Press Release for Melvin Child's New Book About Tyler Perry

Melvin Child's New Book Press Release

Never Would Have Made It: The Rise of Tyler Perry, the Most Powerful Entertainer in Black America (And What It Really Took to Get Him There) Written by Melvin Childs

NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Hollywood icon Tyler Perry, by his own account, was homeless and living out of the backseat of his car when he decided to give his career one last try. That last chance resulted in a sold-out production of his play "I Know I've Been Changed" at the House of Blues in Atlanta, Georgia.

Touch 1 Media LLC ( announces the release of former radio executive Melvin Childs' memoir, Never Would Have Made It: The Rise of Tyler Perry, the Most Powerful Entertainer in Black America (And What It Really Took to Get Him There) (ISBN# 978-0-9847115-0-5; Hardcover, 240 pp., $24.99; E-Book, $9.99; In this book, Melvin Childs shares the untold story of his relationship with Tyler Perry and how trust and betrayal, success and failure, are a part of the game, but how, ultimately, faith can make you whole again.

Tyler Perry is one of the most prominent figures in black America today and yet we know precious little about how he made it, until now. Never Would Have Made It gives a candid, first-person account of how Tyler Perry went from being a failed playwright to the highest paid performer and playwright in Hollywood.

What Childs wants people to know is truth, not the version Perry talks about on his blogs or on talk shows. How did a homeless man put together six shows at one of the hottest venues in Atlanta and, shortly thereafter, embark upon a nationwide tour?

The answer is startling: risky deals with drug dealers; couriers carrying large bags of cash across the country; backstabbing and double-dealing with corrupt promoters; and everything else that occurred as Tyler struggled to make his mark.

Childs shares his personal account of what it was like working with Perry in those early days, long before Perry was a household name. Inside these pages, readers will find a touching and inspirational story of a struggling artist desperate for someone to believe in him. And they will follow Childs and Perry, step-by-step, on their incredible journey from empty theaters in Alabama to a multimillion-dollar nationwide tour.

Though Childs still admits that Tyler is "the single most talented person I've ever met," he still wants to set the record straight.


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Joel Osteen Reality Show

New Reality Show for Joel Osteen with Producer of 'Survivor' Mark Burnett
It never fails to surprise us what these larger than life, 'Hollywood' spirit-filled, holy cash preachers do these days. It's not enough that preachers like Osteen have gained everything off the backs of Christians but have to tap into anything secular to gain even more money and support. SMH.
Read report below:
"Survivor" producer Mark Burnett is teaming up with Joel Osteen for a primetime network show in 2012, TMZ has learned.
Burnett tells TMZ, the premise of the show is that ordinary people will give up several days or longer to go on a mission with Joel Osteen, one of the most popular pastors in the world. All of the missions will be in the confines of US soil to "start fixing things."
Over the years, "just about every studio in Hollywood" has pitched show ideas to the Osteens, but they've always turned them down, until now, said Don Iloff, Lakewood spokesman.

Watch Trailer to New Book About Tyler Perry's Past

Melvin Child's book About Tyler Perry
Watch Trailer to New Book About Tyler Perry's Past

Tyler Perry's Past Exposed in New Book By Melvin Childs

'Never Would Have Made It' book Ousts Tyler Perry

Reports state super famous Tyler Perry was allegedly involved in some shady business- so says his former production benefactor who said he discovered Tyler Perry. We had just recently reported how we hoped his heart felt open letter to one of Penn State's accuser was genuine. Well, it could have been but how much of this author's book is true and genuine into the life of a man who claimed he lived in cars and was homeless all the while putting together plays. We used to get those personal emails from Perry back in the day and he explained in bits and pieces how he made it. It will be interesting to read the book and see how what he said about himself matches with this book's account.

Read the report below:
A man from Perry's past has stepped forward claiming that the writer-director-producer didn't achieve his status alone. And that he didn't do it honestly.

In his new memoir, Never Would Have Made It: The Rise of Tyler Perry, the Most Powerful Entertainer in Black America (And What It Really Took to Get Him There), Melvin Childs, a self-described former radio executive, claims Perry's growth was significantly dependent on his early investment in him.

Childs also makes the shocking charge that Perry used "risky deals with drug dealers, couriers carrying large bags of cash across the country; backstabbing and double-dealing with corrupt promoters," plus other illicit means to fund his early work according to the book's press release.

Read full story HERE

Billy Graham Hospitalized With Pneumonia in NC Hospital

Billy Graham Hospitalized
The story is still developing but here is the latest on the word know preacher's health condition
Report is by USA Today:

Longtime spokesman A. Larry Ross said Graham was taken to the hospital with "a cough, congestion and a slight fever. He arrived smiling and waving at hospital staff. After initial tests and X-rays, he was admitted at least for overnight observation and treatment of suspected pneumonia."
"Given his age, this is more of a precaution," Ross said.

Graham, who has dealt with Parkinson's-like symptoms for more than a decade, was treated for pneumonia in May but rebounded to resume his normal activities — prayer, study and writing. His most recent book, Nearing Home, was published in October, and he spent Thanksgiving at his Montreat with family.

In Nearing Home, Graham wrote that everyone, not just the old, will one day face death and should discern why they're still alive and find the spiritual strength to face debilitation and loss. Graham admitted, "I can't truthfully say that I have liked growing older."

Graham's son, the Rev. Franklin Graham, says his father told him, "I think God is going to let me live to be 95." Ross said Wednesday that Graham expects to be home for Christmas to resume work on an evangelism project.

Black Atheism: Is It Hushed Due to Taboo or the Black Struggle?

Black Atheists

This subject is totally beyond me. We really don't know how people can even put race and atheism together. As far as I am concerned, if you don't believe in God (Jesus) than it doesn't matter what race you are. Heaven and hell does not discriminate when it comes to who shall enter and who shall not. 

Though we live on a planet that constantly judges and uses race to pathetically discriminate against one another, God does not work like this. He created us exactly the way He wanted us and being black and atheist will ultimately lead you to the same place as being a white atheist. So, for black atheists to 'celebrate' or rally for support in this area, is not only ludicrous but blasphemous.

Read report below:

Washington resident Ronnelle Adams first told his grandmother he was gay—and later revealed his atheism. "She was distraught," he says. "She told me she was more bothered by that than the revelation I was gay.”

Read entire article HERE

The Tree of Bishop Earl Paulk May Have Produced Bad Fruit in Those He Mentored

Bishop Earl Paulk and his Spiritual Sons and Daughters

It's no surprise nor a shock to hear about the many pastors across the globe who carry some level of scandal behind their names. There are probably so many that we can't count. Nonetheless, there are some that have been associated almost to the hip of one prominent pastor and bishop. This pastor would be: the late Bishop Earl Paulk. This article will be the first of many that will focus on who was tied to Bishop Earl Paulk, the scandals that followed them and ultimately a surprise at the end about who, in our opinion may be cursed from their association.
Now let's get some background on Bishop Earl Paul.

Earl Paulk was the founder of the Cathedral at Chapel Hill, a charismatic/Pentecostal megachurch in Decatur, Georgia; a suburb of Atlanta. Paulk's reputation was severely tarnished in his later years by allegations of sexual misconduct, including several illicit relationships and accusations that he had molested children.

Now, as you can see or remember, Bishop Earl Paulk had much scandal in his church and affected many people's lives. He also mentored many other pastors who became well known all over the world as well as in the Christian church. Unfortunately, these pastors have a stigma attached to their names. This is not to be written to bring up their past troubles but it is critical to note that a bad tree can not produce good fruit. Paulk evidently produced (mentored) bad fruit because his tree was corrupt and rotten from the roots. Its a sad case but it is very true.

Read entire article at AT2W

Ginger White Says Herman Cain Should Not Be President In Her Opinion On Good Morning America

Ginger White, the alleged former mistress of Herman Cain says he should not be president of the United States.   She also says she is stunned of his denial of their past secret affairs on numerous occasions.   On this following video you will also hear more details, regarding their discreet phone calls and also about money, trips and extravagant gifts he gave to Ginger White.  She excuses her behavior of her casual relationship with Hermain Cain as being only human. On the other hand, Cain is yet saying that Ginger White's claim is completely false and she is just a troubled business woman.

Phone records reveal that Herman Cain contacted Ginger White on a daily basis.   This does not sound like he was just helping her out, it seems like it was so much more going on between the two of them.   Now on this following video when Ginger White mentioned for the last two years of their relationship, she receiving gifts and money, seem unbelievable.   How could this be and the two of them have been in an alleged intimate relationship for more than 13 years while he was helping her pay her rent?  We do not feel she is being completely honest there, Herman Cain had to be giving her so much more than rent while the two of them would meet in these various hotels and dine at the finest expensive restaurants like the Four Seasons.  Then, she says she was not the one married, but he was.   Sadly, Ginger White does not realize that she is no better than him, sin is sin.  If you fool around with a married man as a single woman, you are not only taking part in his adultery, but you are fornicating, so she is not off the hook.   However, Herman Cain is supposedly a man of God, an assistant pastor of a popular church in Atlanta.  Like a lot of ministers who for some odd reason cannot abstain from lust, he should be held responsible for his lack of morals before this nation and within his own marriage.

Furthermore, she is honest when she admits her opinion, Herman Cain should not become the president of the United States and we sincerely agree with her.   A married man whom claims to be a born again Christian who has lived such a disgraceful double life with not just Ginger White, but possibly a few others is irresponsible to lead this country.

Watch Good Morning America Video Now

AT2W Exclusive: Wife of Creflo Dollar Taffi and Arrow Records Sued in Federal Court

Creflo Dollar's Wife Taffi Dollar Sued for Copyright Infringement
AT2W Exclusive
We have exclusive information from a woman that states she is suing Taffi Dollar, the wife of Pastor Creflo Dollar of The World Changers Church in College Park, Ga. She came to AT2W first to tell her story.

The plaintiff named Tonya Clark,  has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court of Downtown Atlanta earlier this month.  She says she recorded a song in Taffi Dollar's Arrow Records studio this year and a song with similar lyrics was released by a well know hip hop gospel artist named Canton Jones.

The song in question recorded by the plaintiff, was named "The Healer" and the plaintiff alleges artist Canton Jones released a song called "Be Healed" five months later in September 2011. Canton Jones is a label mate with Arrow Records along with Shonlock, Jeff Sparks and others.
Arrow Records recording artist Canton Jones premiered the song "Be Healed" in July 2011 though his "Dominionaire's" album was originally dated for release in February  2011 stated at The song was also recorded on a label called Cajo Records.

Canton Jones "Be Healed"The filed lawsuit also includes Taffi Dollar's Arrow Records, Inc., Canton Jones and Mark Hartwell, the engineer for: 28:1338 Copyright Infringement on Nov. 14, 2011 with the GA Northern District Court.

The plaintiff Tonya Clark and her attorney are awaiting Taffi Dollar's answer to the lawsuit.

** This report was exclusive and first published at our sister site AT2W- Credit must be given to AT2W if published elsewhere.

Source of article HERE

Did Lexi Show Interview with Bishop O.C. Allen Condone Alternative Lifestyles?

oc allen and lexi

We couldn't help but notice that the very recent interview Lexi had with Bishop O.C. Allen was very different than others she's done on the subject of the church and homosexuality. We would like to address the one she did with former gospel singer Tonex'.

We want to say we love the fact that Lexi had her interview with Tonex' because her show allowed us to see a side of him that many may not have seen or known. Her venue allowed us to explore the world of Tonex' and his hurts and pains. We can appreciate Tonex's honesty yet being open and willing to address the hard questions.

If you have seen Lexi's interview with Tonex' in 2009, you'd know that she had total control over this interview. What we mean is: She had control over this interview as a host who had planned questions and actually tackled the issues she knew her audience wanted to know. She knew to address the issues of sexuality, career path, family issues and his position in the church. This was absolutely addressed and she allowed Tonex' to speak his mind but she definitely rebuked him in some ways which we would expect. You could tell from her tone, her facial expressions and frankly her obvious frustration with  his life, that she did not agree with his current lifestyle.

Read entire article at AT2W

Donnie Swaggart Says Fred Price, Sr. Alleged Claim Jesus Committed Suicide Is Blasphemy

Right after Thanksgiving, we received a response from Donnie Swaggart through his secretary and she informed us that Frederick Price, Sr. alleged statement, regarding Jesus Christ committed suicide is blasphemy.   As you know, Pastor Donnie Swaggart is the son of legendary television evangelist, Jimmy Swaggart and he has been following these false prophets who preach the prosperity gospel, which is against God.   Donnie Swaggart was so kind to respond to us, because as you know, it is so hard when you approach those connected to the very ones who make such devious statements against the Son of God.

Let us encourage those of you whom feel lost in this era of church followers who would rather not support ministers who make claims that are not in God's Word, you do not have to feel like an outcast among so-call Christians who idolize them.   For Donnie Swaggart to give us a response regarding Dr. Frederick Price, Sr. statement lets us know, God still have true warriors within His Kingdom and we do not have to feel like we are all alone in this world when hearing similar statements such as this one.   Furthermore, Pastor Donnie Swaggart has also preached a sermon that opposed Frederick K. C. Price, Sr. good friend, Kenneth Copeland who allegedly claimed Jesus Christ is demon possessed and went to hell as a sinner.   We will reveal Donnie Swaggart's sermon at this end of this post, but before we do, we desire for you to know false prophets will rise up and say things that are not in God's Word, because Satan desires to confuse souls and win them into eternal hell and damnation.  

Now, it is very frightening to hear these famous television evangelists like Dr. Fred Price, Sr. and Kenneth Copeland make such claims, but we must continue to pray and stand strong in the Lord.  We must pray for them that they repent and truly serve God.   We will not only reveal Donnie Swaggart's claim, regarding Kenneth Copeland's statement, but we will also reveal the exact video of Dr. Frederick K. C. Price to you, again.  After watching these two videos, we need to fast and pray for souls not follow false prophets whom allegedly misguide those who listen to them.

Watch Video of Donnie Swaggart Preaching About Kenneth Copeland's Alleged Claim

False Prophets Conspiracy Of Silence pt 1of4 Donnie Swaggart

Watch Video of Dr. Frederick K. C. Price's Claim

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Failure of Today's Black Church: Atlanta Police Officers Shoot and Kill Woman Who Stabbed Own Child

You may first ask why we are bringing the black church into this issue?  It is very simple and obvious, if today's average ministers were not after fame and fortune they could help mothers who have lost their minds due to personal hardships in their personal lives.   Many of today's black preachers are so focused on making sure they retain the celebrity status, tragic moments within the black community such as this one, is not their concern.   True saints of God, we must care.   This is why it is so very important for us to reveal the cause of destruction among lost souls who happened to be African Americans, simply if we approach the white pastors with this issue, most likely they will wonder why black pastors are not reaching out to their own oppressed race.   Let us assure you, God is looking at the failure of the black church to reach out to all of those single black mothers who are struggling to keep a roof over their heads while trying not to go crazy like this woman who allegedly threw her little boy out of the window, choked him and stabbed her own 4-year-old daughter.

We need no more conferences within the black church, but we need a revival.   God is calling for us to come together, fast and pray against demonic warfare that is destroying oppressed families.   In this case of this Atlanta woman, a neighbor said she mentioned she was being controlled by 9 demons.  Now, how did she know she was being haunted by specifically 9 of them and that they were demons?  Simply because we live in a society that is being controlled by Satan and his demons, if people are not under the authority of God.   Many people like this Atlanta woman have not been introduced to Jesus Christ and this is the failure of today's average black church.   Black preachers want their fine suburban home, luxury Bentley to keep up with the next preacher and to be able to reach out to the rich and famous while being celebrities, themselves.   The only reason why many of them have become multicultural ministries, is to get  wealth from any race who will support their lavish lifestyle through tithes and offerings.  Furthermore, just to be identified as a "black church" is beneath them, because they will be seen as an outcast and "old fashion" among today's clergy.   Dear brothers and sisters, what about how God feels?  Have they ever thought about how he feels about all of these tragedies occurring, because the anointing is absent in today's church?

Yes, it is very important to think about this situation, because while the average black preacher is more focused on teaching prosperity messages, single mothers and even fathers are being attacked by demons.   Today's average black preacher is not anointed enough to assist these sort of people, because prosperity gospel has made them multi-millionaires.   Does God want us to be rich?  Of course He does, but after we save the lost.   You see, that is the problem while prosperity gospel has been the top priority of a lot of black churches who are now on the corporate level, souls like this Atlanta woman are being lost.  Children like in this fatal tragedy are dead, all because of the inconsiderate black churches not reaching out to their parents to be spiritually set free, which is more important than learning how to gain wealth.

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Atlanta police officers shoot and kill woman who was stabbing her young child to death

Four-year-old girl dead, 8-year-old boy in stable condition after violent attack: cops

ATLANTA — Police officers shot and killed a woman in an Atlanta home when she didn’t comply with orders to stop stabbing her young daughter, who also died, authorities said Monday.
Police and fire rescue personnel were called to the home Monday afternoon and were told an 8-year-old boy had been assaulted by his mother and thrown out a window, said an Atlanta Police spokesman, Maj. Keith Meadows.

Meadows said witnesses told officers the mother was alone inside the home with her young daughter. He said officers entered the house and found the mother sitting in a chair, stabbing the child.
Two officers drew their service weapons and ordered the woman to drop a knife...Read more, here:

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Woman Accuses Herman Cain; But Is This Man Lying Before God and The American People?

As we have told you before Herman Cain is not just a business man and a GOP candidate, but he is also an assistant pastor of Antioch Baptist Church North in Atlanta, GA where Rev. Dr. Cameron Madison Alexander is the pastor.  This church political candidate Herman Cain is officiated as the assistant pastor was founded by freed slaves and is 134 years old.  He is well known as being the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza national chain, President of the National Restaurant Association and a member of many prestigious boards.  However, we questioned if he has been completely honest as a Christian man?   Has Herman Cain been lying before God and the American people?   It is important that we know if he was in an affair more than a decade with Ginger White who he admits to paying her rent and keeping she and her kids off the streets.   

Is Herman Cain serious with God and honest with the American people? Ginger White, a third woman has came forth claiming she did not want to admit to an almost 14-year affair she had with Herman Cain, because she did not want to hurt her and even his family.   However, she felt she had to do the right thing and admit their friendship was not without intimacy many nights in luxury hotel rooms.  She also allegedly admitted to being lavished with expensive gifts.

CNN reports that Ginger White was allegedly evicted many times and even filed a lawsuit against her business partner.   Ginger White allegedly was accused of harassing and stalking her business partner, Kimberly Vay according to Fox 5 Atlanta.  Vay also filed a temporary stalking protective order against Ginger White for allegedly harassing and stalking her.  The report also reveals she filed a sexual harrassment lawsuit in 2001, which was allegedly settled out of court.

What the root of the problem is this, Herman Cain seems to be living his life as though he is just a political candidate and not a man of God and God is not pleased with it.   He is acting the same way former president, Bill Clinton acted before the American people, denying an affair and many other politicians before and after him.   Herman Cain is acting as though Americans are dumb and we cannot see through his alleged lustful spirit.   You see, he is not respecting Americans as though we are as intelligent as he is.   God is not going to allow him to gain leadership over the United States, because he has offended American citizens just like previous candidates running for various political positions.   Just because he is a mathematician, a business man and an assistant pastor who has gained support of the tea party, he is not so superior and will have to give an account to a higher judge, God Almighty for being like past sinful politicians.  This is part of the big problem in America, we have certain politicians who want all of these diverse positions as a religious leader and a politician, but not many desire to uphold the standard of holiness and righteousness.   How can Herman Cain possibly lead this country, the United States of America, if he is not respecting God nor those of us who are children of God by revealing a spirit of morals and values?

Watch CNN Video

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Watch Video: Herman Cain Alerts Press About Another Woman Coming Forward

After watching this following video, as born again Christians, do you feel in your spirit God wants this man, Herman Cain the President of the United States?  He is alerting the media before this woman comes out and expose him of an alleged affair.  Herman Cain is an entrepreneur, a mathematician and a pastor of a church who says he knows nothing about these accusations, except for this one, all of a sudden.  He says, he knows this woman personally whom is a close alleged acquaintance. 
Now, how does Herman Cain know before she is going to come out and tell on him?   This does not seem right.   God is watching Herman Cain... and if he has been a cheating married man, he may not be responsible to uphold his position as the President of the United States.   However, by him letting us know ahead of time about this third woman, is this honesty or just plain guilt?  You tell us after watching this video, if you think Herman Cain is guilty of these accusations.

Watch Video

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Six HIV Patients Die After London Church Tells Them To Stop Taking Meds

Now, this report is really troubling to us, because although we know God is a healer and there have been actual testimonies of people who have been cured of all sorts of diseases, it is so sickening to advise anyone to stop taking their medication.   We are suspicious of any ministry who advises anyone who has been diagnosed with an illness to stop taking their medication.   These six people did whatever their church leader allegedly advised them to do, just like followers of any other ministry; however, God desires for His children to be wise.  If you have been ill and you are trusting for God to heal you from your sickness, keep believing, because miracles do happen, but please, do not be foolish.

These 6 people whom attended this London ministry, Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN trusted God to completely heal them of the virus that causes AIDS, HIV.   What this church organization failed to remind them is this very fact; although, God can cure them, they must follow their physician's orders.  It does not mean they are doubting God, it means they are being wise while trusting Him.

A few of our journalists have seen many testimonies of people allegedly healed with AIDS, but let us assure you, they went to the doctor first and obviously received their HIV negative diagnosis before they stopped taking their medication.  That is the only time when it is safe to stop taking medication for any disease, only after your physician has told you, you do not have any trace of illness in your body.  God cannot lie and will not fail, but He desires for each and every one of us to be wise during our faith process.

We feel very sad for these six individuals who died of HIV and pray for their families and friends.   May all six of these church members rest in peace and God forever bless their souls for at least placing their faith in Him.

At least six HIV-positive people have died after evangelical churches in Britain reportedly told them to stop taking their medication because they had been healed by God.

Pastors at several churches in England and Scotland told undercover Sky News reporters that they could be healed through an exorcism-like process that involves shouting over the patients and spraying water in their faces.

A pastor at the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), a wealthy televangelist organization with branches throughout the world, told one undercover reporter - who actually is HIV positive - that they had a 100% success rate.

"We have many people that contract HIV. All are healed," Holmes said.
Holmes even said that if symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea persist, it's a good sign that the virus is leaving the body.

"We've had people come back before saying, 'Oh, I'm not healed. The diarrhea...Read full article after watching video below, here.

Watch Video

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B Slade's New 'Daddy' Song Tells a Story of Absent Father in the House and More

Tonex B Slade "Daddy" Song

We were alerted to Tonex's new video "Daddy" which is lyrical but explains why he has same sex attraction. It shouldn't take a psychologist to realize that the absence or abuse of a parent, especially from the same gender, will cause some dysfunction in families.

It not only causes dysfunction within the family unit but it can also cause emotional issues and unexplained same sex attraction. The issue with this is children do not realize what this really is until they are adults and come to a place of putting the pieces together.

Our sister site, Ex Gay, God's Way explains this in great detail how to deal with these feelings and not blame them on being 'born this way'.
The description of the song was given on his Youtube page as:

Read his statement and watch video at AT2W

Bishop O.C. Allen Interview with Lexi Portrayed As the Best Kind of Church for Today

oc allen and lexi

This interview was just uploaded and it was Lexi interviewing Bishop O.C. Allen of Vision Church of Atlanta and including his gay lover whom they call 'The First Gentleman" Rashad Burgess. Though the Bishop was comfortable with Lexi conducting the interview, the Burgess was worried about her coming. Apparently all of the blood, sweat and tears he and O.C. Allen put into building a church community for all kinds of people including gays, he did not want it to be 'attacked' by her 'good will' in the interview.
Bishop OC Allen on The Lexi Show
The interview consists of brief statements from people on the church staff and others as well. BTW, Bishop O.C. Allen does not want to be considered a 'gay or gay affirming' church, because he says that is not his lane. Interesting.

Read the remaining of the article and check out the interview on video HERE.

Can Tyler Perry's 'For Better Or Worse' New Show Reviews Cause His Fan Base to Dwindle?

Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse sitcom

We want to thank the Christian Post for getting some of the reviews up about Tyler Perry's new sitcom "For Better or Worse". To tell you the truth, we are not surprised at the response received on the negative side and we will share our take on them at the end:

The television adaption of Tyler Perry's film "Why Did I Get Married?" debuted on TBS Friday night with the title "For Better or Worse" and some of those who tuned in expressed disappointment with the poor quality of the show, while others applauded Perry for another great sitcom.

"For Better or Worse," described by TBS as a series that "centers around two of Perry's favorite characters from the big screen, Marcus and Angela," is either a hit or a complete dud based on comments from viewers who went online to offer feedback on the new show.

Presbyterian USA Loses Churches Due to Ordination of Gay Clergy

Presbyterian Church USA allows Gay Clergy

More churches have decided to break away from the Presbyterian Church USA due to them allowing "noncelibate homosexuals to become clergy and lay leaders. "We are happy to hear churches are willing to move forward and not submit and condone homosexuality. Its refreshing to see and we look forward to more moves in faith and in righteousness to uphold the word.

Read report below:
Around 90 percent of the congregation supported the move to break away, with the church planning to become part of the Evangelical Covenant Church.
According to its website, the ECC was founded in 1885 and identifies itself as multiethnic, "Evangelical, but not exclusive," and "Traditional, but not rigid."
This news comes as the Fellowship of Presbyterians, a conservative movement comprised of former PC(USA) congregations, readies for its "National Covenanting Conference" next year in Orlando. Read more here.
Now in other news: Nigeria plans to ban and criminalize homosexual marriage.  Read below some of the measures in which they have and plan to do to prevent gay lifestyles:
When a gang of men ambushed Rashidi Williams and a male friend earlier this year, the 25-year-old gay Nigerian was too afraid to report the attack to police or even to his family.Doing so would only create more problems, he says, in this country where legislators are now seeking to criminalize gay marriage.

Read full article HERE

Pastor Joel Osteen To Be First Guest on 'Oprah's Next Chapter'

joel osteen and oprah

It looks like Joel Osteen has found a good friend in Oprah whom he can swap wacky Christian beliefs with. What a Shame!
Read report below:
Oprah Winfrey will be returning to TV screens across the world once again and her new show "Oprah's Next Chapter," which will be broadcast on her OWN Network and her very first guests will be megachurch pastor Joel Osteen.
"Oprah's Next Chapter" will be a two-hour episode to debut in January.
The chat queen will also tour Skywalker Ranch with "Star Wars" creator George Lucas and will celebrate "the power of God and community" with evangelist Joel Osteen.

Judge Makes No Decision Yet in Zachery Tims Autopsy Disclosure Case

Zachery Tims Autopsy Withheld by Judge
In Manhattan, State Supreme Court Judge Cynthia S. Kern has withheld judgment today on whether the cause of Zachery Tims' death should be released to the public or kept confidential to the family.

Tims, 42, pastor of New Destiny Christian Church in Apopka, was found dead in a New York City hotel room Aug. 12.

Attorneys for Madeline Tims, who is the preacher's mother, filed the lawsuit to keep the cause of death confidential, argued this morning before the court that the medical examiner's autopsy and toxicology reports are "medical records and should not be released without permission from the family."

Mother of Tims and attorneys also contend that death certificates of people whose deaths do not fall under the medical examiner's office are not public record — so those investigated by the medical examiner should not be either.

City attorneys representing the medical examiner's office are refuting this and contend that while the toxicology and autopsy reports are confidential, the manner and cause of death are not.
Anthony Suarez, the Orlando attorney representing Madeline Tims, said the medical examiner's practice of releasing the cause of death had never been challenged before.
"That's just the tradition and custom they've done before," he said.

Tyrone Went To Hell and Lived to Tell About It: Bishop Carlton Pearson Please Wake Up

This young man, Tyrone died and actually went to hell.  His story is among many others who have died and experienced being in hell.   In these last and evil days, we have false prophets like Bishop Carlton Pearson who have allegedly claimed there is no hell or Devil.   Let us assure you, all of these testimonies of actual occurrences in hell are not false, but they are real.  God allowed these precious souls to return to earth to testify about how they saw not only people in the lake of fire, but they also witnessed them in their own cells crying out to Jesus Christ to save them and give them another chance.   In today's modern age church, we have false prophets like Bishop Carlton Pearson who are on an assignment for Satan to win many souls into hell.   Not only will Bishop Carlton Pearson and many other false prophets get the shock of their life when they die, but also those who believed their lies.

If you have wondered about Bishop Carlton Pearson's theory, then you need to pay close attention to Tyrone's tesimony.   This young man got into a bad car accident and saw everything while dead.   He talks about going through the tunnel into hell with one hand.   He talks about how he was among in a long line of many lost souls to spend eternity in a place with the Devil and his demons.   

You must make up in your mind whose report you are going to believe; will it be God or false prophets of this era of the 21st century?   Just because people like Bishop Carlton Pearson, lesbian bishop Yvette Flunder and many others were raised in the holiness Pentecostal church, it does not make them right.  So please take heed to Tyrone's testimony and seek God's Kingdom.   Let us ask God, if there is anything not right in our lives to take it out, although we profess salvation, because saints of God, hell is very real.   There is no such a thing as everyone goes to heaven and it does not matter what kind of life you live.   Satan is real, there are other testimonies of people whom actually saw him, Minister Mary Kay Baxter is one who admits to this fact.   

Furthermore, if you need Jesus Christ to save you, please go directly to our Salvation page after listening to these videos of Tyrone's testimony.  You may also listen to these sermons, here

Watch Tyrone Discuss His Journey to Hell 

Part 1

Part 2

Update Video of Tyrone's Testimony

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Response of SCR Consideration to Help Heal The Black Church: Pure Ignorance

We received a response from a reader who could not understand our concern to heal the black church.  We did research and discovered this person is African American who lives in Detroit, Michigan.   When we reveal to you this person's ignorance, you will realize why the black church is in so much trouble and why it cannot help the black community.  Although, Sanctified Church Revolution reaches out to all races like our other blogs (AT2W, RGA, EGGW and SBW), a some of our journalists who are African American descent desire to care what happens to the race of black people in the 21st century as we are sure God desires for us to do.   In the 21st century, we cannot continue to expect to unite with other races, unless we learn how to help care for our own and save them from the depths of hell.   Although, we acknowledge God is concerned for all races, black people were the only race enslaved in America and yet endure extreme racial discrimination and oppression within their own community across America.   Many black people are still the most to die of various diseases, hate each other and themselves more than any other race and have yielded to the demonic agenda for homosexuality, although that particular community was allegedly was and still is dominated by the children of white supremacists.   Therefore, those of us who know Jesus Christ and see many African Americans losing their souls among other races is critical in a time when many have allegedly sold their souls to the Devil.

Dear sisters and brothers, you cannot claim you are keeping your eyes on God and not have any consideration to stop sin in the black church.  For this very reason, if sin is condoned in the black church, then how can the community be saved?   How can the youth give their souls to Jesus Christ and grow into positive adults, if the black church is messed up?  On the evening of Thanksgiving, we received a strange email from a black female who was angry, because we discussed too much about black people.   This individual had been reading our blog posts since August, 18, 2011.   For that amount of time, this individual should have known we have not always just focused on black issues, but mainly spiritual issues to heal our country.  The black church just happens to include many of our spiritual issues.  We have dealt with issues regarding same sex marriages, homosexual relationships not condoned in the Word of God, children who think they were born gay...issues that has negatively effected all races of people, but we have often included black issues, because we feel God is deeply concerned about this particular race whom has rejected God, although their descendants have been enslaved in this country.  We do not feel we can keep our eyes on God, if we have turned our backs on African Americans.  Although, many black people have rebelled against God, there are yet some who want to straighten out their lives.  They want to live for God.  They do not want to risk their souls going to hell.  So, as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we owe it to God to not just desire so much diversity to where we can ignore what is killing African Americans.  We are on an assignment for the Lord to take the black church back to its humble beginnings, at a time when black preachers and their wives were not focused on money, but focused on serving the Lord in pure holiness and righteousness.   

Furthermore, we have also done reports on pastors who happened to be of white ancestry who have either mysteriously lost their lives or even carrying on their ministries as false prophets.   Also, if you would look on our video page, not all of the ministers preaching are African American.   

We cannot understand why a black female whom lives in a mostly African American city like Detroit cannot understand black Christians will not be blessed if they continue to think they can keep their eyes on God without reaching back to save the lost souls of their community.   However, we do understand why many black Christians like this particular black female have caused the black church to be in the predicament it is in, simply because many black men and women go to church every Sunday without even realizing God wants more of them to bring lost souls from the streets into the church.  These souls are valuable to God just as much as those who are white, Latino, Asian.  You cannot get saved as black person and think you have arrived so much, you are too lifted to even discuss an issue that deals with healing the African American church.   Let us assure you, God will never bless you, if you think you are too good to discuss various matters that has continued to emotionally and physically kill the African American race, you have not arrived.   

If you have been following our head blog, AT2W, you will realize we have covered certain stories regarding black people and why God had a special assignment for the race of black people even when they were enslaved in this country of America.   However, because many of them have rebelled and chose to serve Satan, they have continued to be an oppressed people yet worshiping and idolizing the descendants of former slave masters instead of worshiping God.  Why are many African Americans bowing down to gay and lesbian sin and fighting for same sex, although African Americans have been the most to allegedly die of AIDS?   This is a very serious issue and like it or not, we will continue to deal with black issues among various spiritual issues on this blog.   Please dear sisters and brothers, be intelligent to understand why we care about black people in the midst of diversity in America, especially if you are African American.   It does not make sense not to understand why we desire focus on certain issues as African Americans.

Another thing, what is so weird about this individual, she did not respond on an article that discussed specifically black issues, it was an article about the death of Zachery Tims.  We informed her to read elsewhere, because we do not intend to change anything.  There are plenty of other blogs who have no consideration to deal with the root of the problem within the black church among other issues.   God bless you and keep reading Sanctified Church Revolution.

Manhattan Supreme Court Has Not Made Judgment on Release of Zachery Tims' Death Reports

Zachery Tims Autopsy Withheld by Judge
 Report from AT2W:

In Manhattan, State Supreme Court Judge Cynthia S. Kern has withheld judgment today on whether the cause of Zachery Tims' death should be released to the public or kept confidential to the family.

Tims, 42, pastor of New Destiny Christian Church in Apopka, was found dead in a New York City hotel room Aug. 12.

Attorneys for Madeline Tims, who is the preacher's mother, filed the lawsuit to keep the cause of death confidential, argued this morning before the court that the medical examiner's autopsy and toxicology reports are "medical records and should not be released without permission from the family."

Mother of Tims and attorneys also contend that death certificates of people whose deaths do not fall under the medical examiner's office are not public record — so those investigated by the medical examiner should not be either.
Zachery Tims' Toxicology Withheld by Judge

City attorneys representing the medical examiner's office are refuting this and contend that while the toxicology and autopsy reports are confidential,
the manner and cause of death are not.
Anthony Suarez, the Orlando attorney representing Madeline Tims, said the medical examiner's practice of releasing the cause of death had never been challenged before.

"That's just the tradition and custom they've done before," he said.

Zachery Tims' Mother to Appear in Court To Keep Autopsy Private

Zachery Tims' mom heads to court
Zachery Tims' Mother to Appear in Court To Keep Autopsy Private

We shall see what will become of this court hearing and if it will end up being a long and drawn out court case for months ahead.

CBN news reported:

Zachery Tims' mother is set to appear in court this week in an attempt to stop the New York City medical examiner's office from releasing the late pastor's cause of death.

Madeline Tims, 61, will appear in court Wednesday to argue why her son's autopsy results should remain private.

It's not unusual for a family to want to keep autopsy results from the public, however in Florida, a court order is required to do so.

Tims was found dead in a New York City hotel room Aug. 12.

After it was revealed that a white powder was found in his pocket, some speculated that his death was drug related.

After an initial autopsy was returned inconclusive, another was ordered along with a toxicology on the white substance.

Police said there was no foul play involved in Tims' death.

New Destiny Christian Center is now in the process of choosing their founding pastor's successor. [Source]

Can The Black Church Stop The Curse of The Gospel Music Industry's Alleged Connection With The Satanic Illuminati?

Now that the black church has yielded to the worldly ways of secularized gospel music, the anointing has ceased most of their ministries, completely.  Therefore, the pastors who are over these churches are not blessed to rebuke the curse of the gospel music industry's alleged connection with the Satanic Illuminati.   God can only remove it, if each and every gospel artist, gospel producer and gospel promoter repents for their collaboration with secular artists who have allegedly sold their souls to the Devil.   God wants each and every lost soul to surrender to Him and cease their wickedness. Many of the gospel artists of today are bound by Satanic influences, because they have chosen to idolize the gospel music industry, instead of completely surrendering to God.   Overall, the black church has no power to rebuke the curse of alleged Satanism, because the black church has also allegedly idolized these gospel artists who are not holy.  How could this be?  Simply, because the average pastor does not preach holiness and righteousness, they have taught false doctrine that makes it okay to bargain with God.

Gospel artists are in more trouble with God than they have ever been and it is such a shame most black churches fail to see it.   Pastors who allegedly use these gospel artists to attract the youth to their ministries have not preached deliverance, but mostly preached false doctrine.   The black church is in just as much trouble with God as these gospel artists, because Jesus Christ has been used as though he is a product as Bishop T. D. Jakes allegedly claimed it was so.   Let us assure you, Jesus Christ is not to be sold not through music and not through His Word, but Jesus Christ gives salvation for free.   However, the false doctrine has been preached otherwise and therefore, the curse that has dominated the alleged evil connection of the gospel music industry with Satanism will deceive many souls into thinking they are okay with God.   Because the pastor of black churches refuse to preach righteousness, God has turned many of them over to a reprobated minds and many who attend these ministries do not even know they are also in danger.

There has been alleged reports of gospel artists who are connected to the Satanic Illuminati.   It is shown through their attire.  Now, this is why we say it does matter what a saint wears, because these particular gospel artists regularly wear certain colors to represent their connection as a discreet Devil worshiper.   Many of them wear red and black with satanic symbols that represent their love for Satan.  Yet most black churches invite these artists to their churches to supposedly win the young folks, but they have no knowledge of such deception.   Today's modern age preachers preach it does not matter what you wear while not acknowledging we are living in an age where gospel artists are wearing certain clothes that reveal certain codes of their connection to satanism.   God is not pleased with the ignorance in the black church and He wants these ministers to stop collaborating with other ministers who refuse to be aware of such satanic practices in gospel music, which no longer belongs in the church.   Secondly, these gospel artists are upholding the baphomet sign, which is the corna hand signal, which is not saying "I love you" according the the late Anton Lavey, the founder of the church of Satan.   Whenever you see a gospel artist uphold a sign that is similar to the above photo, it is indeed alleged satanism and it does not belong in God's music.   Also, there are other satanic hand signs these gospel artists are doing while following everything their friends are doing in the secular industry.   Thirdly, these gospel artists are getting so bold, they do not think it is necessary to be different than the world, these are hypocrites, they are not in the gospel music industry to spread the message of Jesus Christ, but out to deceive souls for Satan.  These gospel artists have verbally claimed you do not need to be holy to be saved and that is false doctrine.   The Bible told us this, "Be Ye holy for I am holy (I Peter 1:16)."  The average black church is so lost, they sell these particular gospel artists' music in their bookstores and will even allow them to have concerts at their churches.   These are the three main reasons why the black church is not capable to remove the curse from the gospel music industry's alleged connection with the Satanic Illuminati, it is so clear and simple, they have no anointing to acknowledge what is going on, is pure evil in the eyes of God.

The average pastor wants to be liked and accepted, not an outcast for standing up for pure holiness.   They do not want to experience persecution by the church, because they have been fooled into believing they are not loving people, if they do not accept their sinful behaviors.   Many black churches who are deceived into believing the average gospel artist belongs to Jesus Christ are spiritually blind and are bound by a curse themselves.  These pastors teach as motivational speakers, but they are not anointed to preach as true messengers of Jesus Christ.  They are just as deceived as gay affirming ministers who preach the false doctrine against God's Word.

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