Satanic Illuminati: The Absence of The Holy Cross In American Churches

Let us not play dumb, the globes popping up in churches everywhere across America for more than the past 20 years did not just appear for no reason.   The absence of the Holy Cross that is the symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ disappeared for pastors to reveal to the secret societies that they have fulfilled their membership have placed the globe in their churches as a sign in support for the New World Order, allegedly.   For instance, those of you who watched various famous ministers preaching in their churches and it seems as though they are teaching at a seminar, it was all a plan among those who were in favor of joining the Satanic Illuminati that would offer them to tap in on the other side of darkness to gain more fame and fortune.   It was not just a coincidental trend. 

All of these ministers have no idea what they will face after death, hell is very real.   This is why many of them do not preach about hell, simply because they are guilty of sin, themselves.   Also, they do not want to scare their followers from giving tithes and offerings, so they sugar coat God's gospel while collecting millions of dollars into their bank accounts.   

The average excuse of revealing the globe is that these ministries are worldwide, so they want everyone to know they are international corporations.   One question, can't we reach souls around the world by just revealing the cross or at least showing the cross, in front of the globe (very few churches reveal this sort of logo)?   Allegedly, preachers who are discreetly involved with the Satanic Illuminati do not even think it is important to God to reveal a reminder of the holy cross His Son, Jesus Christ had to carry, then die on.   These ministers think God will just overlook their wickedness, because they supposedly taught the Word of God to the entire world, but God is not pleased.   He wants these ministers to stop making a point to reveal the globe, instead of His cross in their churches and desires for them to stop making it necessary to reveal that they have no guidelines, borders or boundaries, making constant reminders they are a nontraditional church.   God is tired and demands change, now.   The secret society of the Satanic Illuminati cannot save these preachers from going to hell, the wicked organization can only promise fame and fortune.    Therefore, when each and every man or woman of God stands before God's throne, what will he or she say when the question is asked, why wasn't the holy cross that is the symbol of Christ's crucifixion revealed before souls who listen to you preached God's Word?   What will they say?  Then, where will they go?

Note: This article is not just a forewarning for American churches, but to all churches around the world who are guilty.

Did Bishop Eddie Long Learn Something From Bishop T. D. Jakes Last Sunday?

Okay, although we suspect that Bishop T. D. Jakes among other various famous ministers have been a part of the secret society of the Illuminati, it seemed as though he possibly has been doing some soul searching, because it appeared as though New Birth was finally having some real church, even better than when Bishop George Bloomer was there.   Usually, when people join New Birth or walk up toward the altar to get saved, the ushers will instantly lead them back to a room to sign membership papers, there is never an altar call.   How do we know?  A few of our journalists previously belonged to New Birth and so that is how we know.  Bishop Eddie Long never prays with newcomers up at the altar, never have we seen it.    No, there is never an altar call, is what we who know about the real church would call it.   You may see people rush up to the altar and bow down in general, but for Bishop Eddie Long to specifically pray souls through when they join or step up to get saved, never.  If you go to our video page, you will see how Apostle Johnnie Washington used to do it and how it is suppose to be.   When people first give there lives over to the Lord and surrender, any man or woman of God is suppose to pray those people through, to make sure they totally surrender and get set free.   

Last Sunday, the ushers pushed them back to the altar when they tried to exit out for new membership class, so Bishop T. D. Jakes could pray with them.    This was something we have never seen at New Birth.   He stood and spoke with them about leaving sin alone and surrendering their life to God.   The thought of rushing those new members and those who accepted Jesus Christ to sign papers became obsolete once Bishop T. D. Jakes was standing up before them. 

We question any ministry that does not believe in an altar call.   It is not understood why today's church is so modern and the preacher like Bishop Eddie Long just wants a corporate church, not taking time to pray with those at the altar. These rich pastors just want their church to be sophisticated and when they call themselves praying they call it, corporate prayer or they will say, "let's have a corporate praise."   The way Bishop T. D. Jakes had an altar call Sunday, it did not seem like today's average modern day church.   Bishop Jakes had those people up at the altar, shouting (dancing in the spirit), clapping their hands and crying out to God, something that Bishop Eddie Long and the other New Birth pastors have not done, we have never seen it.   Hopefully, he learned something and if they both have been alleged members of the Satanic Illuminati, we pray they both have gotten themselves right with God.  Furthermore, we hope it won't be the last time we see an altar call at New Birth.

Joel and Gloria Osteen: Lakewood Church Sued By The American Dollar

Well, it looks like this couple is reaping what they sowed.  Do you recall the incident on the plane when Gloria Osteen allegedly physically attacked a flight attendant.  The attendant claimed Gloria shoved and shouted at her.  They even went to trial and the Osteen's won and were very happy they did not have to pay the flight attendant the money she previously requested for the alleged assault.   Now, there church is in trouble and they are being sued again for using a secular song past its' expiration date.  One question, what was Lakewood doing making a deal with this secular group in the first place, being born again Christians they are supposed to deal with people who know Christ and only Christian music should be heard during church services and on their broadcasts.   So, the $3 million dollars that is being requested by the secular group, The American Dollar should not be a problem for their church to pay, for the couple not only offended the flight attendant, but they both have violated the Kingdom of God.

Today's church has been so modern, many ministers do not think anything is wrong with associating with people in the world, but the Word of God lets us know this, 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world, he that loveth the world, the love of the Father is not in Him (or her) (I John 2:15).   That specific scripture is very clear and those who use the works of Satan to grow their minister are in trouble with God and will have no peace.   Therefore this lawsuit against Lakewood church does not surprise us.

Lakewood Church, as well as pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen, are being sued for $3 million for continuing to use an instrumental track beyond a year-long licensing agreement with its writers.
The church paid to use a 58-second-clip of Richard Cupolo and John Emanuele’s song “Signaling through the Flames” in a promotional video for a DVD called Supernatural. The two perform under the name The American Dollar.

A suit filed in federal court in Houston claims Lakewood infringed on the song’s copyright by playing it in broadcasts of their services after the agreement expired in March.
The song was only licensed for DVD and online promotions, not for television broadcasts, said the band’s lawyer Craft Hughes, with the Houston firm Hughes Ellzey.
Update: The official statement from Lakewood is, “The music in question is 1 minute of background music which Lakewood Church had a license to use. The plaintiff...Read full article here.

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Source:  Houston Chronicle

Oral Roberts Gay Grandson, Randy Robert Potts Says He Is Not Going to Hell: Is The Bible a Lie?

Recently John Lemon, CNN reporter interviewed Randy Roberts Potts, the grandson of the late Oral Roberts.   During the interview he said he only spoke to his family, once a year and feels sorry for them because they live in a world of fear.   He says they fear he is going to hell and he does not think so.   Now, after you watch this video, just ask yourself, is God's Word a lie or is this man like a lot of gays and lesbians having delusions of grandeur?   Possibly, he just refuses to accept the truth, since his uncle, Ronnie allegedly committed suicide after admitting his sexuality to Rev. Troy Perry, founder of the Metropolitan Community Church, in the early 1980s and not being accepted as a homosexual, says this documented article here.  So, he says he decided to embrace his sexuality, which obviously he thinks is the answer.

Previously, Randy Roberts Potts, was invited to speak at Bishop Carlton Pearson's conference in Chicago, Ill.   Of course, he is going to be around those who affirm his gay lifestyle, but what we do not understand is this fact, those who lie on God's Word and make it okay to be gay do not care about souls.   These souls like Oral Roberts grandson are on their way to hell.   We have heard enough testimonies from people who have been to hell, to know hell is real and so is Satan.   When Potts, Bishop Carlton Pearson, Jaye Bakker, Bishop Yvette Flunder open their eyes up in hell, they are going to get the worst shock of their life, because they refuse to accept and obey God's Word.   Now, if the Bible says it is wrong, it's wrong.   No man can fall in love with another man and no woman can fall in love with another woman, it is against God's Word, that's it, there is no way out of it.  We must completely follow God's Word and submit only to His will and to His way, it's either heaven or hell.   Another thing, this grown man acts like a spoiled brat, he is looking for somebody to accept him, not only because he is gay, but because he is the grandson of Oral Roberts.    The Kingdom of God is open to everyone, but if any man, woman, boy or girl sins against God's Word, he or she will go to hell and burn forever.   There is no way out of it.

There is no way we can say these following scriptures are obsolete.   There is no way anyone can run to Bishop Carlton Pearson and get out of going to hell.  The truth is dear ones, if you are gay or lesbian, you will bust hell wide open, because God's Word is not a lie.  It does not matter who you are, a relative to the president of the United States, the pope or the descendent of two well knownn bishops like Bishop Yvette Flunder, you are going to hell and there is no way out of it.   Repent, thus saith the Lord.
  • Romans 1:26-27 - "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion."

  • Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."

  • Leviticus 18:22 - "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable."

  • 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

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Creflo Dollar, Paula White, Bishop T. D. Jakes and Other False Prophets, God Is Speaking To You, Please Listen

In our future, we are going to see worst tragedies than Zachery Tims.   God always starts with one situation at a time, but if people do not listen, He has no choice, but to allow the Devil to take control of their souls.   You see, all of these rich and famous pastors who are doing things displeasing in the eyes of God are involved with not only celebrities, but politicians who do not serve God to get the wealth and prestigious positions they possess.   In due time, if the followers of Bishop T. D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Paula White, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, Bishop Eddie Long and others do not obey the voice of God and avoid these ministries they too will suffer the consequences for the Bible says,  in the book of Matthew 7:15
Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves.  

For too long, God has put up with the globe in His House instead of His cross that Jesus was hung and shed his blood on.   He will no longer put up with these false prophets and false prophetess secretly joining the rich and famous in their plan to control this world, which they call the New World Order.   God says no longer will he put up with them enjoying their prosperity while seeing homeless people dying of hunger in heat or very cold weather on the streets.   The end of the world is near and Jesus is coming back, very soon.    Too many souls have been lost, because these false prophets such as Creflo Dollar, Paula White Bishop T.D. Jakes and others like them have been focusing on people to give them wealth, rather than preaching the full gospel of Jesus Christ.    God told us in His Word, the love of money is the root of all evil.   He never said it was a sin to have it, but he said the love of money and these ministers in the pulpit have worshiped money, instead of God.   God will no longer deal with this mess.   He will no longer deal with these ministers boasting about who they gave a Bentley to, instead of building up homeless shelters with the money they receive through tithes and offerings.   Tithes and offerings are to build up His Kingdom, not build up their own wealth, saith the Lord thy God.   He is angry and has been angry for a very long time.   The tithes and offerings are to feed the poor, clothe and give them shelter.   The tithes and offerings that these ministers receive are to give those who cease the prison system a place to stay and feed them the Word of God, not for their own pleasures saith the Lord thy God.

Then, in John 4:1, the Word of God told us to "believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."  Saints of God, we are living in a day and age when people of various congregations or listening to whomever is popular, they are not listening to the voice of God.  This is what is making God so angry.   God told us to try the spirits and forewarned us that many false prophets are going into this world, but people who support these ministers fail to recognize these rich and famous pastors and evangelists are of many who are out to deceive them and care nothing for their soul.   Many people will die in bondage, because they refuse to obey the voice of God and would rather be enslaved to these ministers stealing money from them that is suppose to be for those who are in need.    So, if you think Zachery Tims is the last of tragedies you will hear about, God says not so, there will be many more.  Why?   Because he gave these ministers plenty enough time to change their ways and the people who follow them had time to avoid their ministries. 

Bishop Eddie Long Accuser, Jamal Parris Says Drug Arrest Stems From Sex Abuse

On this following video, you will see more of Jamal Parris confession of what he has been enduring since the lawsuit settlement and it has not been nice.   Parris says Bishop Eddie Long is the cause for his troubles and that is the case with every drug attic or alcoholic who has been sexually abused.   He, along with Spencer Legrande no longer wants to hold their pain back, because Bishop Eddie Long not only sexually abused them, allegedly, he emotionally abused them too.   You will hear the entire interview tonight.

One of the young men who accused Bishop Eddie Long of sexual abuse will serve a year of probation on a drug charge.

Jamal Parris pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute marijuana in a Miami courtroom Tuesday morning.

He told Channel 2 Action News investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer that he was never a drug dealer, that he wasn't trying to look like a drug dealer and that the whole arrest is a product of what he went through with Bishop Eddie Long.

"I read so many comments after I got arrested, but nobody ever took the time to look and say say, 'Yo, what the hell did he do?'" said Parris.

A trooper found drugs and a gun inside Parris's white BMW, during a traffic stop near Miami Beach in June. Prosecutors dismissed the gun charge.

"Do not come back before me on a probation violation," Judge Bronwyn Miller told Parris.

Parris told Fleischer he only got the gun to protect himself after rumors circulated on the internet about millions in settlement money from Bishop Eddie Long. Parris is one of four young men who filed lawsuits alleging Long misused his relationship as their spiritual father, to coerce them into sexual contact.

"You caught me with bud? Look at the sign of sexual abuse victims. What's the very first sign on any website you'll see? Alcoholism drug abuse," Parris said.

He told Fleischer he's in therapy to deal with his pain and anger and hopes...Read full story and watch video here.

Video: Bishop Eddie Long Accusers Spencer LeGrande and Jamal Parris Plan to Speak Out

This news is no shock since Bishop Eddie Long's 5th accuser,  Centino Kemp has been talking to certain people about what he went through with who he calls, Dick Tracy.   As you knowVideo: Bishop Eddie Long Accusers Spencer LeGrande and Jamal Parris Plan to Speak Out Dick Tracy is aka Bishop Eddie Long.   He used the name when he went into hotels with various men, allegedly.   As certain news media surfaces, these accusers Spencer LeGrande and Jamal Paris must feel very nasty after discovering Bishop Eddie Long allegedly had sexual encounters with his fifth accuser, Centino Kemp.   They are both angry and are risking their millions to speak out.   Therefore, since Jamal Paris was arrested, he says this all comes from his sexual abuse with Bishop Eddie Long.
These two young men want to be free, that's obviously the reason they desire to speak out.  They do not want any chains on their freedom and when they have possibly acknowledge Kemp being bold while sounding like he is having fun on his interviews, of course this would make any sexual abuse victims, very angry.   You see for Spencer LeGrande and Jamal Parris, we do not see smiles or hear grins, it was all very painful for them and this is why they possibly want to tell it all.

Jamal Parris, one of the accusers who was allegedly molested by Bishop Eddie Long was previously sentenced to a year of probation after pleading guilty to possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Jamal Parris was arrested in the early Summer this year, when Miami police found a gun and drugs in his BMW at a traffic stop.

However, Jamal Parris denies trying to deal drugs. Instead, he used  drugs as a result of the sexual abuse ordeal, he claims.

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Alleged Satanic Illuminati Ministers Could Never Help Dr. Zachery Tims, If His Soul Was Possibly a Blood Sacrifice

Note: We are not saying that any of these ministers were connected to this possible blood sacrifice, but possibly someone who knew Pastor Tims, very well.  Our blog network has already informed you about the Satanic Illuminati, the secret society who has membership of very important people and many church people refuse to believe the truth, but allegedly, many of these ministers who are famous and very wealthy are a part of the Satanic Illuminati.   It is not something that is just talk, but it is real.   Think about how Zachery Tims died, it was not just because he had a problem with drug addiction, but it is just like those who are not perpetrating who are out in the world as rappers, hip hop artists, rock music artists, movie stars, politicians, you name it, if they want to get out of the Satanic Illuminati, they are a goner.   That means they will not live.   Therefore, we think it is a possibility that Zachery Tims could have wanted out and there was a blood sacrifice. 

A blood sacrifice is used when someone desires to dedicate their own soul to the Devil to gain fame or fortune, this is usually done by someone who may have been very close to the victim.   So you see, although drugs was found on Zachery Tims, it is suspicious whether the toxicology reports reveal positive or negative.   

Another possible motive, which we mentioned in our introduction is this, if Zachery Tims wanted out of being a hypocrite, that is, being a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ while discreetly worshiping the Devil just like a lot of his comrades, then the Satanic Illuminati would desire to make him obsolete individual, just like they did Michael Jackson.   You see, this is why it is so very important for those who are in ministry not to associate with alleged members of the Satanic Illuminati, Bishop T. D. Jakes, Paula White, Bishop Eddie Long, Benny Hinn...After Zachery Tims had temporarily stepped down from his position, he traveled with Benny Hinn to Israel.  They both were seen on TBN speaking in Israel together.   It is very dangerous to be a hypocrite.   If you are a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, you are going to have to make up in your mind who you will serve, God or the Devil, for no man can serve God and Mammon.    A lot of these rich and famous ministers we see on national television have secretly sold their souls to the Devil for riches and wealth and when they have done so, they cannot be saved from their drug addiction or any other kind, not unless they let it all go to only serve the Lord.

It is possible that someone very close to Zachery Tims who envied his wealth desired to give him up as a blood sacrifice to the Devil, so they could have what he had or if he wanted out of this secret society, the Satanic Illuminati, it was going to be the end of his life; therefore, either the drugs in his pocket was planted on him or he bought it while unknowingly that was Satan's plan to kill him, since he had a weakness for drugs.  It is a possibility that the person who was willing to do a blood sacrifice took advantage for his weakness for drugs and knew exactly how he would die.

We cannot expect for many of these famous ministers today to live a peaceful life or  to even die, peacefully, simply because they are unholy and dabbling in a world of darkness.   This is why it is so very important, if we are truly called into the ministry, to be cautious who we associate with, because God is not One of darkness, but He is only a Spirit of Light.  It is a great possibility that Zachery Tims could have associated with the wrong people, such as the underworld, involving drugs.   It is obvious, because he told us he had overcame that sort of lifestyle.   However, the rich and famous ministers of today are allegedly a part of the Satanic Illuminati and that is the same world as drug dealers who sell drugs to people and have no consideration for their welfare.   They only desire to associate with you to make more money.   So think about it, if Zachery Tims came out of a world of dealing drugs making a lot of money, how different was it for him to become a minister around people who mainly focused on money, instead of saving souls and getting them completely delivered from their sins?

5.9 Earthquake Hits Near D. C., East Coast; 3 Hurricanes on the Way: Rebellion Against God's Word

How come every time something happens, people decide to call on God, but they never call on Him when everything is going good?  It does not surprise us that an Earthquake hit in D. C., near the nation's capitol and 3 hurricanes are on their way, possibly it is because President Barack Obama has agreed and supported homosexuality and many cities have moved forward to condone same sex marriage.   The president has supported gay marriages without considering how God feels about it and has no regard of Him disagreeing with it in His Word.   The answer for this natural destruction is simply rebellion against God, people from various sorts of backgrounds do not want to submit to God, almighty, that's the issue and it has been for many centuries.   People of God were even shocked that New York has supported gay marriages, after what happened in 9/11.   Folks, God is not pleased with the support of same sex marriage in this country and there are worst disasters on the way; therefore, this will not be the last.   This was once prophesied through a man of God, not to long ago, all sorts of disasters were on the way while God was going to shake up the church.

God has given this nation forewarning after warning and people have rebelled against His commandments.    God has always been near, but many people who have rebelled do not do what they are supposed to do.   It does not matter if it is in the world or within the church, people refuse to listen and take heed and bow down and respect to God's Kingdom.   God has been so good to those among the body of Christ who refuse to be different than the world and He has been so patient for them to change.   Same way for those outside of the church, God has been so loving and kind, but people out in the world on Satan's territory refuse to repent and give their souls to Him.  

All God has ever asked this world to do is obey His commandments.    Because of the rebellion, regarding His request do not be shocked of what you are witnessing now and what is to come in the future.  Jesus is on His way back and when He comes be ready, do not be left her during the tribulation period..

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake registered 5.9 in magnitude and took place 3.7 miles below the surface. The quake was 9 miles from Mineral, Va., 90 miles southwest of D.C. It lasted about 30-40 seconds and was felt up and down the East Coast.

After early inspections, there are no reports of road or bridge damage.

DDOT reported some traffic light outages. People should remember to treat those intersections as four-way stop signs.
Metrorail will remain open, but riders should expect delays as trains will be running slower -- 15 mph -- as tracks are inspected, officials said. No damage has been reported. The Massachusetts Avenue entrance at Union Station... Read full article.

Why Is There Still a Debate, Regarding Women Preachers?

After listening to Hank Hanegraaff's talk show over a month ago, a caller questioned how he felt about women preachers, because of this following scripture: Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law (I Cor. 14:34).  Hank replied in so many words that God can use women in ministry.  Angry so-call men of God get that particular scripture all twisted, because they think it is a commandment.  However, it is not a commandment necessarily spoken through Jesus Christ.   One of our female journalists have been prophesied since a child by various people throughout her life, none of the people knew each other.   She has also gotten God's command again, not too long ago through Jesus Christ.   Therefore, her ministry is being processed as of this day.

Yes, God has called certain women to preach; however, the ones who have been preaching have only been doing so, because they have just been doing what they see the next Jane Doe doing and desire to be great as her, this sort of nonsense has been going on for many years.  A lot of these women do not even have a testimony while preaching, they desire to show off and compete with a real woman of God, which is pure jealousy.  It's a family tradition and they desire to keep the family name great, this is especially found among descendants of bishops, some of these women, not all should be doing something else in ministry and many women who are really called are those who have no hierarchy background in the church.  Just like God has not called every man to be in the pulpit, he has not called every woman, but only in other sorts of ministries.   God is looking for cancer survivors, ex-lesbians, ex-prostitutes, ex-convicts, ex-madams, ex-convicts to preach His Word; because if the woman does not have a testimony and has always been a perfect saint all her life, who can she witness to or what can she preach about?   Jealousy can begin in their teen years when girls are asked to step up and give a sermon to prepare them for ministry as adults.   It's a demon that dwells in the souls through women and men and takes a lot of prayer to ignore.  However, many women are truly called by God, because of their testimony of struggles, regardless of who tries to block what God is trying to do in their lives.

Sometimes it is a money issue that causes a lot of heated debates among men and women and even women and women.   The real issue behind this ancient debate is Satan wants souls and if he can keep us talking about it, then souls will be ignored and want make it into God's Kingdom.   Satan will use anything to take souls into eternal hell.

The reason why there is still a debate, is simply because of that specific scripture found in the book of Corinthians and also there are some men who yet desire for women to remain only first ladies and submissive to them.    Because of a woman's personal life struggles, God has much to say through her to help other women who feel there is no way out.   God has a lot to say to men through true women of God.   The debate also stems from competition between genders, but it is so ancient and God wishes for the heated discussion to no longer block a woman's call into the ministry.   

The Devil wishes to destroy the woman in the pulpit, because He knows from the beginning of the universe Eve was used through the serpent and wants her to do nothing to build up God's Kingdom.   Just like Eve was suppose to be a help mate to Adam in the Garden of Eden, she is also suppose to help other men of God bring in souls from Satan's territory and she should no longer rebel to do God's will for any reason, whatsoever.  

If Zachery Tims Toxicology Tests Reveal Overdose of Heroin, What Next?

Everyone who knew of Zachery Tims is waiting for the toxicology results to come back and reveal what actually happened to him.   Although, the white powdery substance was found in his pocket, many people suspect he died of a drug overdose, obviously meaning too much drugs in his system.   However, since our staff heard Paula White (allegedly) mention heroin in her sermon this morning at New Destiny Christian Center, we suspect she and the circle of the rich and famous ministers knew more than anyone about what he and possibly other did in there personal time away from ministry.   Whether it was heroin or crack cocaine, God is not happy if he died they way he did at such a young age.   So, we are waiting and while wondering what actually happened, although God was in that room.

Really there is nothing for anyone to do, if we all discover the news of a drug overdose.   All we can do is pray for his soul, the Tims family and his church.  However, when we watched New Destiny Christian Center this morning we notice it was a day for emotional healing to get over the sadness, but the problem of the corporate service (which Paula White mentioned several times), we did not see an alter call specifically for souls to be delivered and set free from sin.    We saw people running up toward the alter, but no mention of deliverance from demons through the mouth of Paula White as she twisted and turned and pranced around in her expensive black high heel pumps.  Paula White sugar coated the situation of Zachery Tims death while allegedly slipping out the subject of heroin, she was not slick enough for us not to catch it.  If you want to know exactly what our journalists allegedly heard, just stay up to date with next article on this morning's service and you will read it for yourself.   Of course, Zachery Tims operated his church like a modern day church, but after his death we were looking for change, like no existence of the burning globe with fire burning under it (as you can see behind Paula White in the pulpit), for instance. we feel people will continue to attend New Destiny Christian Center as though he is still here, that's extreme danger, because there needs to be a complete anointing, no carnality whatsoever.   We feel possibly there are a lot of Tims members who are struggling with a drug habit like he was, because when a pastor preaches to his flock, they immediately catch his spirit.   So, there are certain demons of drugs that need to be cast out of their spirits this morning.   Of course, we acknowledge he was a caring pastor and admitted to having been a recovering attic, but we saw his outreach page reveal coming soon on the website, it was not already in operation.   Specifically, as of today, we saw no ministry to completely deliver drug attics and alcoholics from Satan's territory.  Maybe he thought testifying about it was enough, but obviously not, because possibly if there was a ministry for that sort of deliverance, we would not be grieving for his death right now.   It is very sad to know, that they may include a drug and alcoholic ministry after his death; but we cannot help but wonder why it was not in existence while he lived? 

Furthermore, we did not feel an anointing of the Holy Ghost.  Instead, we heard Caribbean style music while Tims praise team marched away from the pulpit before Paula White stepped up.  It was too modern and was not a service for deliverance that would make demons flee.  They called themselves praise and worshiping God, and we heard one lady speak in tongues while hosting the service, but the service seem to cease the presence of complete deliverance from those who needed it.   

What next, if Zachery Tims Toxicology Tests Reveal Overdoes of Heroin or even if it does not reveal it?   
  • The church cannot just move on like nothing happened, which was the feeling we got this morning from Paula White's sermon at New Destiny Christian Center.  She actually told them to carry on as though Pastor Tims is yet alive, which was very wrong.

  • God wants a lot of the money that ministries take in to feed, clothe and shelter the homeless.   Therefore, every church that is bringing in a lot of money through tithes and offerings should be taking care of those who are homeless and giving assistance to those who are poor.  We are not talking about $10 Walmart gift cards like Benny Hinn gave to the Hurricane Katrina victims.   God wants the demon of selfishness and greed to leave the church staff.

    • We need a revival and please do not take that lightly.   No more conferences, revival where people who attend, including these clergy members get totally delivered and set free. 

    • God wants people healed from various diseases and for them to also be raised from the dead.  Therefore, he desires miracles to take place, thus saith the Lord.

        • Right now after his death and after the toxicology results the church needs to abandon the corporate worship, it is too sophisticated and demons are remaining inside of the spirits of people who never get rid of their evil ways and sins.   Services need to include deliverance services for people to get saved and delivered from idolatry, porn, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, prostitution, witchcraft, drugs and alcohol...

        • God is expecting the church to no longer have pastors, bishops and evangelists with a celebrity status.  He wants his church leaders to be holy, righteous and sanctified.  He expects for pastors to stop hanging out with the celebrities and even dressing like them in the pulpit.   He wants complete distinction in the way they speak, preach his Word and even in their mannerism. He wants these pastors to stop thinking of themselves above those who are fed the Word of God. He wants his church to be holy and not worldly, this means no hip-hop, no christian rock or christian rap, but He desires pure gospel music.   He wants pure sanctification in the pulpit, the choir and among the members in the pews.   He wants complete transformation.   God had to allow this tragic death of Zachery Tims, because ministers of the gospel, including their congregations have been rebellious.  They have been fascinated with the fame and fortune and glitz and glamor and have not served God with all of their heart, mind and soul.   God did not kill Zachery Tims, but he allowed his death to get the church's full attention.   There has been too much carnality and no sanctification.   

        • God is expecting for husbands to remain with one wife and to respect her.   The husband is to raise his children and impregnate any other woman outside of the home, whether she be within the church or out in the world.  God says the man has a responsibility and must lead his household in righteousness.   He is not to dabble in a down low homosexual relationship while married but to remain a heterosexual man how he was created by God to be.  He is not to wear women's clothes or to act effeminate, but to act and look like a man.   He is to be the leader of his household and take on responsibilities.   Now, is the time saith the Lord for men to stop selling drugs and women and to stop using them both.

          • God is expecting first ladies to be more caring about women in their husband's churches. He is tired of them entering the church as though they are married to a celebrity and sharing the fame and enjoying the fortune as though they are celebrities, themselves. We have seen too many first ladies refraining from speaking out to teach women how to be ladies.  Instead, women of all ages have been rebellious and not willing to dress holy, act holy or even speak holy; we have discovered the feminist movement because of it and therefore, this is one of the main reasons we have a lot of lesbians in the church today along with gay men.   For example, first ladies should teach women not to look like hookers and strippers, but to look like God's virtuous women with class.  For example, Vanessa Long only has spoken to women in her past (Heart to Heart) conference, one time a year.   A few of our journalists who actually once were members at New Birth Missionary Baptist church says she never gets up and speak to the women, but is always silent in the church.   The Bible instructed the older women to teach the younger ones (Titus 2:4).

          • This morning when it was suppose to be a refreshed service, after mourning the death of Zachery Tims, we saw a lot of women on his praise team carrying on in their casual attire, wearing blue jeans.  Women should no longer wear blue jeans in the House of God.  Because God is trying to remove the lesbian and gay spirit out of the churches, he expects to see women wearing dresses and being more feminine and acting more feminine.   God expects for women to carry themselves like genuine ladies, holy and righteous while submissive and obedient to their husbands and by doing so, their little girls will know why it is so very important to be ladylike, in the House of God and at all times.  As you know the homosexual demon is very strong, so we must reveal a difference between the clean and the unclean spirit.  Likewise, men should not be wearing tight muscle shirts and dressing like thugs.   We should see men wearing decent attire that does not appear similar to gang members and drug dealers, but men should look holy as well as act holy.   For instance, at New Birth one of our journalists went undercover and saw a few young men wearing their pants down going into the church, it should not be and now you see we do not agree with hip hop or christian rap.  Also, it is so very clear why Bishop Eddie Long got caught in his past sexual allegations with those young men, he allowed some of them to attend church with their pants down.

          In conclusion, when the teenager, Angelica went on a tour to hell with Jesus Christ (which can be found at, He told her to tell the church to go back to the old way of having church; therefore, being sanctified is certainly the old (traditional) way.   If Jesus took Angelica to hell and included that specific instruction for His church, don't you think we better listen and change now?

          Zachery Tims Funeral, A Special Day For Deliverance

          Today, thousands of people are paying their last respect to Dr. Zachery Tims.  He was a loving, kind and considerate man of God, but allegedly and according to his past testimony, he had a drug addiction and people seem to want to not give him the credit he deserves because of it.   It does not matter what was discovered on this man of God's body.  He was honest while he was alive.  He never lied about his past and was always out to win souls for the Kingdom, this is not something we can say about a lot of pastors who stand up and preach out of God's Word.  Indeed, Zachery Tims will always be respected for not being shy and ashamed about his past to testify.   Testimonies is something that has faded out of most churches, but Zachery Tims continued to testify about his deliverance and this is why most people can look over how he was discovered in his hotel room.   Praise God, finally we can remember someone who testified about God's goodness and His grace, instead of standing behind the pulpit and pointing out other people's flaws while embarrassing and humiliating them, something that has occurred in the black church for many years, which has caused many souls to avoid church.

          This is the danger of the modern day church, they do not believe in alter calls, especially at someone's funerals.   However, it would be a wonderful time for whoever is officiating the funeral to call souls up to the alter for repentance, because it is what God would desire.

          Zachery Tims was more than a conqueror and he taught people how to be same through Jesus Christ.  We would not say his ministry was about prosperity, but also about deliverance, because if it wasn't, he wouldn't have testified about his drug addiction.   So, Pastor Tims wanted others to be free although, he may have been having difficulty in his own life, possibly he cared about people more than himself.   He probably spent more time considering the lives of others, instead of trying to seek help for his own circumstance.  However, he fought til the end.   Possibly, God said, no more struggle for you my son, you are tired at such a young age; we do not know what God said, but we know God was there in that hotel room.  God also knows how the packet of drugs got in his pocket.  Possibly, he was about to use it and God stopped him before he could go further in his prolonged addiction since 19 years old.   Just think about it for a moment, when we ask God to guide our footsteps and to protect us, possibly Dr. Tims was protected by God to no longer sniff anymore drugs that would have damaged His temple.  The Bible says this very fact,(I Cor. 6:19)  "What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?"

          No one could love Pastor Zachery Tims more than Jesus Christ.   Think about it, Jesus was there when he died, although person was was there. God is always with his children.   

          Hopefully, many souls who are not saved will come to Christ today at his home-going and we pray that they completely get delivered and set free from all kinds of things: drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, fornication, adultery, backbiting, idolatry and anything that is not like God.   May the memory of Pastor Zachery Tims life caused many people to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ and never turn back.  Praise God.

          Zachery and Riva Tims Divorce: Let's Save More Marriages In The Church

          Statistics inform us that there are more divorces in the church than the world.   We are not just talking about in the pews, but we are also speaking of those in the pulpits.  Now, since Dr. Zachery Tims has passed on, we cannot help but wonder, if their marriage would have been saved, would he have died the way he did?   It's very sad, but we have to discuss this issue, so we can decrease the number of divorces in the church.   When divorce hits those who preach the Word of God, we never think how angry God must be.   We allegedly read comments from several church members on various blogs who said Pastor Tims asked forgiveness before his congregation, after he returned from counseling for the sin of infidelity he committed.   So, that's good to know that he got that right with God and out of the way a couple of years before he died.   However, we cannot help but wonder even after he confessed his sin before his church and asked for forgiveness, could his marriage have been saved and if so, if he and Riva could have remained together, would he still be here?

          Now, we may have some of our readers think, what difference does it make, he's gone now?   What you do not understand is this, God has feelings and he was very hurt when Dr. Zachery Tims and his wife, Riva divorced?   These are two people who were blessed to preach the Word of God.   God used both of them to be an example to other married couples who were getting spiritually fed and admiring their unity as husband and wife.  So, this issue is very important to bring up.  We do not want to lose anymore people in the Kingdom of God in such a tragic way.  So, we need to figure out what will make God happy and where has the body of Christ, including among the clergy members went wrong?

          After the lovely couple broke up, a lot of people were taking sides without even thinking about what God thinks.   Dear readers, God hates divorce and we need to see a change.  It seems like there are more gay and lesbian couple getting married and making a point to respect their union more than heterosexual married couples.  God hates it that these homosexuals are parading around fighting for their rights to married, but we cannot get men and women to remain together.  It does not matter whose right or whose wrong and it does not matter what happened to cause the separation.   If we are people of faith, we need to learn how to make our marriages work in the family of God, so the world can stop looking into other things like a homosexual lifestyle that will destroy their soul in the long run.  Now, what is the world saying about the death of Zachery Tims?   How do you think God feels about Satan getting the glory of him being found dead while gays and lesbians are still living as though they are married and respecting their vows?  God is very unhappy, because Zachery and Riva Tims were supposed to be a married couple made in heaven.   God gave them both four wonderful children and they were happy until 15 years later. They grew a very successful worldwide ministry and their church grew into several thousand members.  Therefore, it could have worked many more years, because God placed them together from the very beginning.

          This is very sad saints of God.  Who would have thought Pastor Zachery Tims would be dead and thousands of people mourning while shocked of his death, about two years later after his divorce?   God desired for he and his wife to remain together, regardless of what or who cause the division.  One main reason, when pastors preach about how important family is, they need to see their pastor and first lady as the best example in the world.   Zachery Tims death is not only a wake up call, his divorce with Riva was a wake up call just like the the divorce years ago, between Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.  What's worse is when people go on with life as if there marriage is over and should be forgotten about.  Not really, because now when tragedy hits, one party maybe left alone in their misery and found dead.

          Another defense one of our readers may have to this issue is this, 'but Zachery Tims had drugs found in his pocket and they say he was still overcoming using drugs'.  Do you get it?   It does not matter whether the problem was lust, a drug habit, alcohol or anything else, when marriage is between a man and woman of God and even those who learn the Word of God through them, God desires the solution to be for better or for worse, rich or poor and in sickness and in health, definitely not to solve the conflict with divorce.  It is not God's will.   As you can see, things got much worse after the divorce between Pastor Zachery and Riva Tims and it was a spiritual lesson for somebody.  Things just do not happen for no reason.   We all are suppose to learn from things that divide men and women of God who settle for divorce.   Satan had a plan.  He used a stripper to see what the end result would be and the end result was not divorce, it was Zachery Tims life being taken away at such a young age at only 42 years old.

          photo courtesy:

          Did Bishop Eddie and Vanessa Long Think God Understood An Alleged Open Relationship?

          This is a very important question, "Did Bishop Eddie and Vanessa Long Think God Understood An Open Relationship?" We do not know the chats Bishop Eddie Long had with his wife, Vanessa.   However, on the interview, it is really strange that Centino Kemp, the last accuser did not answer William McCrary III when he asked if he had or had not met First Lady Vanessa Long.   A few of our journalists who attended New Birth Missionary Baptist Church would often hear of Bishop Eddie Long bragging about his god-sons being in this house and how he allowed them to drive his luxury cars.   Our question is this, how could he have done all of this in the house and his Vanessa not know about it, especially after regularly bragging in front of his congregation.  So, obviously she knew of his personal relationships with his young lovers and there was an agreement, possibly.  If this is the case, then did either of them ever ask God how He felt about their open marriage?

          In the Word of God, it says this,  "The wife's body does not belong to her alone but also to her husband.  In the same way, the husband's body does not belong to him alone but also to his wife (I Corinthians 7:4)."  It said nothing about allowing our bodies to be shared with other people outside of marriage.  Therefore, having an open marriage is a sin.  So, how could Bishop Eddie or Vanessa Long think God would understand his sexual affairs outside of their marriage.   

          You would think only people in the world like Will and Jada Pinkett Smith would be involve with such a sin, but sensing that pastors and first ladies could be doing this sort of thing regularly is not good for the body of Christ.   An open marriage committed by a so-call man or woman of God damages the souls of his or her members and if these followers are not prayed up, they too could ruin their own marriages, because they will start doing what their spiritual leader is doing without realizing the demon entered into their soul while supposedly being spiritually fed the Word of God and prayed for by that particular pastor.   It's dangerous and if Bishop Eddie and Vanessa Long had an agreement to have an open marriage, this could have messed up a lot of marriages among their flock.    

          Understand this very fact, spirits travel, whether demonic spirits or angelic spirits and if there were demonic spirits that entered into the church members who sat under the ministry of Bishop Eddie Long, they need to seek God and leave New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.   

          Hopefully, if Bishop Eddie and Vanessa Long had an open marriage, they should have repented by now and sought marriage counseling, because if they do not, those spirits of other people Bishop Eddie Long slept with will remain inside of them and they will have difficulty in their spirits communicating with each other and even their children.   

          Of course, they both knew the scripture quoted above, so there is no way they would think God would deal with an open marriage, if they are guilty for their own discreet lustful reasons.   

          Photo: (AP Photo/John Amis, Pool) 

          Did God Take Dr. Zachery Tims Life?

          Saints of God, it is very disturbing to hear certain members of New Destiny Christian Center allegedly say they did not know why God would do a thing like this.  First and foremost, we do not serve a God who goes around killing people and He would not place drugs in the late Dr. Zachery Tims pocket.   It is not right for anyone to blame God for what He did not do.   We can clearly see that those particular church members were not receiving spiritual food, understanding God and do not even have relationship with Him.   Really, do we serve a God who would leave Zachery Tims to be found dead with a white powdery substance found in his pocket?   Absolutely not and people who think God had something to do with his death are making him out to look like a fool.  God is not mean and would never do a foolish thing.   Therefore, New Destiny Christian Center needs to be anointed with a pastor who will set the record straight and who will reflect God as a loving God who may allow certain tragedies, but not go around killing anybody.

          Like we mentioned in our prior articles, God may have allowed Dr. Zachery Tims to die, because He wanted someone to rebuke the demon of death and for everyone to recognize that Jesus still can raise the dead in the 21st century.   God has reasons for certain things that may not look right in the natural, but in the spiritual world he tests our faith to see if we believe He can do the impossible and as we can see, today's modern church lack faith, because they are ready to bury him and already look for the next pastor to take his position since two days ago.   After all, isn't that what Zachery Tims taught, faith without fear?   But no one as we know of, not even his ex-wife has laid hands on his body for him to rise up in the name of Jesus.  

          God is not a drug dealer, He does not go around placing drugs in people's pockets.  Those who are blaming Him for this tragedy is not in line with His Kingdom and need very much to repent.  God does not like His spiritual message to do miracles to be confused with Him as a murderer.    So, before Dr. Zachery Tims is buried will we see someone go and rebuke the demon of death and lay hands on him to rise, so He may come back with a testimony of whatever experiences He had on the other side?   So many testimonies we have heard (and we will present a page in the future for you to see for yourself) of people who went to heaven and hell and returned for other people to hear messages from God and to know what His requirements is for all of us in His Kingdom, then there were those who went to hell and come back for us to know hell, Satan and his demons exists.  Some of those people went to both places.   When some people went to hell, they saw certain ministers in eternal hell for robbing people through tithes and offerings or not doing what God told them to do or preaching the wrong sermons.   

          Flatly, we do not need anymore people who are supposed to be saved going around blaming God for this tragedy.   God is not One to kill people and again, He would never plant drugs in Zachery Tims pocket and allow him to be discovered the way he was by the hotel staff.   God is trying to get the body of Christ attention for us to totally yield to His will and to His way and not focus on fame or fortune.  He is looking for us to clearly submit to Him without rebellion.  He wants to see Holy Crosses back up in his churches and the globes to be removed.   He wants someone to go into the morgue or mortuary, wherever Zachery Tims body is and to rebuke death.  God wants so much to get the glory out of this situation, but people are not clearly understanding who He is.  Those who were Tims followers are confusing His death with God's doing, it is not God's doing.   God wants someone to have faith enough to lay hands on his body, so people will know that no matter what was found on his body or the wrong lifestyle he may have been involved in, He can still raise him from the dead.  We serve a powerful God, a God full of love and who will not back down for Satan to take another soul.   God did not take Zachery Tims life and whether you are a church member, ... or anyone who was just a supporter of his ministry, do not say that about God anymore.

          Zachery Tims: How To Keep Your Husband (or Wife) Who Is a Pastor From Using Drugs

          We did not want to mention the truth about what we used to see on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), but there were times we used to see Zachery Tims acting as though he was on drugs: massive sweats, talking rapidly and saying things out of the norm and one specific time, we tuned in, he was being interviewed by Paula White with his wife.  This was before he was accused of having an affair with a stripper.   It was so hurting to see and we knew he must have been on drugs, but we prayed for him.    Now that we have heard the news like the rest of you that Pastor Zachery Tims is dead and a white powdery substance was found in his pocket as he laid on the hotel room floor, it hurts even more.   We never expected his life would end as a result of what we suspected while watching him on TBN.  May Zachery Tims rest in peace and we pray He is in the arms of Jesus Christ. 

          Our heart goes out to Pastor Riva Tims, Zachery wife and their children.  They both made a nice couple and made a good example of how God can build a ministry through a marriage.   They had a dynamic blessed union.   It was Satan who destroyed their marriage and we feel bad that Pastor Zachery Tims had been overcoming his drug habit since he was 19 years old.   That's a very long time until his death at age 42 to be dealing with trying to overcome it. He built such a great ministry and reached over 300 million television viewers, according to a source.  That's so great, to have been able to get off of drugs, testify about it and go into the ministry and spread the Word of God across the nation and abroad.  No matter how much Pastor Zachery Tims may have had difficulty trying to kick the drug habit, he yet testified about God's deliverance, that's awesome. 

          If you are a first lady or possibly, a pastor who is married to is hooked on any sort of alcohol or drug: crack cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, Ecstasy, Methamphetamine, LSD, Opium, Inhalants, Amphetamine, we want to try and help and give you spiritual tips.  First, you must not give up on your spouse, no matter how hard it gets.   Keep fasting and praying that God can take away there drug habit, no matter how hard things may seem in your marriage.   God has a lot for you to do in the ministry and one of those main things is to win souls into his Kingdom.  We cannot allow drugs to be the reason for the gospel preached to be discontinued around the world.  We have got to find a way not to ever allow this to happen to anyone in the family of God.   So, let us began to help you, if you are in a marriage with someone or both of you are ministers of the gospel and you are trying to overcome drugs or alcohol.

          • Together, you must fast and pray.  On a daily basis, make it a habit to fast and pray against the demon of using drugs.   You see, a lot of churches and ministries today are into making so much money and fame, they have forgotten the importance of fasting and praying.   One time, we heard Creflo Dollar make fun of what they used to call tarrying, there is nothing wrong with tarrying.   Tarrying is constant prayer to reach heaven, so God can save and deliver those among us.   The church is so caught up on keeping up with the celebrity lifestyle, they refuse to fast and pray.  The Bible speaks about fasting and praying.  It says this in Matthew 17:1, "Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. " Meaning, fasting and praying is the only way to be loosed from Satanic dominion.

          • Everyday when you wake up, start praising God for delivering you from using drugs.  Out loud, no matter if your wife or kids are around, begin praising the Lord and do this at least 3 times a day before you go to bed.

          • Throw the drugs away and make a vow to God to never use them again.  It may seem hard to do this, but you must make a decision to turn your back on what has been destroying your relationship with God, your marriage, your ministry or whatever in your life.   You must make a commitment to turn your back on drugs and never look back, because if you do, you will be destroyed and leave those who love you so dearly behind, including your ministry.  You do not want that to happen, so please obey before it is too late.

          • Whenever you have a craving for drugs, immediately starting bind the Devil.  Begin to rebuke him and his demons, because he is trying to destroy life, marriage and ministry.  With God's strength, let Satan know he cannot have your soul, he cannot destroy your marriage or your ministry.  You must do this, because Satan tries to act as though he is strong than God and makes it seem like God cannot deliver you from using drugs.  So, you've got to let him know your soul belongs to God.

          • Stop hanging with those who use drugs and continue to preach against that demon on a regular basis.   Those who use drugs are not necessarily those in the streets, it is those behind the pulpits.  You must let them know, unless they stop using drugs, you cannot have anything else to do with them, because by living a hypocritical lifestyle, it will offend God and destroy everything God gave you: your marriage, your ministry and your children.  So, you must let them go unless they desire to want to be saved and delivered from drugs. 

          These five tips will help you, your spouse or the both of you to overcome using drugs.   Because if you allow drugs to rule you, you never know how your life may end.  Remember, those who preach the Word of God in the pulpit is suppose to help keep the statistics of drugs down, not be a part of the statistics.

          Stay strong and keep praying and praising God for your deliverance.

          Can God Heal People With AIDS?

          (Note: We just want to inform you, this article is not saying everyone caught AIDS through sin or homosexuality.)  Yes indeed, God can heal people with AIDS, but only if they believe and have repented for any sin that may have caused their affliction.  It is possible for God to heal anyone who has any sort of diagnosis, because He is God and He created their body.  "But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53:5)." Then, it says in Psalms 103:3, he can heal any type of disease, "Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;"  Therefore, it does not matter how you may have caught HIV/AIDS or any other fatal illness, God can take it out of your body and completely heal you, but you have to trust and believe Him.   One most important thing that people fail to do is give up sin.  Yes, you must give up sin.   
          People will continue going to funerals and burying people at the cemetery until they repent and yield to God's commandments.   Most diseases come from various sorts of sins, then there are those that come to test our faith.   However, many people who caught AIDS through sexual sins and are yet living could be healed, but they refuse to repent and admit they were wrong.  All they would have to do is humble themselves before God and ask Him to forgive them, but many people are rebellious and would rather follow the majority who oppose God's Word that tells us to be righteous and live holy.

          One of the reasons why a lot of people who maybe gay have not been healed of AIDS, is simply because they have argued with God's Word that is against homosexuality.   Now, we are not saying all people with AIDS are gay, we are specifically discussing those who have rebelled against God and maybe afflicted with the disease.   You cannot oppose God's commandments and expect to keep enjoying life and living it, the way you desire to live it.   It is a sin to be gay, according to the following scriptures, we will give you at the end of this article.

          Regardless, if the sin be homosexuality, fornication, adultery, drug usage, any sort of sin that may have caused one's affliction of AIDS does not void God love for that person.  Therefore, if they bow down and repent, God can heal them according to their faith.   The person who is afflicted does not have to accept a death sentence just because so many millions of people died of AIDS.   All he or she has to do and ask God to abide inside of their soul and vow to stay away from sin.  There is no such a thing as "can't help it".   Anyone has the power to avoid sin in their lives, but you must love God so much, sin cannot have rule over your life.   

          If you did not sin and caught AIDS through a cheating spouse, by birth or through a blood transfusion, God can still heal you.   God knows your situation and will hear every word you speak.  All you have to do is trust Him.  Whether you caught HIV/AIDS through sin or not, God can heal you.  Now, let us pray.  Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for this wonderful day.  We ask you dear Lord to forgive us for each and every thing we may have done to defile our body and mind.   We humbly come before you, asking you to forgive us for offending you and disobeying your Word.   Father, we love you, we adore and appreciate you .   If there is anything in our lives that is not like you, please take it out, in Jesus name.  (Now, if you are afflicted with AIDS, repeat this prayer)  Father God, I am afflicted with this disease, I ask you to clean my blood of any unclean viruses in Jesus name.  I did not always live for you God, but now, I choose to live for you and not follow the ways of this wicked world and today's gay affirming church.  I want to be right.  I want to be holy and righteous.  Please help me to live right.  Thank you Jesus for healing me (say it 3 times).  I promise to live for you, for the rest of my days, in Jesus mighty name.  Amen.

          Now, from this day forth began praising the Lord for your healing, no matter what the doctor says, keep believing and trusting God that He has heard your prayer, according to your faith.   God may not do it, immediately, but if you leave your diagnosis in His hands, He will heal you.   

          Note: We are not responsible for any one not being cured.  According to your faith and your relationship with God will make your miracle, possible.  God bless you.

          Scriptures Against Homosexuality
          • 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

          • Leviticus 18:22 - "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable."

          • Leviticus 20:13 - "If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."

          • Romans 1:26-27 - "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion." 

           Read more article at

          Zachery Tims: God is Still Raising The Dead

          If God did it for this man in Nigeria, He can do it anywhere else.   Like we said on our prior article, it does not matter how Zachery Tims died, if people will only believe and lay hands for God to breathe life back into the his corpse, he could very well come back to life. Furthermore, it is so sad that his church members are ready to bury him, because they no doubt were not taught about God raising the dead in the ministry.  Therefore, all they are doing is preparing to bury him, watch videos of his past 15 years in ministry and perform vigils for the decease.  It is very sad, God's power is not being revealed before the world.

          The problem with today's church is they have become too worldly; therefore, they are unable to believe in miracles.   When you are worldly and have bowed down to hypocrisy for so long, it would be too difficult for them to expect God to do anything.  However, among those at New Destiny Christian Center in Orlando, Florida, there has got to be at least one person who is a faith believing Christian and will pray against and bind the demon of death.   Although, it could have been the demon of Zachery Tim's drug usage that caused him to collapse, it does not stop God from desiring to prove how loving and forgiving He is and what He wants to reveal through those who still believe He can do what appears to be impossible in today's modern church.   You see that's the problem, if the church would stop seeking fame and fortune and start seeking God, then no doubt we will began to see God work.

          Watch Video of a Man in Nigeria Raised from the Dead

          Prayer Vigil For Zachary Tims But Not Enough Faith Among NDCC Followers to Raise Him Up From The Dead

          Is today's church so modern that they cannot believe God for miracles to take place, even to raise the dead?  It does not matter how Pastor Zachery Tims died, all that matters is God waiting for the body of Christ to get back to holiness and to trust and believe that He still can raise the dead and cure all diseases.  No one, not even Paula White, Jamal Bryant or anyone from the church family of Zachery Tims church mentioned everyone coming together pleading the blood of Jesus against the demon of death.  If the church family of New Destiny Christian Church are really faith believing Christians, why haven't we heard anyone step up and command the demon of death to cease and expect Zachery Tims to raise up?  This shows that today's church is really lost and lacks anointing, which is very dangerous, because this reveals there are too many dead people that could have been raised up from the dead by the power of God and possibly God allowed them to die, because He was waiting on the church to reveal what He can still do in the 21st century, not get prepared for a funeral and come together for a prayer vigil.    

          Today's church is so modern and full of celebrity status among clergy members, it must make God very sad to see no one who claim to love, trust and believe in Him, go into the morgue or mortuary and lay hands on the body of Pastor Zachery Tims.  You see we are living in an age that consists of people who expect those who die to just become a memory.  We speak about faith in the church, but the church world is so full of secular glorification, seeking fame and fortune, they seem to be incapable or have fear of laying hands on a corpse and believing that God can bring him or her back to life.  Once a person is dead, they accept it, because although they hear faith sermons, they are really believe there are limitations of what God can do.   Furthermore, because of the white powdery substance found on Zachary Tims, people are not saying it, but you can feel the silent insinuation that his life must come to an end, because of how he died.  Saints, God is a forgiving and loving God and does not want us to always look at the circumstance of death.  The Devil is a lie, we have heard too many testimonies of people coming back to life.   If you have time, watch the following video of Bishop Earthquake Kelley who was raised as a potential voodoo priest, placed spells on people, a gang member and a drug user.   This man had sin in his life.   The second time he was a minister and God told him, he must do what He called him to do and dangled him over the pit of hell.  However, Bishop Earthquake Kelley came back to life, after suffering a brain aneurysm.  The first time at eight years old, he went to hell and God made a way for him to come back to life.    

          What is even more amazing about our great God is this, in Bishop Earthquake Kelley's case and other cases we have heard, no one even had to lay hands on him.  However, in the case of Zachary Tims, we feel God expects for someone to do it to prove his He is still raising the dead and death does not always have to be accepted.

          We must not accept death all the time.  We must learn to stop saying, 'oh, he was so young...only forty-two years old, he lived a good life...he did a lot of things for people...he was...'  We have to get beyond that and start expecting God to work miracles in today's church and one of those miracles that used to take place in the old church was raising the dead, which the Bible speaks about in Matt. 10:8, 'Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.'

          Let us pray that God gives the followers and family of Pastor Zachary Tims real faith and for someone to start binding the demon of death.

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