Can God Get Many More Preachers in the Black Church To admit they have been homosexuals like Dr. Juanita Bynum?

In our opinion, Dr. Juanita Bynum has made not only a bold positive step in her life, but also in her ministry to testify about her previous life as a lesbian, according to V103.  Juanita Bynum is very courageous to admit how God delivered her from not only being with women, but also being a drug user.   However, for some strange reason, whenever a preacher in the black church admits to being a former gay or lesbian person, people act as though they cannot understand why.  After Dr. Bynum was supposedly writing in tongues, several months ago, God may just be doing a new thing in her life to no longer be caught doing something like that, ever again.  

If God cannot get preachers in the pulpit to preach against homosexuality, why not be a warrior for Christ and admit how God delivered you?   Juanita Bynum has done something most women in the pulpit and even first ladies would never do.  The only other person who admitted to being a homosexual without being caught in a scandal is Pastor Donnie McClurkin.  Pastor McClurkin has always spoke out against homosexuality and has always been honest about how God saved him from it..   However, it ought not to be one here and one there, there ought to be so many more men and women of God admitting what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for them, instead of worrying about what people will think of them if they admit they were ever gay or lesbian.  Furthermore, now is the time for preachers within the black church or any other church whom claim to be truly chosen by God to come out and admit they have been gay or lesbian, in a time when so many of them are supporting gay marriage in this country.   This is what God wants, honest preachers in the pulpit who testify how Satan had a stronghold on them.

It is so sad to say, we have so many ministers in the black church hiding as though they have always been so perfect.  We probably will not hear many of them ever admit to being former homosexuals, but that is something they will have to take account for when they face God's judgement.   However, our sister in Christ, Dr. Bynum is free.  She did what God wanted her to do.  People are trying to ridicule her for revealing her past of being with women, but it is better than her typing in tongues as though that is a sane thing to do. Would they rather her type in tongues while God's mission goes unfulfilled to get souls delivered from homosexuality?  God is shaping and molding Dr. Bynum and she needs to be courageous for Christ, especially after the way Bishop Thomas Weeks allegedly admitted first, about her past life with women, a few years ago.

Souls are yet dying being lost and many of them have faced judgement for their homosexual affairs, they will never get out, but those whom are yet alive are so fortunate to hear Dr. Juanita Bynum's testimony and they have a chance to make it right with God.   They have a chance to choose if they believe God's Word against homosexuality, all because they were blessed through Juanita Bynum's testimony and she will not have to worry about facing God's wrath for being afraid to testify.

This took courage for Dr. Juanita Bynum to admit she was a lesbian. She is a true example for Christ, teaching men and women not to be ashamed of their past while doing what God wants her to do, be open to those whom are yet in spiritual bondage.  These preachers in the black church whom act as though they have never slept with the same sex would probably testify if it was popular to do so, but since it is not popular like gay marriage, we may not hear many of them being so strong like Dr. Bynum and even Pastor Donnie McClurkin.  Instead, many of them are married to the opposite sex, but they support gay marriage, because it is popular these days.

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