Pastor Sues Sprint for Releasing Cell Phone Records Wife: Secrets Within Marriages in the black church

First we would like to remind our dear precious brothers and sisters in the Lord, God does not like secrets between married couples within the body of Christ.   You may hide your dirt from your spouse, but when God gets a hold of the situation, you will not be able to hide it from Him nor the person you vowed to be faithful to when you first exchanged wedding vows.  God wants us to learn from this and every other situation we have spoken to you about.  You see, for many of you whom have been waiting on God for a saved husband or wife, God is taking His time giving the right person to you, so you will not end up hurt like this first lady, standing beside Bishop Carl Mimms III.  Bishop Mimms is allegedly suing Sprint for releasing his cell phone records to his wife, First Lady Diane Mimms.  Is he not prophetic enough to know this was God using Sprint to reveal his alleged secrets to his wife?  

When a saved wife or a husband sense their spouse is cheating, God will let them know it and even allow them to receive confirmation, regardless of their spouse's request to hide all evidence.   Therefore, Sprint was unknowingly doing the work for the Lord and should not be held accountable for this man's alleged cheating affairs.  They even gave him an apology, he really does not deserve in our opinion.  God will reveal whatever is done in the dark, no matter how those whom claim to love God will try to cover up their hypocrisy.  Now, just ask yourself, why would Bishop Mimms ask Sprint not to release his information to anyone, including his wife? He ought not mind her looking at his records, because they are supposed to be as one. According to our source, that is exactly what he had done, possibly never expecting to get found out.  It seems as though had done this ahead of time, before his wife would become suspicious.  In the same article, it was also posted she confronted him in front of the congregation about his alleged dirty secrets.  

Saints, too many souls are being lost every second, even within the church.   It is time for revival and the Kingdom of God has no time for 'so-call' men of God breaking their wives hearts.  God has had enough of these nasty situations within the body of Christ and if preachers within the black church desire for married couples to remain faithful to each other, then they must do the same thing.  While these various preachers are getting caught in sex scandals, the world is watching and sinners hesitate to come into God's House to get set free, simply because the majority of the (black) church is not showing a difference between the clean and the unclean.  No preacher whom is having discreet affairs has the right to preach to lost souls, because they are in bondage themselves.  

Possibly, God wants his wife to come out of this situation with a testimony and reach the lost through her own ministry.  If she confronted her husband before the congregation, she is strong enough to preach the gospel and win lost souls to Jesus Christ.

In the meantime, we will be praying for First Lady Diane and her husband Bishop Mimms.   However, this is only an alert to make us pray for more honest men in the pulpits within the black church, all over this nation. 

Pastor Sues Sprint for Releasing Cell Phone Records to His Sneaky Wife Staff Writer

We’re sure that Bishop Carl Mimms III would like to modify the Ten Commandments and add one more amendment:  ”Thou Shalt Not give a man’s cell phone records to his wife when she’s trying to find out if he’s creeping around.”

The pastor was under the microscope of suspicion from his wife Diane, who believed that he might be getting into a few “unholy” activities in his spare time.  That’s when she reached out to Sprint to find out who he’d been calling, texting and all...Read full article, here.

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