Fire Extinguish With Sound Waves

Technology put out the fire had not changed much in the last half century. U.S. military research institutes to develop new techniques to extinguish the fire. This time using sound to extinguish flames.

Fire extinguishers to the latest technology developed by humans to fight the fire. Previously, fought the fire with water, soil, up to a wet sack. In principle, fire fighting is done to drive the oxygen molecules that act as fuel.
After completing successful demonstrations in 2011, DARPA has released videos of its Instant Fire Suppression systems that can put out fire with sound waves. (Picture from:
Since 2008, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the United States was assigned to investigate the nature of fire. This knowledge is used to develop new techniques to fight the fire.

"Fighting fires can be done with the techniques of physics rather than the commonly used chemical combustion," says DARPA spokesman told reporters on Thursday (July 12, 2012).

Matthew Goodman, Darpa programme manager, said: "We have shown that the physics of combustion still has surprises in store for us. Perhaps these results will spur new ideas and applications in combustion research."
Research shows that fire is cold plasma can be disturbed by light waves and sound waves. A laboratory experiment designed to prove this theory. DARPA video show on the website shows, two loudspeakers, which developed flanking fire and fuel sources, is able to stop the fire.
Fighting techniques to use these sounds can be done in two ways, namely: 
  • First, when the speaker is on, the wave propagation speed up the air. This process is able to crush the flame, so the fire easily stopped.
  • Second, the burning surface is driven by sound waves, thus speeding up the evaporation of fuel. As a result, the flame spread as well as lowering the temperature. The fire was extinguished quickly. "The sound waves at certain frequencies could extinguish the fire," said DARPA spokesman.
U.S. ambitions to find a technological fire after the aircraft carrier USS-George Washington got fire in May 2008. Fire that lasted for 12 hours caused damage worth U.S. $ 70 million. This new technology is expected to accelerate the extinction of fire, especially in the military. *** [ANTON WILLIAM | KORAN TEMPO 3944] Note: This blog can be accessed via your smart phone.Enhanced by Zemanta


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