Video: Former fantasy artist Jessica Galbreth turned from the occult to now serving Jesus Christ

Jessica Galbreth is a famous artist who used to create fantasy art, but one day she found God.   God came into her life, after she had had enough of dabbling in the world of the occult.  Out of curiosity, death interested her to become more familiar with the other side, it was not just the Ouija boards she and her friends played with when she was younger.  An art major, she created surreal images that was a reflection of speculation of life after death and her art created a feeling of all sorts of possibilities of what she thought could happen after this life.  Her children were allegedly experiencing emotional discomfort that could have been caused by her association with the occult.  Specifically, her daughter, Julia began being overwhelmed with fear.

Galbreth once had the wrong concept about God, but when a friend explained more about who God really was, she and her husband, Josh began reading the Word of God and eventually became Christians.

Saints of God, there are so many more people whom are still living in emotional torment on a daily basis, Jessica Galbreth is not the only person whom has had experience with spiritual darkness.  This is why we have to be on assignment for the Lord Jesus Christ. We are spending a lot of time trying to convert homosexuals to agree with the Word of God, but that time could be spent  with other sorts of sinners whom have a burning desire to know God.   So many people whom are involved with the occult, playing around with Ouija boards and dealing with demonic spirits are very tired of spiritual darkness and they are searching for someone to tell them how Jesus can deliver them.   Therefore, let's not waste anymore time trying to plead with people to turn away from homosexuality, if they do not want to change, God would rather us witness to other sorts of sinners like those in bondage with the occult whom are willing to change. Not all may come to Jesus, but some maybe more willing than some gays and lesbians

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