3-Cylinder Engine Become A World Trend

3-cylinder engine of MAZDA. (Picture from: PIKIRAN RAKYAT 30032012)
Efficiency is the keyword for today's world car manufacturers in designing the four-wheeled vehicles. One step taken is to cut the number of cylinders and the lower the engine capacity to produce good power, more fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly.

If during the Japanese car manufacturers are developing a 3-cylinder engine technology, now the Korean car company, KIA, and BMW of Germany also participated in the competition graced the small car market segment. 3-cylinder engine was now a world trend that loved the car manufacturer.

In contrast to previous small-capacity engine, now the average small car already has the personnel qualified as fully equipped kitchen spur energy-enhancing devices, namely turbo. KIA innovative step was done by installing a turbo on a three-cylinder engine.

In the inaugural 3-cylinder diesel engine turbo 1.1liter creation has been introduced in the model KIA hatchback, KIA-Rio, in the European market in early March.
KIA-Rio. (Picture from: http://paultan.org/)
Dr. Joachim Hahn, the chief of the Division of Research Machines KIA, said one thing is for sure a new breakthrough in the growing field of automotive technology. The result is a motor vehicle products are in line with the mission to save on fuel consumption.

Especially in recent years, fuel prices soared in many countries of the world rapidly, so demand for fuel-efficient vehicles is increasing, one example is fuel prices in Singapore reach to U.S $. 1.7 / liter.

KIA is also done groundbreaking BMW with the goal to push the cars fuel consumption is too high. The plan Bavarian carmaker is going to pin a 3-cylinder engine in the BMW 3 Series next year.
BMW 3 Series. (Picture from: http://trendszine.com/)
Head of BMW Engine Development, Peter Nefischer says, BMW 3 Series to use 3-cylinder engine will be launched as soon as possible. This is because the strong desire to participate in the saving of fossil energy reserves are nearly depleted. Especially now, almost all automobile manufacturers in the world touting the fuel efficiency.

Just as KIA, BMW's three-cylinder engine performance will be as good as the power performance of four-cylinder. The reason BMW put turbocharged devices so that power three-cylinder engine can be raised even higher. *** [OVI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 30032012]
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Whitney Houston's Mother Cissy Breaks Silence in Upcoming Interview

Cissy Houston First interview since Whitney Houston's death

Whitney Houston's mother Cissy Houston, the gospel and soul singer, 78, breaks her silence about Whitney's shocking passing and its aftermath in a TV interview with New Jersey-based My9's 10 O'Clock News airing next Monday.

In the interview she speaks to My9 at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, NJ, where the funeral was held. My9 says Cissy admits her mourning process is far from over.

Read more of the story here and see clips of Cissy Houston's interview HERE

Bible Thrown in the Church- Are We Making Mockery of God's House?

black church joke throws bible

When you see the video, you may agree with us that there are some that make church, the black church a pure joke. World Star Hip Hop, who uploaded the video calls it "Comedy in the Black Church". It should be clear that throwing the bible in the air has nothing to do with God. It looked staged, if you ask us. And the pastor looked as though she really thought she had done something special... NOT!

We wonder why our society is so misconstrued and does not really know or have a real relationship with God.

Read more and see video: HERE

Church Woman Declares ‘The Blood of Jesus’ Over Street Fight [VIDEO]

Woman declares the Blood of Jesus Christ
When we saw this video, it took one of our writers back in time. She stated that her mother used to do just what the woman in the video did. She would declare the 'blood of Jesus' over men in the streets arguing and fighting.

Read full article here and see video:

Church Woman Declares ‘The Blood of Jesus’ Over Two Men Fighting in the Street [VIDEO] | AT2W

Update: Thousands Gather At Memorial Service For Murdered School Teacher Melissa Jenkins

Thousands of mourners gathered in memory of science school teacher Melissa Jenkins.  Many people were sad as they went on Friday to honor such a nice and beautiful person who reached out to everyone.   Those who knew her best remembered only good things about her as they joined friends, co-workers and loved ones at her memorial service.   Melissa Jenkins was such a sweet soul whom did not deserve to die neither did her son deserve to be left alone with his beloved mother.   

If you have kept up with this story about school teacher, Melissa Jenkins, then you can recall she was murdered by a married couple now facing capitol murder.  They lured her by calling her to come out and help them.  They lied to Melissa Jenkins and told her they were stranded and could not get their car to start.   When she arrived with her son, they snatched her from her, poured bleach on her naked body and threw her in the river.  This is one of the worst crimes in history of America. 

We cannot understand why a lot of good people have left us in tragic ways, but one thing is for sure, God has an answer and we are sure Melissa Jenkins is better off in His hands than this evil world. 

May Melissa Jenkins rest in peace and we cannot wait to meet her in heaven.  Rest in peace, Melissa Jenkins.

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Thousands gather for memorial service of murdered school teacher Melissa Jenkins

By Daily Mail Reporter

A crowd of thousands gathered yesterday for the memorial service of Melissa Jenkins, the teacher who went missing last weekend and was found murdered on Monday.

More than 2,000 people attended the memorial service at St.Johnsbury Academy, Vermont, the school where she taught, to remember the beloved teacher and single mother.

Allen and Patricia Prue were charged with her murder on Wednesday. The married couple allegedly lured Jenkins out of her home claiming their car had broken down before beating and strangling her to death. Jenkins' 2-year-old son...Read full article, here
Source and Photo Courtesy: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Postmenopausal Women Susceptible to Stroke

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention United States over 800 thousand Americans each year have a stroke. During this study found eight out of every ten strokes, occur when blood clots, cholesterol is inhibited in growing blood vessels to the brain. Cholesterol consists of several lipids, or lipoproteins. While triglycerides are one type of lipoprotein, while others, including low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high density lipoprotein (HDL). 
Stroke diagram. (Picture from: http://skokienet.org/)
Postmenopausal women, may be at higher risk of stroke than those not monopause. A study by researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center and colleagues found that traditional risk factors for stroke such as high cholesterol is not accurate to link the risk in postmenopausal women as previously thought. Instead, the researchers said, doctors should refocus their attention on triglyceride levels, to determine the highest risk of severe and fatal cardiovascular patients. "Every year, hundreds of thousands of people affected by stroke and there is tremendous emphasis on identifying people at increased risk," said lead author Jeffrey S Berger, MD, assistant professor of medicine and director of the Cardiovascular Thrombosis at the NYU School of Medicine part of NYU Langone Medical Center. 

The researchers analyzed data for the last 15 years, finds 90 thousand postmenopausal women had a stroke. The most interesting findings, according to Dr. Berger, is that high triglyceride levels, were significantly associated with the development of stroke. 

Even women who have high triglyceride levels, nearly twice as likely to suffer a stroke iskerriik. While women who have low triglyceride levels, more secure than a stroke. Surprisingly LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol, were not associated with stroke risk. Although they are very high cholesterol levels, in the medical community study. 

A question, is there a strong relationship between triglycerides and stroke in other populations is still unknown? "This is just the first step is very important. But that's not the end of the story," says Dr. Berger.

Associated with people with large waist size (fat), with high triglycerides are at increased risk of coronary heart disease, according to a study published in CMAJ (Canada Medical Association Journal) results are very significant. The concept of hypertriglyceridemic waist phenotype, no tangible connection with high triglyceride levels. 

Waist width and large, as a marker of metabolic abnormalities that could help spur an increased risk of coronary heart disease. CMAJ research on the type of hypertriglyceridemic waist, is useful to set cost-effective in screening to identify people at risk of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. 21,787 research on men and women aged 45 to 79 years in Norfolk, England in 2011. 

Of the total sample of 1,295 men and 814 women, may develop coronary heart disease over a period of 8 to 10 years. Examples of studies of both men and women, which increased waist circumference (even without higher triglyceride levels) there are significant indications and triglycerides increased (even without higher waist circumference) appeared to increase the risk of coronary heart disease. 

An important finding of this study is that the combined presence of increased waist circumference and increased triglyceride levels associated with high risk of coronary heart disease. *** [DEDI RISKOMAR | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 29032012]
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Video: FDA Won't Ban BPA Chemical in Packaging: God Says, 'My People Perish For The Lack Of Knowledge'

Brothers and sisters in Christ, when God's Word told us in the book of Hosea 4:6, 'My people perish (are destroyed) for the lack of knowledge,' it clearly meant that many Christians may really know God and completely serve Him, but they fail to educate themselves about the things that are harmful to them within society. For instance, many health related illnesses do not have to be a death sentence, if many people would learn how to naturally treat their condition, according to their own faith.  In this case of the FDA allegedly refusing to approve a ban on BPA (bisphenol-A) in food packaging, we are forewarning you to take heed now and beware of chemicals that are causing many cases of health risks.   No doubt, this is possibly something that has been going on for years, but we did not know about it, but now that we know, God wants us to take precaution before buying certain foods and drinks, which could cause problems for us, years later.

Think about it, many of our friends and loved ones possibly died early of an incurable disease, because they did not know about this BPA chemical, allegedly being used in packaging for foods and drinks.   All because they did not know, there sickness, then eventually death was possibly caused by this chemical.   Think about it, we are talking about millions and millions of sick people whom are no longer here with us, because they lacked knowledge about this alleged deadly chemical, according to environmentalists whom tried to get their petition approved by the FDA.

Although, we have been drinking sodas, water and juices out of bottles and eating many different types of foods out of canned containers for many years of our lives, it does not mean we are in danger.   God has protected many of us, because He knows we did not know any better, but now that we know, we must make a wise decision to only buy certain foods and drinks in safe containers, because it is not safe according to this sudden news.   

As for FDA not approving this ban on BPA chemical in packaging, we think it is very unfair to us as consumers.   However, if we as children of God become wiser and smarter when we buy what goes into our bodies, then these companies would lose billions of dollars, then the FDA would possibly have no choice but to change their mind.   Furthermore, let us as Christians, be smart and began to be business minded and start our own companies and refuse to use BPA chemical in our packaging, which is what a company that manufactures baby bottles decided to do when they discovered this controversy.   Therefore, we should not only be wise to what foods and drinks we may choose buy, but we can also be very wise to starting our companies to attract many consumers from other companies that refuse to stop using this alleged deadly chemical, which could make children of God very rich.  For example, there are some drinking containers now sold with a sticker that says, 'BPA Free', which is something that should be included on every product we choose to eat or drink, if not, we should not buy it.  Even better, if you choose to become an entrepreneur and sell foods and drinks in containers, just the label alone, BPA FREE could make you a lot of money, because people whom know about this following news we are about to reveal to you on video desire to be healthy and not be diagnosed with a deadly disease later on in life.

 Watch Video

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FDA Won't Ban BPA Chemical in Packaging

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced today that it won't ban bisphenol A (BPA), the controversial chemical that is widely used in food packaging.

The agency rejected a petition by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) that called for a ban on BPA as an ingredient in food packaging saying in a statement the council didn't have the scientific data needed for the FDA to change current regulations on the chemical.

But the FDA stressed it would continue to review the safety of BPA.

In response to the FDA's rejection of its proposal, the NRDC...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy:  ABCNews.Go.com
Photo Courtesy: David McNew/Getty Images 

Bishop Joseph Walker Hit With Another Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit

Bishop Joseph Walker Sued again for misconduct

A former church member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Corey Corbin, filed a $5 million lawsuit against Bishop Joseph Walker on Thursday. Corbin is claiming that the Bishop 'ruined Corbin’s marriage by sleeping with Corbin’s former wife, Kesha Moore.' The couple are reported to have went to counseling "specifically marital counseling for sexual problems." Source

Sidebar: We are sorry but this was a red flag. They would have done better going to a secular counselor on this one.

Read more at:

Bishop Joseph Walker Faces Second Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit Filed For $5 Million | AT2W

Opera Singer Brian Tierney Found Shot In Car In Critical Condition: Let's Pray God Spares His Life

Whenever we hear of tragic news, regarding someone whom was living their life working for Lord, we are supposed to come in unity and pray for their lives.   In this case of Brian Tierney, 29, not only an opera singer, but he lived his life as a choir director for his church.   We may not have known him personally, but this man lived his life working for God and just because he is in critical condition, it does not mean his life has to end.   Therefore, we believe God can bring this man out of critical condition to stable, then discharge him from the hospital to go home.   We do not believe in a death sentence when it comes to one of our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.   So, it is our assignment to instantly pray, because we know God is a healer and he is yet working miracles.

It is very odd that someone shot into Brian Tierney's car, multiple times.   Police have not yet figured out a motive, but we know Satan always creates enemies against children of God.  A lot of jealousy takes place when you are blessed with a talent such as being an opera singer and choir director like Brian Tierney.  So, it could be a case of foul play. Whatever sort of case it is, we acknowledge all things work together for the good to them that love God (Romans 8:28), so just because the doctors are saying it does not look good, this is nothing but a trial for the family of Brian Tierney to trust God and according to their faith, this will be a testimony for Brian to tell when he gets better.

Let's pray for our brother in Christ, Brian Tierney, dear brothers and sisters:

Dear Father, we come to you right now, bringing the life of our dear brother, Brian Tierney to you.   Brian is facing death right now, but we know you are a healer and can do anything but fail.  We do not understand how this attempted murder happen or for what reason anyone would shoot at your son's car, but we do know you send trials of all types to make us strong. Father, we humbly ask you to reverse Brian Tierney's critical condition and make him well.   Touch and anoint his body, so that he may raise up and testify of your goodness and what miracles you worked in his life.   Lord Jesus, let this situation turn out for the good, do not allow this young man to die as such a young age of 29-years-old.   You gave your children life to be a living witness for you, not for Satan's satisfaction.   God whomever shot into to this man's car, we ask you to bring them to justice, right now.     We know you saw everything and you know what is behind the motive.   We bind every demon that tries to get in the way of this man's life and we humbly ask you to make a way after you raise him up for him to continue to do what he was doing for your glory as a choir director, including as an opera singer.   We ask our request be done in your name, Amen.

Opera Singer Brian Tierney Found Shot Along Portland, Oregon Interstate 

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Police say they don't know much about how or why a 29-year-old opera singer and church choir director was shot multiple times in a car along a Portland, Ore., interstate.

It was unclear if Tierney was pulled over when he was shot, but police say they don't think he was the victim of a sniper. They also don't suspect the shooting was...Read full article, here.

Source: Huffington Post
Photo courtesy: http://www.oregonlive.com

These Cars Are Not Use Fossil-fuel

The high price of crude oil into a large and crucial issues that must be immediately found a solution. Automotive industry, including researchers working to find a solution by performing a variety of research and development of motor vehicle products are no longer fixated on petroleum consumption again. 

Various elements in nature that easily updated even used as an energy source to drive the car. So far there are a number of creative invention that can be used as the driving force of a motor vehicle. In fact, among which are widely marketed in several countries. Here are five cars to drive non-petroleum energy sources that have been researched by manufacturers and researchers are: 

1. Genepax Water 
Genepax, Japanese companies developing electric cars that use water as a source of energy. In one trial conducted in Osaka Japan, water is poured in a large tube that is placed in the trunk of small-sized electric car. The result is a car can move. 

Genepax itself is the inventor of a system that can generate heat and electricity from pure water. The technology uses a system called the membrane electrode assembly (MEA), which extracts hydrogen from water more effectively.
Genepax water car. (Picture from: http://www.neatorama.com/)
Hydrogen is utilized to generate 120 watts of electrical energy and drive the car that made the company Takeoka Mini Car Products Co. Ltd.

2. Mini CAT 
One car is the result of cooperation automotive company from India, Tata Motors with MDI from France.

Mini CAT utilize compressed air pressure to move the machine. The use of compressed air that does not require spark plugs and cooling systems, thereby reducing production costs and vehicle maintenance.

Tata Motors plans to market this car in 2012 at a price of about 12.750 U.S. dollars. 

Wind entered into a special tank at the Mini CAT in two ways namely through a special charging station or generator that is in the car.
MiniCAT- the Air Powered Car. (Picture from: http://johnharding.com/)
Tata claims an air tank only costs two dollars to fill it out and can be used to travel 300 km. CAT Mini can go a maximum speed of 105 km/h. 

3. Hy-Alpha 
The unceasing development and production electric cars cause benefit of hydrogen as an alternative fuel is also expanding. An Indian company, Mahindra & Mahindra that makes the three-wheeled vehicles called Hy-Alpha who claimed to be the first in the world. 

For the development of Mahindra & Mahindra products get U.S $ 1 million funding from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization International Centre for Hydrogen Energy Technologies (UNIDO-ICHET) based in Istanbul, Turkey

Moreover, cooperation is also carried out by Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. Special preparation of the infrastructure has the support of Air Products Incorporated, a U.S. company based in Delhi.
Mahindra Hy-Alfa. (Picture from: http://place2fun.com/)
DelHy 3-W converter is specially equipped for the gasoline engine can consume hydrogen. 

4. Rover SD1 
Not only water or hydrogen that can be utilized for energy sources. A group of researchers in Britain have conducted a study of fuel from coffee grounds. The result is a modified Rover SD1, an old car is capable of driving up to speeds of 107 km/h or the fastest car in the world for organic waste-powered motor vehicles. 
Coffee powered car. (Picture from: http://chrisescars.com/)
Rover SD1 tested by traveling from London to Manchester in the last year and recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the first waste-powered car ever to travel far. Coffee grounds into the energy conversion is done through a process called gasifier and produce gas, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen (read more.)

5. Saab 9-5 BioPower 
Saab 9-5 BioPower is the pioneer of premium cars in the world to get the best innovation award in 2006 by the Professional Journalists of the Automobile Press.

Advantages of this environmentally friendly car is consuming energy and ethanol and has performance equivalent to gasoline-fueled vehicles. 

In some European countries, like Sweden, ethanol sold in the form of a mixture of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline or E85. Saab 9-5 BioPower 180 bhp and powerful torque of 280 Nm or more powerful than similar cars that use gasoline that is 150 bhp and 240 Nm.
Saab-9-5 BioPower. (Picture from: http://www.wisecarshopper.com/)
That is why Saab 9-5 BioPower can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 8.5 seconds, while the petrol version is 9.8 seconds. *** [OVI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 30032012]
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Shy Princess Can Cure Insomnia

Each person must have experienced insomnia. Insomnia itself is in a sleep disorder symptoms include difficulty in sleeping over for sleep or maintaining sleep, although there is a chance for it. Research shows that approximately 1/3 of adults have suffered from insomnia each year. This situation may reduce the ability to digest the information that makes people easy to change feeling (mood), and if this situation continues unchecked, would cause an impact on high blood pressure, heart attack and can also interfere with our productivity in the move to the next day.

Insomnia is most often caused by several factors, such as a medical condition causing pain yahg or use of substances that affect sleep. Common causes of insomnia, including stress, anxiety, nervousness, fear before bed, and generally increasing, the nightmare in every bedroom, and irritability.

The risk of insomnia are more likely to occur in women because of hormonal changes. In addition, people who are over 60 years of age, stress, work at night and come a long way.

To overcome this problem, some individuals use drugs that are able to accelerate the induction of sleep and take time to sleep (sedative-hypnotics). these drugs can be said to be harmful to the body.

Based on research for 12 years and more than 12.000 analyze the data in Canada, Dr Belleville stated that the death rate significantly higher for users as well as sleeping pills, and those taking medication to reduce anxiety.

In addition, other findings of the side effects of sleeping pills is also not to be taken lightly. "Sleeping pills and anti-anxiety effect on reaction time and coordination so as to make it easier one falls and accidents," he said.
Putri malu aka Shy Princess or Bashful mimosa (Mimosa pudica Linn). (Picture from: http://www.stuartxchange.com/)
Therefore we can immediately switch to using herbs. And one of the herbs that can be used for such problems is the Bashful mimosa / Sensitive Plant / Humble Plant / Tickle-Me or Indonesian known as Putri Malu (Shy Princess) plant (Mimosa pudica Linn), which grows wild in the streets, fields, and open places exposed to the sun. The plant has hairy stems and thorns round. Leaves compound composed of small, oval shape with a pointed tip, the color green but some are red. And appabila will close touch (sensitive-plant).

According to Drs. Agus Alamsyali, MM a herbalist as well as therapists Natura Health Center in Depok, West Java, bashful mimosa contain melatonin, mimosin, pipekolinat acid, tannins, alkaloids, saponins, triterpenoids, sterols, polyphenols, and flavonoids. And alleged that the bashful mimosa substances in plants that can cause a relaxing effect on the nerves of the brain that can cause sedation is melatonin (a hormone naturally produced by the body to restore the biological sleep clock).

Preliminary results indicate that the bashful mimosa can affect the nervous system of patients despite the scale of light, which reduced the number of seizures of their bodies. Benefits of these herbs for the nervous system is to give anti-depressant or sedative effects, as evidenced by research conducted by the University of Veracruz Mexico. 

To take advantage of herbs that grow wild in the bush is. We use the roots, stems, and leaves as much as 15-60 g. And how is this fresh crop boil with enough water, then drink.

Apart from boiled, bashful mimosa is also commonly dried and wrapped in cloth to be used as a pillow. The aroma of dried herbs are also able to make the patient sleep.

But nothing is perfect, besides the benefit of the bashful mimosa plant in terms of its use should be noted the following warning:
  1. Sensitive use of bashful mimosa plant roots in high doses can cause poisoning and vomiting.
  2. Pregnant women are forbidden to drink the decoction of this herb because it can cause death to the fetus.
  3. If used in a row over 12 days, in many cases cause itching or vomiting.
Actually a lot of plants around us that can be utilized as fully as possible for our body. But, it depends on the man himself how to use it.

Hopefully bashful mimosa to cope with insomnia / disturbed sleep can be beneficial to us all. *** [ANNISA RANA RIOVANI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 29032012]
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Update: Thirteen-year-old Boy, Noah Crooks Who Shot His Mother Dead and Then Called Police Tried To Sexually Abuse Her: How Could Something Like This Happen?

How could a mother's own son of any age tried to rape his own mother?  However, in this case of Noah Crooks, he is only 13 years old and by his innocent continence seems incapable of doing such a thing, but because of today's evil in society and in the media, we believe anything is possible.  As for today's society, their is a lack of biblical discipline, which instructs parents to use corporal punishment.   The Bible says in Proverbs 13.24, 'He who spares his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him promptly.'  As post our opinion all the time, we feel America needs to go back to biblical values.  We feel too many children are ruling their households as though they are the parent and in this case, this child for some reason allegedly felt he had the right to sexually assault his mother and allegedly kill her if she did not return his request.   Then at age 13, we question what type of entertainment was this child allowed to watch?  There are so many cartoons and video games that are allegedly demonic inspired, which is allegedly proven at the end of this post.   Although we do not blame Gretchen Crooks for the way she raised her child, we do know that children should no longer be allowed to watch television, movies or even play video games.

We do not know what happened in the Crooks household, but we do know some sort demonic force controlled this child to try to sexually abuse his mother and then kill her and it had to come from somewhere.   Usually, whatever environment a troubled child is around is what causes them to act out in such strange ways.  In this case, possibly Gretchen and her husband William Crooks tried to provide a good home, but in our opinion if God is not ruling the household, it is not a good home.   Furthermore, if Noah Crooks was always watching cartoons, movies on television and playing video games, his mind was possibly being controlled by demonic influences that reveals a lot of wickedness.   We are not saying all of them, but much of today's entertainment is not emotionally safe for any child.   Therefore, it is no longer important for parents to worry about spoiling their child with activities, so they will not be lonely, it is time to think about what is negatively affecting the child in today's society.   Many of today's parents get very upset when their child is not given much entertainment, but really they ought to be very careful what they allow their child to watch on television and any other type of entertainment.   This is why our society has so many troubled children of all races and ages, today, they are not spending enough time studying their school work and not even learning about Jesus Christ.   This is why it is so very important for parents to get to know Jesus Christ.   Make a wise decision and repent, because it is time for Christianity to rule in each and every household.  No child should even have the demon of lust and murder in them at age 13 or any other age.  Each and every household should instill biblical morals and values and teach their children not to take part in any sort of wicked activity.   It does not matter how many children are allowed to watch certain cartoons and movies, it is time for parents to become so filled with God's spirit, they will not mind being different when it comes to disciplining and raising their child.   In Proverbs, 22:6, 'Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.'  In this case, Noah Crooks did not even get a chance to grow up into manhood before alleged demons possessed him to harm his mother, Gretchen.

Another thing, although your child may attend school with other children, it is not a good idea for them to mingle with everybody, because many children are not being raised in a Christian environment.   If they cannot win them to Jesus Christ, they should not associate with them, just be kind.  Many children in some public or even parochial schools are being allowed to do anything they want and watch anything they want in their parents house and it is not a good thing in the eyes of the Lord.   Too many children are snatching their position to control their household as though they are in authority and in our opinion, this is a demonic force that should not be allowed in any home.   Children should be so innocent, they would be afraid to rebel in any form or fashion.  However, many times if they are associating with the wrong sort of kids and not trained to spend time in their studies and especially in the Word of God, they will follow what they see or hear.   In other wards, teach your children to be Christian leaders and not followers of this evil world.

 Gretchen Crooks may have lived a good life, studying for her master's in a nursing program, but her 13-year-old son, Noah obviously lacked salvation.  May she rest in peace, very sad she had to die in the hands of her own young son.

Alleged Demonic Influence In Cartoons

Watch This 2nd Clip, Video Games Demonic and Satanic


 Watch Video

Pictured: Boy, 13, who 'shot dead his mother, 37, with a hunting rifle after attempting to sexually abuse her' 

By Nina Golgowski and Rachel Quigley

Police continue to look for a possible motive in the shooting death of Gretchen Crooks, allegedly by her 13-year-old son Noah.

Police responding to the Crooks home, in Osage, Iowa, on Saturday night, found the woman shot multiple times after her teenage son - the alleged shooter - called 911.

'We're at a loss. These are good people,' sheriff Curt Younker said.

There was no history of domestic abuse or criminal records associated with any Crooks family members. 

The 13-year-old boy who allegedly shot...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
Source: http://www.youtube.com

MRI, Diagnosis Penyakit tanpa Efek Samping

Diagnosis kelainan yang diderita pasangan kembar siam dapat dilakukan dengan menggunakan alat MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). Alat ini diyakini pertama kali dikembangkan oleh Raymond V. Damadian.

Damadian lahir di Forest Hills, New York pada tanggal 16 Maret 1936. Ia dilahirkan dari keluarga berkebangsaan Armenia-Amerika. Damadian sempat mempelajari alat musik Biola di sekolah Musik Julliard di New York sebelum akhirnya menerima gelar Bachelor of Science di bidang matematika pada tahun 1956. Selanjutnya ia tertarik mengambil bidang kedokteran dan dapat menyelesaikan studinya pada tahun 1960.

Sebagai seorang lulusan The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, Damadian berhak menyandang gelar deleter. Ia sempat bergabung dengan Angkatan Udara Amerika. Kemudian bekerja sama dengan Pusat Kesehatan The Faculty of SUNY Downstate untuk melakukan beberapa eksperimen. Penelitiannya tentang kandungan sodium dan potasium pada sel makhluk hidup menuntunnya untuk melakukan eksperimen pertama dengan menggunakan NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). Hal itu memberinya ide untuk mengusulkan penggunaan alat pemindai tubuh yang menggunakan prinsip Resonansi Magnetik.

Damadian menggunakan tikus sebagai hewan percobaan. Ia menemukan ada perbedaan yang mengejutkan antara kualitas dan durasi sinyal NMR terhadap sel-sel kanker dan jaringan tubuh yang sehat. Fakta itu membuatnya semakin yakin dapat menciptakan alat pemindai Resonansi Magnetik. Dengan bantuan anggota tim penelitinya, Damadian menggunakan cairan helium untuk mendinginkan magnet dalam ruangan berbentuk silinder. Inti dari atom hidrogen yang dimiliki semua sel tubuh akan bereaksi terhadap medan magnet yang dihasilkan. Kemudian metode lokalisasi spasial berbentuk 3 dimensi akan mengatur sinyal ke alat pemindai tersebut.
Alat dan metode untuk mendeteksi kanker pada jaringan oleh Raymond V. Damadian. (Gambar dari: http://en.wikipedia.org/)
Damadian mempublikasikan penemuannya itu dalam jurnal sains pada tahun 1971 dan dipatenkan pada tahun 1972. Lima tahun kemudian Damadian dan anggota timnya berhasil memproduksi alat pemindai MRI untuk dipergunakan mendeteksi kanker. Dengan bantuan asistennya, Dr Lawrence Minkoff dan Michael Goldsmith, Damadian membuat prototipe yang disebutnya Indomitable. Alat tersebut kini tersimpan di institusi bernama Smithsonian.

Pemindai MRI pertama itu mampu menghasilkan tampilan gambar jantung dan paru-paru dengan jelas. Alat ini juga diketahui tidak menimbulkan efek samping dan rasa sakit. Saat ini MRI digunakan untuk menganalisis bagian tubuh manusia secara detail. MRI juga mampu memindai komposisi kimia dari jaringan tubuh. Satu hal yang perlu diperhatikan saat menggunakan MRI, pasien tidak boleh membawa barang-barang dari logam. Hal itu karena MRI menggunakan kekuatan medan magnet yang cukup besar, meski tanpa radiasi sinar meng-ion.

Pada tahun 1978, Damadian mendirikan perusahaan yang dinamakan Fonar (Field Focused Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). Perusahaan ini mulai memproduksi alat MRI tahun 1980 untuk kepentingan komersial. Alat MRI yang diproduksi oleh Fonar mulai dikembangkan dari tahun ke tahun dan langsung dipatenkan. Total paten yang telah dimiliki perusahaan Damadian mencapai 40 daftar. Salah satu pengembangan alat MRI yang berhasil diciptakan Damadian adalah Stand-Up MRI. Penemuan ini memungkinkan pasien dipindai dalam keadaan berdiri.

Kontribusi Damadian dalam bidang kedokteran ini dilirik oleh Presiden Amerika saat itu, Ronald Reagen. Reagen merasa bangga dan akhirnya memberikan penghargaan berupa medali The National Medal of Technology pada tahun 1988. Pada 2001, ia kembali dianugerahi penghargaan berupa hadiah The Lemelson-MIT Prize sebesar $ 100.000.
Alat pemindai MRI. (Gamdar dari: http://www.magnet.fsu.edu/)
Institut Franklin di Philadelphia juga memberikan Bower Award untuk kategori kepemimpinan bisnis. Pada tahun 2003, Damadian juga mendapat penghargaan Innovation Award untuk kategori Biosains dari The Economist. *** [RA. LAKSMI PRITI MANOHARA | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 29032012]
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Dayak DNA Present in Madagascar

Malagasy ethnic groups who are now in Madagascar was derived from the womb of 30 women who were stranded in the area at 1,200 year ago. Among the 30 women, 28 women of whom are from Indonesia.
Were first Malagasy accidental tourists? (Picture from: http://www.newscientist.com/)
Murray Cox, genetics researchers from Massey University, New Zealand, interested in research that states that the Dayak blood flow in the body of the people of Madagascar. Mentioned a millennium ago the original ethnic group of Borneo (Kalimantan) sailing a boat in the Indian Ocean. Hardness of the waves in the waters of this area to push the boat up stranded on an uninhabited Madagascar.

The stranded group then open land in the plains ttnggi to be settlements and fields. "We're talking about a culture that migrated across the Indian Ocean," he told LiveScience.

Evidence of ethnic Dayak as the first settlers of Madagascar is still preserved in the three tribes that dwelt in the highlands, the Merina, Sihanaka, and Betsileo. All three are still communicate using language similar to Barito language that is widely used in southern Borneo.

The question that still remains in the minds of these researchers is like what the first settlers of this genetic contribution to the current population of Madagascar. To find out, he studied mitochondrial genes obtained from 300 inhabitants of Madagascar and Indonesia 3.000 inhabitants.

Selection of the mitochondria caused the kitchen to save energy in these cells revealed that genes for the mother. Samples genes show similarities between the genomes of Indonesia and Madagascar.

The next job is knowing when and how the ethnicity of Indonesia can reach the island. Computer simulations are used to trace the genealogy of the human genetic Madagascar is currently living up to the past.

The results showed that the population of Madagascar is currently connected to 30 women. These women are expected to become the first settlers around 1,200 years ago, the 28 women in Indonesia and two from Africa.

From these results, Murray believes that stranded Dayak ethnic population is growing rapidly and soon mastered the island. Estimated to have created a large group in a few generations.

Peter Forster at the University of Cambridge points out that the initial population was not pure Indonesian, suggesting the first people arrived in Madagascar via a generation of interbreeding with Africans. His earlier work suggests the DNA of the first population was just 60 per cent Indonesian. However, he studied fewer living Malagasy and analysed shorter sections of DNA – although his analysis included members of four Malagasy ethnic groups, while Cox studied just three.

Cox now wants to repeat his simulations with Y chromosome data to work out how many men were in the first population. "This isn't just a story of the women."

The study were published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.. *** [ANTON WILLIAM | KORAN TEMPO 3833]
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Colorful Crabs were Found in the Philippines

Biology researchers found four species of colorful crabs occupy thousands of years the waters near the island of Palawan, Philippines. Beautiful endemic crab habitat is currently threatened by mining activities.
Insulamon Palawanense crab species. (Picture from: http://www.scienceomega.com/)
Colorful crabs were found in the expedition from German, Senckenberg Research Institute and the De La Salle University from Philippines. During their 10 years of diving to look for biological diversity around the island of Palawan, which lies on the border of Sundaland and the Philippines. Two of the region known as the habitat of the species richest in the world.
Insulamon Magnum crab species. (Picture from: http://www.sci-news.com/)
"During the study, we found four new species of crabs," said biologist Hendrik Freitag of Senckenberg Natural History Collection.
Insulamon Johannchristiani crab species. (Picture from: http://www.sci-news.com/)
About 50 percent of species that live in Palawan are endemic or not found in other regions of the world, including four new species of crab, which is Insulamon palawanense, I. magnum, I. johannchristiani, and I. porculum, which lives only in Philippine waters.

Insulamon Palawanense crab, which has purple-black shells accented with white on the bottom end of the orange claw, is one such example. Early stages of this crab lives in the sea. At the next stage of development, these animals rely heavily on fresh water. This growth pattern makes the crab did not spread to other areas. 

Researchers estimate crab species and genera are separated from their ancestors from tens of thousands of years ago. "Our research proves Insulamon only live in Calamian group, which is located on the northern island of Palawan. This unique habitat for them," said Freitag.
location of the Calamian Islands in the Philip...
Location of the Calamian Islands in the Philippine province of Palawan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Insulamon magnum species has brown mixed purple, while Insulamon johannchristiani orange with little black accents.

Unfortunately, these colorful crabs begin to lose their habitats. Several mining projects done in this area despite opposition from non-governmental organizations and indigenous peoples.

According to Freitag, the emergence of certain mining alter the environmental balance in the area. Though small changes in the environment can lead to extinction. *** [SCI-NEWS | ANTON WILLIAM | KORAN TEMPO 3833]
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