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Graphic illustration from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) shows traces of proton collisions at particle search that is consistent with elementary Higgs particles. The findings were considered as the gateway to a new era of Physics. (Picture from: PIKIRAN RAKYAT 06072012)
A number of physicists to assess world, which is consistent with the discovery of boson particles (elementary particles) Higgs is a gateway to a new era of physics. Mankind will be able to uncover the mysteries of the universe is much larger, including the dark matter case.

As reported, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) said data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), Wednesday (4/7) about the discovery of particles that are consistent with the Higgs boson. Particles is expected to help explain why matter has mass.

The findings were also welcomed hundreds of the world's leading physicists gathered in Australia. Some experts even speculate that one day enable humans to realize that the particles travel at the speed of light to "take off mass" objects or allow large objects launched into outer space "use" the Higgs particle.

Physicist Ray Volkas said, almost everyone can expect the Higgs boson has a different function than simply explain the Standard Model, the theory that explains how particles act as a single entity in the universe.

"If that's the case, the Higgs particle can act as a bridge between ordinary matter is made up of atoms, and dark matter that we know is a very important component in the universe," he said on Thursday (5/7).

According to him, the implication is so powerful because people will be able to understand all the matter in the universe. To that end, CERN scientists must continue researching new particles.

Like the Discovery of Electricity
In the meantime, CERN physicist Albert De Roeck likens the discovery was like when man discovered electricity. At that time, mankind could not imagine its application in the future.

"The most important of these findings is that the particles could explain how the universe formed over millions of seconds after the Big Bang. Can we apply the particle that? For now, my imagination was too shallow to imagine," he told AFP news agency on Thursday (5/7).

Clarification of the particle is likely conducted in early 2013. While definitive proof that the particles according to the Standard Model can only be done in 2015 when the LHC is more powerful and can generate more data.

De Roeck said, would be very boring if the particles were finally alone only serves as the Standard Model Higgs. Therefore, he hoped the discovery of particles that can actually be a portal to the new theories such as super symmetry, which is hypothesized as being one of five different Higgs particles which regulates the mass.

De Roeck agree with Volkas that to follow up the discovery is to find and produce dark matter particles. *** [AFP | A-56 | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 06072012]
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