Michelle McKinney Hammond Speaks with 700 Club on How To Be Satisfied and Single

On this following video, Michelle McKinney Hammond really helps singles in the church when she boldly says they need to just enjoy life, alone.  For instance, before you can meet the right person God has for you in your life, you need to be satisfied while single.   She pointed out that famous scripture in John 10:10 when Jesus told us that 'He came that we may have life and have it more abundantly.'  If we cannot be happy in life without Jesus, then it would be very impossible for us to be happy when the right person comes into our life.  Therefore, we have to be satisfied with Jesus first and learn to enjoy life without a man or woman in our lives.   

Furthermore, Michelle Hammond was so right when she encouraged us to buy whatever we want, get rid of all the bills and enjoy our lives without a person to share it with first.  When you make plans for your life as a single person, you will not be looking for anyone else to fulfill your needs, financially or emotionally, but you will have already positioned yourself to enjoy the finer things in life and be proud you did it without another party.

Kristi Watts, the host of the 700 Club even made a good point when she says do not look for love in other people, but be satisfied with God's love and share it with others.   That's what she said in so many words and when you think about it, there are a lot of people who need our love.   When we give love, God will give it back to us and then when He decides, the right person will come and share our lives with us.   

Lastly, get ready to find out who was single in the Bible and maybe you will be proud of having something in common with them as a single person, it's Godly to be single.

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