FBI raids Trenton mayor Tony Mack's home After Midnight

It must be a scary thing for the FBI to wake you up and barge through your home in the middle of the night, but this is what happened to the mayor of Trenton, New Jersey, Tony Mack. Some appointees of Mayor Mack has been arrested, according the our following video.  However,  former friends of Mack allegedly stated to the press they no longer associate with him, because he is just as 'shady' his appointees.  There has not been any further information yet as to why the mayor's home was searched while he was in his pajamas.

This stories of crooked politicians getting caught in a scandal never seems to stop.   It really hurts when they are political leaders within the black community, because many times they are the poorest ones.  Often the mayor lives in the big house while those in the ghetto live in the poorest neighborhoods trying to make ends meet and escape crime. Solutions to make better communities are always promised by some of these black mayors who eventually are investigated for discreet illegal schemes.  Specifically, in Trenton New Jersey there is a lot of poverty and similar impoverished cities never seem to experience promise of improvements made by the mayor.  Instead, they are often left without a mayor who is on their way to jail.

We pray this is a case where a mayor is innocent, but most of time, it is the very opposite. There has got to be a reason for FBI agents to search his home. Mayor Tony Mack should come forward and admit his wrongdoing, if there is any.

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FBI raids Trenton mayor Tony Mack's home in the middle of the night

By James Nye

The home of Trenton Mayor Tony Mack was raided by several FBI agents this morning who were seen to take equipment from two large SUV's into his residence.

Walking into the mayor's home at around 1 a.m., agents wearing windbreakers and T-shirts removed two boxes from the house just...Read full article, here.

Source: DailyMail.co.uk
Photo Courtesy andVideo: http://www.myfoxphilly.com


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