Celebrity News: Stevie Wonder’s cousin On Trial for Blackmail

This is an update, regarding Stevie Wonder's cousin.   As you already know Alpha L. Walker and his girlfriend Tamara E. Diaz extorted Wonder for trying to sell a film to reveal how he treated his relatives, according to our source.   They threatened to sell it, if he did not give them millions of dollars.  We will wait to see what happens during the trial. 

We think it is terrible that Wonder's own cousin, along with his girlfriend would be so dirty to manipulate him, just for money.   The old cliche
'blood is thicker than water' is obviously a myth, many family members have always been so jealous, they will waste time trying to pull a successful one down.   Alpha Walker probably always gave Stevie Wonder a hard time, because he wanted to be him and was envious of his success.  

It is very obvious that many celebrities endure such strife within their families, but they just do not talk about it.  Now, it is such a shame, Steve Wonder's name has been in the press, just because his relative is possessed with the demon of greed.  Stevie Wonder is blind, but this is how ugly Satan is, he has no sympathy on an individual and will use anyone he can to try and steal one's joy, even if it their own flesh and blood.

In the meantime, we will keep Stevie Wonder in our prayers and hope this trial works out on his behalf, because his Walker and Diaz should not get out to cause him more problems.  They should remain in jail, so Stevie Wonder can be protected from them. 

Stevie Wonder’s cousin accused of trying to blackmail him by selling film ranting against how singer treats his family

Los Angeles judge orders Alpha L. Walker and his girlfriend Tamara E. Diaz to stand trial; pair has been jailed since May 2, when they were arrested during a sting organized by Wonder's attorney and the Los Angeles police

LOS ANGELES — A judge ordered Stevie Wonder’s cousin to stand trial on an extortion charge after hearing testimony that the man and his girlfriend attempted to sell a film ranting against the singer’s treatment of his family for millions of dollars.

Superior Court Judge Ray Jurado ruled Thursday that prosecutors had presented enough evidence for a jury to decide whether Alpha L. Walker and his girlfriend Tamara E. Diaz extorted Wonder by threatening to sell...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy: http://www.nydailynews.com
Photo Courtesy: Kevin Dietsch/Pool


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