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Human creativity does not stop and continued to move dynamically. Similarly, the designers of motorcycles in the world. They kept thinking of creating motorcycle designs to suit human needs. The result is a design of a motorcycle that has a unique design, but also has a useful function.

Motorcycle creations have a unique character that use batteries as an energy source. In fact, there is also the use of waste biogas to power the engine. In the past year, there are a number of unique concept motorcycle. Five of whom have eccentric designs are:

1. Biiista
Here is a new electric motorcycle project with an original design, imagined by the Yellow Works design studio with Hammerschmid-Maschinenbau as technical partner, they have developped the Biiista. Its lines are retro and futuristic at the same time, a superb blend of genres with a specs sheet.
Biiista, the new electric motorcycle. (Picture from: http://news.motorbiker.org/)
At the front, its dual swing arm  is an architecture that some of the electric motorbikes use as they provide a better cooling for the components, cf. H-Ker and Roskva (air friction is less important than with a traditional fork).
Biiista on the road. (Picture from: http://news.motorbiker.org/)
Biiista using simple aluminum chassis carrying a 5 kWh battery for supplying power to 10.5 kW electric motor with torque of 210 Nm. Biiista which has a 125cc equivalent the machine weight of 140 kg is capable of racing with a top speed of 100 km/h with the furthest distance is also about 100 km with a fully charged battery condition. 80 volt battery a full charge that takes up to two hours.

2. TCooter
TCooter named scooter is designed for dense residential area with a population that is always jammed with worse traffic conditions. TCooter was designed by Eric Han who is a product design student University of Creative Studies, Michigan United States (U.S.). TCooter design inspired by the traffic conditions in India.
TCooter vehicle by Eric Han. (Picture from: http://www.en-derin.com/)
TCooter stands Tweel+Scooter which means the tire and wheel scooter-style combined with practicality. Suspension performance in TCooter replaced so that the wheels and suspension Tweel with the framework is designed as a bridge. So when it receives the load, order that a driver will adjust the seat comfort. TCooter utilize battery applications as a source of vehicle propulsion. Interestingly, the battery can be removed to be used as a generator portable batteries.

3. Artesanal Modelo 2012
The Brazilian designer Danilo Andrade designing a motor with a frame outside the body is called Artesanal Modelo 2012. This bike is unique because of the steel tubular chassis so the highlighted section. The result is the creation of art that shows the frame of the bike for the job at hand.
The Artesanal Modelo 2012. (Picture from: http://www.autochunk.com/)
Andrade plans to install 600cc engine or four-cylinder inline engine made in Japan so it is more comfortable ride and get around the streets. Although the construction looks great and heavy body, that excess Artesanal Modelo which further highlight the author's vision of two-wheeled vehicles that will attract the eye.

4. Toto Neo
This is quite unique creations. Moreover, the author was not a motorcycle factory, but the company that manufactures bathroom fixtures. Toto is Japan's largest toilet manufacturer that makes the design of eco-friendly motorcycle named Neo.

Neo is the unique use of biogas as a fuel driving a motorcycle. Biogas is used because it is human waste is not surprising that the designs highlight the shape of a toilet with three wheels.
Toto Neo, biogas bike to go on 600 miles Tour Of Japan. (Picture from: http://www.treehugger.com/)
The technology used by Toto to convert human waste into fuel for the motor has not been announced. Neo was made by Toto as part of a campaign to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% in the toilet until the year 2017.

5. SYM Three Wheels Scooter
Three-wheeled scooter today because it's not unusual Piaggio MP3 has made and marketed globally, including to Indonesia. But once the idea expressed by the Taiwanese firm SYM motorcycle relatively rare. 

The difference is the automatic motor scooter other is a pair of parallel bench complete with protective sides and roof. For system control, keep using the handlebars as SYM motorcycle.
SYM three wheels scooter prototype. (Picture from: http://www.techcinema.com/)
For the engine, the engine manufacturer to choose Taiwan's scooter with a CVT automatic transmission technological partner. So far SYM does not produce it, still a prototype. *** [OVI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 13072012]
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