Pastor Bridget Barnes of Ministry of Love arrested for trying to burn house down

Pastor Bridgett Barnes has been arrested for trying to burn down her own house.  Now, she is known in Baton Rouge as the pastor of Ministry of Love Church.   She is well-known in the community and also seen on You Tube, speaking on subjects like 'Holiness', 'Testing the Heart' and 'Spirit, Flesh and Holiness.'  This pastor and her sister, Lucille Brown were both accused of arson.   It seems as though the demons are starting to show up, since this country has been in a recession and they are showing we have alleged criminals preaching out of God's Word in many pulpits.   This reminds us of previous cases that revealed some pastors arrested for theft.  

It does not make sense for this pastor to do something like this, with all of the homeless and poor people in this country who cannot even afford to buy a nice home.  Just look at that beautiful home burning up. Just looking at the above photo makes us realize how many ordained ministers are on their way to hell and it will burn much worse than that home.   Too many pastors are not properly representing God's Kingdom and their greedy spirits are being shown to us, since many of their church members have not been able to give much tithes and and offerings during this recession.   Why would Pastor Steib and her sister do something like this?   This could be very similar to people whom purposely crash their cars for insurance money, which is usually what slick sinners do.  Therefore, ministers of God's Word are supposed to be saved and practice what they preach,  unlike Bridgett Steib on this following video clip, preaching about holiness.    How can she have the nerve to preach about holiness, if she an alleged cunning person to burn her home down?  

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Many of these preachers are not practicing what they preach, instead they have become so much like the world, they think they can slick their way out of things.   Just think about all of the people in America whom have lost their homes and possessions, because of the recession.  Pastor Bridgett Barnes Steib, even has a television broadcast, which probably is not bringing in enough money.  Also, if you go on the Steib's ministry website, you will see they have a School of Ministry, which possibly is also not bringing in enough money.  Whatever the reason, there is no excuse.  We are messengers for Jesus Christ and we are the ones supposed to be saving souls in jail and prison, not going there.

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Pastor arrested for trying to burn house down

 ZACHARY, LA (WAFB) - The pastor of a Baton Rouge ministry has been arrested for trying to burn her own house down.

Bridgett Barnes Steib, 49, is accused of setting the multi-alarm fire at the home she shares with her husband, Joseph Steib, on Jacock Rd. in Zachary.

The Steibs are pastors at the Ministry of Love on Hooper Rd. in Baton Rouge.

An investigation by the Zachary Fire...Read full article, here.


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