White Church Bans Black Couple's Wedding: Why are we still dealing with racial issues in the church?

In the 21st century, this black couple, Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson was denied to have a wedding at a white church in Crystal Springs, MS.   This situation is very foreign to us who are living in a society that is so diverse, but yet dealing with controversial issues of gay marriage, even in the church.   However, many African Americans whom reside in the deep South in states like Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina and even Alabama are yet dealing with racial inequality.   We cannot understand why we yet face such issues of racial discrimination when the true body of Christ is trying to combat same sex couples from changing God's original plan for marriage in America and also in foreign countries.

Furthermore, we cannot comprehend why Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson did not just leave and allow another pastor to marry them, if they could not have a wedding in this white church, which is supposed to be God's House?   Although, this married couple was visiting this church and did not join, it makes us wonder about their personal preferences.  What made them choose to be among an all white congregation, as though they did not think they would face such prejudice in Mississippi?  Maybe they think we all have arrived, but really we have not in those specific states mentioned above, because racial discrimination is still a big issue among them.  Possibly, the Wilson's were tired of the ignorance among their own race of people and thought the white congregants would show them more love, which has not always worked in the history of America.  Whatever the case, Satan has a plan for each part of the country in America.  If you notice, in some states, there is division about homosexuality and in other states, there are still ancient divisions among races as though they are yet living back in the Jim Crow era.   Saints of God, what this couple experienced was only a game planned by demonic forces.   Now, if a gay couple was to try and get married in that same church, we wonder what would happen?  Would they accept a white gay couple or would they deny them, because it is a sin, according to God's Word?  Sometimes, in our opinion, we think white gays are more accepted than African Americans in this age, but in Mississippi, they may not have embraced gay marriage, but it would be very interesting to find out where they stand on that issue.

Saints of God, the white church, black church and even multicultural churches are missing out on God and may end up in hell, because they are not supposed to be focusing on race.  Race should no longer divide the true body of Christ.   How are we ever going to stand strong in unity against Satan's tactics of homosexuality being condoned in this country, if we do not avoid racism?

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