glance to the right instead of left-handed, they are likely to visualize the events were "built" or imagined. Conversely, if they glanced to the left, chances are it will visualize a memory in his brain.

The scientists examined the behavior of two groups of respondents and the first group to record eye movements when telling the truth or lying. Respondents from both groups were asked to watch the tape and trying to detect lies by observing eye movement of the first group.

"The first results showed no relationship between lying and eye movements," said Professor Richard Wiseman, a psychologist from Hertfordshire University.

Caroline Watt, researchers from Edinburgh University, said the theory of the eye and lie was no longer relevant. *** [PLOSONE | DAILYMAIL | BBC NEWS | MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 3943]
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