Why does Caffeine Make Elderly Muscles Stronger?

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This advice is important for the elderly, drink coffee more. This suggestion refers to the latest research presented at the Society for Experimental Biology meeting on June 30, 2012.

The findings of sport scientists at Coventry University have shown that caffeine can trigger older muscle strength. That is, caffeine serves as a stimulant to produce more power. This condition is believed to reduce the risk of falls and injuries suffered by the elderly as weak muscle function.

The researchers used mice as test samples to determine the impact of caffeine on muscle strength changes. They isolate the muscles of mice teens and old mice. Muscle performance of mice before and after receiving an injection of caffeine tested.

They looked at two different skeletal muscles. The first is the diaphragm muscle, which is the core muscles used for breathing. The second is the leg muscles (extensor digitorum longus) are used to move.

Results showed caffeine continue to improve the performance of the diaphragm muscles and leg muscles of mice belonging. Caffeine shown to increase muscle performance of older mice, although the results are less significant.

Whereas in mice given caffeine adolescents less effect. "It shows the lack of effect of caffeine improved performance in the developing muscle," said principal investigator Jason Tallis.

He said the muscles continue to weaken naturally with age. Decreased muscle strength cause human injury prone and reduced quality of life. This process is less well understood. However, to maintain muscle strength is the key to reducing the risk of injury.

Caffeine is able to provide benefits to the elderly population. But, says Tallis, an active lifestyle or exercise must still be done to maintain health and functional capacity of muscles. *** [SCIENCEDAILY | MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 3928]
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