Why do People Want to Give Donation?

Set aside some property for others is the social interaction that commonly done by humans. Sociology and psychology researchers from Erasmus University, The Netherlands, investigated the behavior of why people are willing to give their wealth to others.

As many as 85 percent of donors do so at the request directly. Requests can come from friends, beggars who came to the house, or through advertisements in the media. As a result, most generous people are the most frequently asked for alms.

"A person compelled to maintain the reputation of charity," said researchers from Erasmus University, Pamala Wiepking, in an interview to Newscientist Tuesday. "They do not want to ruin that reputation."

Among the donors, religious people are the most generous. Various studies have previously shown that the true generosity of faithful around the world culture. Encouragement comes from the cultivation of the values ​​of free-wheeling since childhood that impact as adults.

A devout environment has also forced a person to be generous. Considered the nature of love to give that noble nature, to go into that environment, one must often charity.

Age influence a person's generosity. The older a person, the greater the tendency to give. But this can be decreased when a person past the age of 75 years. The reason, the elderly are considered not to have excellent physical ability that is rarely asked for donations.

The trend was also influenced by gender charity. "Women are more generous," he said. This is caused by a high sense of empathy and concern for women. Charitable man to the party or political group and tend to be more generous if higher education.

Surprisingly, the poor accounted for more than the rich portion of his property. *** [ANTON WILLIAM | KORAN TEMPO 3938]
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