Celebrity News: Joe Jackson Returns to L.A., After TJ Jackson Gets Guardianship of Michael Jackson's Kids

Now, after all of the drama, Joe Jackson has returned home, it all seems very suspicious to us.  Where was he when Katherine Jackson was reported missing and why wasn't he there with her in Arizona?  Now that TJ Jackson has been awarded temporary guardianship of his grand-children, it just seems so convenient for him to show up, for some reason.  All this reveals is that when celebrities die, there is always going to be some division in families, just like any other family, not famous.   It would be so interesting what Joe Jackson has to say about Katherine no longer being the guardian of Michael's kids?  If he has no response, it could be a possibility he orchestrated this entire thing, just so he would receive a cut of the money that was originally left to Katherine and those children.

Joe Jackson
Returns to L.A. --

Don't Forget About Me!

Because no Jackson family drama is complete without Papa Joe ... Katherine's estranged husband has finally come to town ... and moments ago, he arrived to the family's famous home in Encino, CA.

It's the first time we've seen Joe Jackson since Katherine was reported missing...Read full article, here.

Source: TMZ.com
Photo Courtesy: Ramey and TMZ.com


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