Bishop Long Worshiped As Kingship?

Bishop Eddie Long As King?

Bishop Long Worshiped As Kingship?

This, our friends, is true heresy at its finest. Now, this man has been accused of sexual misconduct with 4-5 young men and settled out of court and lost his wife recently. What does he think this will do for him? There is no earthly king they call a Bishop that will ever repair his image with downright buffoonery.

Read more here and see video: Where Is Jesus In this? Bishop Long Buffoonery Worshiped As Kingship | AT2W

After We Watched Obnoxious, William McCray III: Take It Serious Bishop Bloomer, People Are Hurting Because of Preachers Like Bishop Eddie Long

We do not think Bishop Bloomer knows the pain of how many men and women endure, after preachers like Bishop Eddie Long allegedly molest them, it is nothing to take lightly.   Many African Americans leave the black church, because they are tired of being blamed for honestly admitting they have been sexually abused.  Of course, William McCrary can only speak in defense for gay men, but we also are also defending women whom have been abused by men and women, after admitting they have been sexually violated by them.   It is not just the gay men whom are taken advantage of, after preachers like Bishop George Bloomer, Bishop Eddie Long and others hire them to sing and choir directors.   Many times, gay men do not realize women whom have been also gay have been also in my emotional distress, because they are betrayed by men and the women who support the black preachers whom molest them, even when they are on the down low.   So, we applaud William McCrary and his viewpoint, but it is much more betrayal than that and it is time for preachers like Bishop George Bloomer to stop trying to cover it up and just listen, accept the truth, then apologize for all of the pain these sexually perverted preachers have caused within the black church among both men and women.

Does Bishop Bloomer realize how many men and women have tried to live holy as reformed homosexuals, after being turned out as gays and lesbians by the very preachers whom preach against homosexuality?   Does Bishop George Bloomer realize there are also many women whom have suffered severe depression after their mother refused to believe their pastors have tried to molest their own child who confided in them and in some cases, did so?  Bishop Bloomer should take it very serious, because many men and women become confused after they are told they are demon possessed, after they have honestly admitted to being molested by their family pastors.   Let us also remind preachers like Bishop George Bloomer, many men and women are rebuked in front of many black church congregations and told they are full of the Devil, after they have admitted they were approached for sex or even raped by black preachers.  This is one of the main reasons why the black community has been destroyed and the black church cannot never help those within it.  Too much damage has been done and it is not just because of the drug dealers and those whom by the drugs.  The black community is not destroyed just because of crime and those infected with HIV/AIDS.  It is because of black preachers whom are not doing their job for Jesus Christ.  They offend God when they molest young children, teens and pretend not to understand why they do not return to church as grown black men and women.   Bishop George Bloomer should also remember there have been married black preachers whom have infected black men and black women with AIDS and expect them to remain quiet.   Let us remind Bloomer and others, God don't like ugly and He sees the pain and why so many African Americans have died within the black church.

Furthermore, doesn't Bishop George Bloomer realize black men and black women have been divided, all because the black church became so greedy for tithes and offerings, over the last 20 years?  Yes indeed, black men and black women have not been attracted to each other, since black pastors chose to make their churches mega ministries and by doing so, they have  encouraged diversity to influence more bi-racial couples, allegedly.   This hurts, after so many black men and black women lost their lives to AIDS.   However, money seems to be the reason why there has been so much diversity in the black church and during approximately the last 20 years, black men and black women have avoided each other while they seem to hate each other, even while not in church.  Meanwhile, after all the diversity is encourage to allegedly rack in millions of dollars, black men and black women are still allegedly the largest to die of AIDS, according to statistics at  So while black preachers are yet trying to gain millions of dollars from diversity in their ministries, black men and black women are yet being molested and the most to have died of AIDS in the country of America.   Bishop George Bloomer must realize this hurts and if black preachers do not start waking up, the population of black men and black women will become much less than it already has.   Does Bishop George Bloomer realize how many black men and black women have died of AIDS in the black church, there has been many whom have lost their lives other than the late Rev. James Cleveland.   Many discreet down low bishops and pastors have pretended not to like being homosexuals while infecting their black wives and fiances. Is there any concern for those women?   We want to know if Bishop George Bloomer or Bishop Eddie Long even care to acknowledge these cases of women whom have been sexually violated by these black preachers and been infected with AIDS while they are raking in millions of dollars while reminding everyone one their ministry is multicultural, not necessarily a black church.  One of the main reasons why black men and black women hate each other, is simply because a lot of the damage has been caused by black preachers whom encourage black women and black men to marry outside of their race without thinking about all of the cases of black men and black women yet suffering and dying with HIV/AIDS.

We would also have wanted Bishop George Bloomer to realize that it is unfair to accuse people like William McCray of being demon possessed just because they admit the truth and desire to stop preachers like Bishop Eddie Long whom allegedly took advantage of black men and black women.   People are not full of the Devil just because they admit the truth and desire to put an end to all the pain and suffering, which has destroyed many black men and black women whom tried to live for the Lord, but were emotionally and sexually violated by these "so-call" black bishops, pastors and evangelists. How can people be told they are full of the Devil when black many preachers have allegedly sold their souls to the Devil and made God House into a night club "hip-hop" atmosphere?  No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (Matthew 6:24).

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Christian Parents, Watch and Pray: Mark Berndt, Former Elementary School Teacher, Arrested For Making Bondage Photos Of Children

An ex-teacher in Los Angeles has been arrested for making bondage photos of 23 of his former students.  Later on in this article, you will see Huffington Post's full report, but before you read it for yourself, you will see why we keep telling you to watch and monitor your children.   It does not matter how much they may act up at home, those are your children and you must care about them after they leave your household for school on a daily basis.   This evil man, Mark Berndt did some of the nastiest perverted things to these kids, ages 7 to 10, which is something they may never forget.   Mark Berndt reveals why the laws should be more strict on placing teachers in classrooms around children.

You can look in this man's eyes and tell there is obviously some sort of alleged demonic spirit that has controlled him for many years.   This is why if you are not a christian parent whom has not fully surrendered to God, you cannot have the gift of discernment.  If you are truly a follower of Christ and you feel you cannot read through someone's spirit before placing your child in their care, you must pray for the gift to discern into someone's soul.   Mark Berndt violated 23 children, according to the Huffington Post and various sources.  This is enough to reveal this man is an alleged child of Satan.  Teachers whom instruct your child are either good or evil and just to look at them is not enough to trust and leave your child in their care.   The demon of perversion seems to be spreading like never before in many classrooms across America and this is why you should regulate and monitor your child, even when they are not at home.  In this case of Mark Berndt, he put his young students in bondage and probably forewarned them not to tell anyone.   How is it that he did this to 23 students?  If he was not stopped, he could have done this to 50 or to 100 more.  Berndt worked for more than 30 years at Miramonte Elementary School and no telling whom else he abused during his time of employment.  If it wasn't for the photos, revealing the abuse which occurred between 2008 and 2010, he probably would have gotten away with his demonic behavior.

Furthermore, authorities want these 23 children to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases, because he did much more than putting them in bondage.

Pray for the gift of discernment to monitor whom is teacher your children.  Are they good or evil? 

Mark Berndt, Former Elementary School Teacher, Arrested For Making Bondage Photos Of Children 


LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles elementary school teacher bound and gagged nearly two dozen children, put cockroaches on some of their faces and posed in photos with them, possibly inside a classroom, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said Tuesday.

The investigation began when a film processor gave authorities some 40 photographs depicting blindfolded children in a classroom with their mouths taped shut.

A sheriff's department statement said Mark Berndt, 61, was arrested Monday at his Torrance home and remained jailed Tuesday on $2.3 million bail.

The district attorney's office said Berndt has been charged with committing lewd acts with 23 boys and girls ages 7 to 10 between 2008 and 2010.

Berndt worked for more than 30 years at Miramonte Elementary School in an unincorporated area of south Los Angeles before being fired.

Some of the photos showed Berndt with his arm around the children or with his hand over their mouths.

Other pictures depicted girls with what appears to be a spoon up to their mouths...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo courtesy: Huffington Post

Christians Protect Your Children In The Classroom: Teacher, 25, Gave Student Vodka and Molested Him While Another Watched

This North Dakota high school teacher, Jennifer Schultz, 25, may look innocent in her mug shot, but she is charged with child molestation.  This is why we continue to forewarn you parents to take heed and keep up with your children, because Satan is using these female teachers in these last and evil days.  Female teachers are not all bad, but many of them seem as though they have caught up with the men, when it comes to sexually violating their students and God is not pleased.  God is very angry when something like this occurs, because it used to be a time when women would be ashamed to do something like this.  They had pride and dignity about themselves and would not stoop so low to touch a child.  

Christian parents you have got to be the best in the 21st century.  God is expecting for parents to give their souls to Him, if they are not born again believers and learn how to be better parents.  There are too many children being molested by their teachers and even preachers.   You must make a wise decision to monitor their whereabouts after school, just as whom they are communicating with in their leisure time while on the internet or on the telephone.  It is time to protect them from these pedophiles in the classroom.   Do not think just because your child's teacher is a woman, she is would never do a thing like Jennifer Schultz, because there have been too many cases, lately.  Now, it is time for us to view these spiritual circumstances just as they are, just evil, it has nothing to do with a particular gender.  Satan can work through anyone, any race or any age. 

Now, it is not only time to fast and pray like never before, but to also be cautious whom is teaching your children.   

Teacher, 25, 'gave male students vodka and had sex in her bed with one while another watched'

By Paul Thompson

A teacher has been accused of having sex with one of her students and sexually assaulting another boy she had invited into her bedroom.

Jennifer Schultz is alleged to have allowed both boys to drink vodka at her home before letting them sleep in her bedroom.

Prosecutors said she lay down between the two boys and began having sex with one of the teens while the other watched.

 The 25 year old is alleged to have offered to have...Read full article, here.

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Crystal LED TV Technology

For most people, a television with OLED technology (organic light-emitting diode) measuring 55 inches from Samsung, and especially from LG, is a television star in the exhibition show the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 in Las Vegas last. But Sony, the Japanese electronics company, trying to look different. According to the company, OLED technology is outdated. They now deliver something even more "perfect" and called Crystal LED technology.

Comes in packs 55-inch television and displayed on the zone of future technology at CES 2012, the world's first TV with Crystal LED screen (CLED) is claimed to be able to present a much more vibrant picture than OLED screen. According to Sony, CLED screen has a very sharp contrast images, more vibrant colors, remarkable differences in brightness, and motion picture is much more refined thanks to a higher pixel density.

Because CLED not use organic materials, the problems often experienced by OLED TV, such as colors that are sometimes dimmed, does not happen on TV CLED. Moreover, thanks to a self-emitting, which strengthened about 6 million light RGB LED lights that are placed on the front of the screen, make the angle of view becomes wider audience. Stretch of pawn becomes richer color.

Instead, the “future” section of Sony’s booth features a 55-inch prototype of a technology that it calls “Crystal”. A Sony representative explained that the technology uses “RGB LEDs”, that is, each pixel is made up of 3 individual LEDs—6 million all together, manufactured on a single substrate, that presses right up against the glass for maximum brightness. That’s about all the technical details he would give, and he was careful to point out that it is indeed just a technology at this point, one of several advanced technologies being explored for advanced displays, and, while Sony thinks it has more potential than OLED, it isn’t abandoning that technology.

But what exactly are “RGB LEDs?” Could they—and bear with my while I go out on a limb here—be quantum dot technology? Sony is one of several companies believed to have been working on this technology into displays—is Crystal the first demonstration?

In trials of products on display Sony, the technology is more advanced than CLED OLED. The color is much richer and more refined than the OLED TV. The black color was more intense with no shadow appears.
The movement of the image also becomes excess of CLED TV. Compared with other Sony LED TV, CLED technology produces a smooth motion and pleasing to the eye.

However, regardless of image quality, color, and contrast that can be presented CLED-tech TVs, CLED overall TV viewing still looks a little rough. That's because TV tech CLED is still a prototype.

Unlike the case with OLED tech television from Samsung or LG is ready to be sold this year. One more thing, the CLED television also still less than the thinner OLED TVs.

Not much is known about the specifications of this CLED television because Sony is still reluctant to open all the benefits of the technology. The question is, whether the TV CLED will receive the market, given the television with OLED technology is still a new thing. *** [TECHRADAR | SPECTRUM.IEEE.ORG | FIRMAN | KORAN TEMPO 3778]Enhanced by Zemanta

Genes Influence Criminal Behavior

It turns out bad temperament can be derived parents to their children. A recent study showed surprising results, namely the criminals would lose his evil behavior.

The idea that bad behavior is recorded in the human gene was instantly sparked controversy. Because, during this most criminologists argue that crime is a cause of environmental factors, such as poverty. But now researchers claim that human genes can play a significant role to the possibility of changing the nature of man to do crime at a later date.

A study from the University of Texas at Austin, United States, published in the journal Criminology found, meski no single gene that cause criminal behavior, allegedly there are a number of variables that play a role in the onset or reduce bad behavior.

One of the researchers, J.C. Barnes, said there are hundreds, even thousands, of genes that will gradually increase the likelihood that a person involved in the crime, though likely only 1 percent. "But this is still a genetic effect. And that's important," he said. The researchers studied three groups of respondents, namely those who throughout his life continually violated, they are only committed crimes in their teens, and people who always obey the law.

They focus on what is called a factor of "offenders", which usually indicates an anti-social behavior during adolescence. Such behavior will change to crime or violence when people were growing up.

Based on data from 4,000 people from The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, researchers found, the behavior seems to violate the juvenile offender is more influenced by environmental factors. But similar things not found in those who become criminals for life. Twin methodology to determine the relative influence of various environmental factors and lifestyle do not managed to identify which genes are responsible. However, these methods analyze 70 percent likelihood of someone committing a crime who are genetically triggered.

Barnes said the overall conclusion from these studies is the influence of genetic factors in the "offender" play a greater role than environmental influences. "Genetic factors play a big role and so will the environment. For juvenile offenders age, environmental factors seem most important," he said. *** [TELEGRAPH | MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 3779]Enhanced by Zemanta

Kirk Franklin Exposed On Video: The Black Church's Failure to Protect Their Youth

On this following video, you will see and hear something that shocked us. We thank one of our readers who sent us this video, because this is one of the main reasons why we do not support hip hop gospel artists.   Through the filthy mouth of Kirk Franklin, it allegedly seems like he has allowed flesh and pride to control his words, instead of God.   If someone in authority don't correct this little evil soul, they will have to give an account, especially Tony Evans who was or still is allegedly his pastor.  However, correction first begins at home, so parents if parents are not cautious whom they listen, they will not care whom lectures their child when they get to bible study or church.  So, how could the parents of these young people allow their children to go and listen to Kirk Franklin?  Obviously they did not pray and seek God first.   Christian parents, you have got to start praying and asking God how does He feel about certain individuals before sending your children off to be taught under certain youth ministers.  

It seems like the average gospel artist wants to be in the position as some sort of minister, although they may not be called by God.  In this age of hip hop gospel it is a dangerous thing for carnal gospel music artists to think they can open up God's Word and teach to lost souls.  They do not know the seriousness of ministry as you will be able to see, this is the case with Kirk Franklin.   Furthermore, he already has caused a lot of damage by being the lead puppet within the gospel music industry as a hip hop gospel artist.  For years, Kirk Franklin left from being a choir director of Dallas Fort Worth Mass Choir to becoming a hip hop gospel entertainer.  The substance of gospel music has been lost, all because him, allegedly.  Therefore, someone like Kirk Franklin would not have any conscious about what he says while preaching out of God's Word, not even in front of children.  According to this article and video on CBN, Kirk Franklin admitted he had an addiction to pornography.  We believe it when he says it, because he uses nasty words and has no dignity, not even in front of these young teens.  Anyone can be delivered from any sin, but it sounds like Kirk Franklin still needs to go to Jesus Christ for deliverance, because he uses nasty words young people should not hear.  It is so filthy and disrespectful to Jesus Christ, we will not even mention it here on Sanctified Church Revolution blog.

This is a forewarning to the black church, you must not be so careless not to encourage holiness and righteousness.   There has been a great falling away, so much, parents allow their children to listen to people like Kirk Franklin who has no respect for the Kingdom of God nor His Son, Jesus Christ.   If you do not want them to become involved in sin as homosexuals, fornicators or even lovers of pornography, then why allow them to listen to someone who allegedly sounds like he has a demon of lust?  On this following video, you see Kirk Franklin, but there seems to be a demonic spirit speaking out of him.   The Devil has already used him to attract the youth to the wrong kind of gospel music, now he is using him to plant seeds of lust into their souls.  Many of them are confused they do not know any better, but their parents do and especially those in leadership within the black church.   If the black church is so angry at same sex marriages and cannot understand how homosexuality is influencing the youth and even controlling some of them to change their sexual identity, then how could they allow someone like Kirk Franklin to speak to their children?  Therefore, the black church must become righteous before judging the world.

If the black church does not wake up, God is going to send a widespread wave of destruction like never before and it is coming very soon, if there is not a humble repentance among pastors, bishops and evangelists.   God is also not pleased at the parents who do not seem to be monitoring whom their children listen to.  The demon of lust could have easily transferred from Kirk Franklin into many of these young spirits, through the nasty words he spoke on this following video.  For more than 20 years, the average black church has operated God's House to become more diverse while discouraging complete holiness, but this following video exposing Kirk Franklin reveals what damage it has caused.

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Death Valley Turned Into Hell

Death Valley in the United States to obtain the name of that terrible not without cause. The valley was even able to turn into hell in the near future.

Recent research suggests that the region which lies on the border of the State of California and Nevada is hiding kitchens magma to erupt. This basin is the hottest and driest areas in North America.
The Ubehebe crater field from the air. (Picture from:
In 1913, temperatures in this region reached 57.7 degrees Celsius, slightly lower than the record high temperature of the hottest area of ​​57.8 degrees Celsius in Aziziya, Libya, in 1922.

Rocks scattered in this barren region known store of gold and silver. Therefore, many miners amateur trying to explore this area to dredge the earth that is not much ogled Timbisha tribal inhabitants of the desert. But the precious mineral is not only stored in the region.

At a depth of several kilometers below the desert, researchers continue to indicate the presence of magma moving closer to the surface. Approximately 800 years ago, this hot material touch the ground water layer. The result, there was an explosion.

The group of researchers from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University explains the frightening sight during this event. Mixing with the magma heat increases the temperature of ground water, and followed with increasing subsurface pressures that drive land on it and appears to be an explosion. 
Death Valley's half-mile-wide Ubehebe Crater turns out to have been created 800 years ago -- far more recently than generally thought. (Picture from:
Scattering ground to air led to the emergence of the crater as deep as 240 meters which is now known as Ubehebe. The diameter of the crater created by reaching 800 meters. 
Geochemists dated the crater by analyzing rocks thrown out when it exploded. Lead author Peri Sasnett contemplates a sample. (Picture from:
By ground water pressure also causes the emergence of a deadly gas giant mushroom shaped like a nuclear bomb. On the surface, the gas travels at a speed of 200 meters per hour.

"The view is impressive. To be safe, be seen from a distance of 16 kilometers from the scene," said researchers from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Brent Goehring.

Chemical evidence of rock samples collected around the crater showing the crater eruption is a recurrent events every 1,000 years. At the crater Ubehebe, last eruption occurred around the year 1300.

According to the professor of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Nicholas Christie-Blick, "notes this makes the event different from the next eruption thin in geological time scale. The notion that Ubehebe had expired baseless," said Blick. *** [LIVESCIENCE | ANTON WILLIAM | KORAN TEMPO 3775]Enhanced by Zemanta

Five Men Found Shot Dead, Execution Style in Birmingham: Is Drugs The Cause?

Of course, whenever people are found dead, 'execution style' in their homes, most likely it is because of drugs.   Many people whom have heard of this horrific tragedy in Birmingham, Alabama think drugs is most likely the reason these five men were found dead, execution style.  However, the wife of one of the murder victims is mourning the death of her husband is trying to figure out what actually happened.  If drugs is the reason for this crime, then it was bound to occur, because the history of drug dealers and drug users almost always reap fatal consequences.  Why?   Because it is illegal and those who deal drugs have no consideration for humanity.   Therefore, although drugs may have always been the discreet financial gain of politicians, the people whom are willing to buy or sell it should take responsibility for it remaining in America.   Rebellion among those who willingly involve themselves in the underworld of the drug capitol has already made funeral morticians rich.  

There have been many dead black men whom could have become very successful by working in a professional industry such as a doctor, lawyer or such as a legitimate entrepreneur, but no, they wanted the Devil's bait and that was to make quick money selling drugs.   Those whom could not cope with life wanted a quick fix, so they chose the Devil's bait and that was to use drugs and risk their lives by trying to rip off their dealer.   This is not the first situation of these five men found dead in Birmingham and it won't be the last, because it seems like the majority of African Americans have allowed drugs to destroy their families and communities.   Since African Americans became equal in America, there has been an extreme rebellion against God and when tragedies like this occur they act like they cannot understand why.   Obviously, if there is not enough repentance among the entire black race, then how can God bless them?   It is impossible for everything to become safe within a community whom refuses to let go of the ancient demonic curse that has destroyed man lives and that is nothing other than drugs.   The black community went through a fad when they allegedly blamed previous U. S. presidents for sneaking drugs into this country, but God expects for African Americans to no longer blame them, but blame those within the black community across the nation for selling and using drugs.   God has been waiting on African Americans to recall the history of their ancestors for being enslaved in a country and repent for doing the same thing to their own kind.  It's sort of like when black slaves in America got tired of being in bondage, they began to cry out to God, it is same way for those whom have been in bondage with the black genocide.   Slave-masters are also those whom have voluntarily became drug dealers and even those whom voluntarily have been willing to enslave themselves by buying and using drugs, not just the former white supremacists whom enslaved African Americans for over 400 years.  The demon of slavery needs to stop within the community, before tragedies like this one in Birmingham, Alabama can come to a final end, across this entire nation of America.

This is a very sad case involving these five men being found dead, 'execution style'.  However, if it was not drugs that was the reason for their deaths, then what was the exact cause?   According to many observers, they feel drugs is the reason for this horrific crime.  Whatever the reason, God is still waiting for the entire race of African Americans to repent for killing, enslaving their own race while involving themselves as drug dealers and users.

May all five victims rest in peace. 

Five men found shot dead 'execution-style' in bullet-riddled house after botched robbery

Five men were murdered in execution-style shootings after a botched robbery in Birmingham, Alabama, police say. 

Officers discovered the bodies in a bullet-riddled home about 3.30am Sunday after they were called to a robbery in progress. 

Now detectives are hunting the suspects who massacred the residents of the house as they search for clues about what might have caused the attack. 

'It obviously appears to us this horrific crime was not a random act of violence,' Birmingham Police Chief...Read full article, here.

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The Oldest Dinosaur Nests Found in South Africa

The oldest nest site of dinosaur found in Golden Gate Park Nasiorial Highlands, South Africa. At that location, the scientists found several fossilized eggs that allegedly contains a dinosaur embryo.

They also found traces of dinosaur babies in the nest which indicates that the young dinosaurs lived long enough for his size enough to get out of the nest. These findings indicate the parent dinosaurs were caring for their children.

It's the oldest nest Massospondylus, a dinosaur with a height of 6 meters and is a long-necked sauropod ancestors that lived 190 million years ago. The nest is an estimated 100 million years older than dinosaur nests have ever been found before.
Massospondylus, prosauropods that lived during the Early Jurassic about 205 -194 million years ago. (Picture from:
There are at least 10 nests were found and each nest contained 34 eggs arranged in groups. Location of nest distribution suggests that the parent Massospondylus repeatedly return to the same place to spawn.

The scientists concluded that this dinosaur had a highly organized nature. It can be seen from the position of eggs laid and arranged so carefully by the parent.
The sites included eggs and even embryonic skeletons of the prosauropods Massospondylus. (Picture from:
"Although the dinosaur fossil record very much, in fact we have little information about their reproductive biology, especially for early dinosaurs," said David Evans, curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology at the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada.
Artist's reconstruction of a Massospondylus embryo. (Picture from:
Evans said the 190 million-year-old nest is an amazing discovery which contains knowledge about dinosaur reproduction early in their evolutionary history-. "This is a record of nesting strategies of old dinosaurs known far in the future," he said.

The scientists believe that there are many other nests in the location of the discovery, but still buried in rock layers. The findings are published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. *** [GUARDIAN | MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 3779]Enhanced by Zemanta

Sources of Food From the Sea Full of Nutrition

From his research during this, the data presented Rokhmin Dahuri marine life that could potentially be developed into a nutritious food source. Among others:

1. Sponges and soft corals, containing various types of bioactive compounds that are useful as an anticancer drug, antibacterial, antiasma, and antifouling. Other bioactive compounds from sponges and commonly used in pharmaceutical industries, among others bastadin, okadaic acid, and monoalide.
Sponges, sea anemones, hydriods, soft corals, polychaetes, molluscs, barnacles — invertebrate marine life is more diverse when the water flows faster. (Picture from:

2. Some types of micro algae has the potential to produce bioactive materials. For example, Spirulina spp. contain pycocyanin, full of vitamins and minerals, and calcium with levels three times higher than animal milk. Spirulina spp. also contain iron three times more than spinach.
Spirulina is a genus of blue-green algae used as a nutritional supplement. Blue-green algae, microscopic fresh-water organisms, are also known as cyanobacte-ria. Their color is derived from the green pigment of chlorophyll, and the blue from a protein called phy-cocyanin. (Picture from:

3. Shells of crustaceans such as shrimp, crab, small crab, and lobster into khitin and khitosan which has been widely used in paper industry, textiles, adhesives, and wound healing drugs. Khitin extraction from shrimp shells and mussels can produce glucosamine is useful to strengthen and heal bones and joints.
Shells of crustaceans such as shrimp, crab, small crab, and lobster. (Picture from:

4. Sea invertebrate like Tridemnum sp. which contains the active ingredient B-16 melanoma and M5076 sarcoma cure for leukemia. Turtle shell extracted to cure wounds and tetanus. Extracts of sea horses for tranquilizers or sleeping pills. Bile puffer fish contain tetrodotoxin compounds that can be used as a drug to repair the damaged brain.
Tridemnum sp. / White glove leather ascidian. (Picture from:

5. Several species of marine fish, such as lemuru, song, bass, and tuna, contain various bioactive materials. Among other things, omega-3 fatty acid that serves vital to increase the intelligence and maintain a healthy heart and joints. Sgualene can be extracted from oil swordfish, khondroitin from shark cartilage fish and stingrays, tuna collagen from fish scales. All three are bioactive compounds are efficacious as an anti-aging, skin smoothing, skin whitening, and anti-cancer.
Sardinella Lemuru. (Picture from:
Odontanthias Flagri. (Picture from:
Odontanthias Unimaculatus. (Picture from:
Leiognathus Splendens. (Picture from:
Rhinecanthus Abyssus. (Picture from:
Scorpaena Onaria. (Picture from:

6. Sea cucumbers or sea urchins, sea echinoderms a member who was a prima donna in Malaysia and Indonesia. Animals of this genus Holuturia, in addition to having a sense of delicious, nutritious medicine because it contains essential amino acids complete. Sea cucumbers as efficacious drugs to overcome disease cirrhosis of the liver, uterine, and help cure disease stroke, asthma, diabetes mellitus, hepatitis, gout, and arthritis.
Despite a stodgy appearance, sea cucumbers are considered a delicacy in many Asian communities. (Picture from:

7. Various species of seaweed such as Eucheuma spp., Sargassum spp., Gracillaria spp., Padina spp., And Halimeda spp. karaginan containing organic compounds, agar-agar, and alginate. Karaginan in Eucheuma spp. used as a producer of stabilizers, thickeners, formers, gel, and the prevention of crystallization in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Agar-agar is used in the food industry, pharmacy, microbiology, and is used as the manufacture of soap, ointments, and moisturizers.
Eucheuma spp. seaweed. (Picture from:

8. Micro-algae and macro-algae as a producer of biofuels (biofuels) promising prospect. When this has been identified as many as 13 species of micro algae that potentially contain fat which can be converted into biofuels.
Nannocholoropsis Oculata micro-algae. (Picture from:
Scenedesmus is a small, nonmotile colonial green algae consisting of cells aligned in a flat plate. (Picture from:
As one type of green algae, Chlorella has a very good photosynthetic capability and effective. (Picture from:
Botryococcus braunii is a green, pyramid shaped planktonic microalga that is of potentially great importance in the field of biotechnology. (Picture from:
Four species of which the most potential for commercialization is Nannocholoropsis oculata (24 percent), Scenedesmus (22 percent), Chlorella (20 percent), and Botryococcus braunii (20 percent). Some species of seaweed are also potentially be processed into antifouling compounds. ***[MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 3779]Enhanced by Zemanta

Looking for Alternative Food Sources

Advertising a product called "Jelly Gamat" it appeared in various websites. In the written explanation, this product is the result of extraction Gold-G sea cucumber and made in Malaysia with the claims that "Jelly Gamat" is health food of the 21st century.

Since 500 years ago, the island of Langkawi, Malaysia, using sea cucumbers as an antiseptic. Now, one company is producing it with the neighboring country frills cure for all desease. Starting from diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, to heal burns.

Hundreds of billions rupiah a year the company acquired from Indonesia consumers. "Malaysia, which does not have a lot of sea areas, instead take advantage of sea cucumbers as a source of healthy food. We miss it," said Head of Research Center for Oceanography LIPI Zainal Arifin.

Wednesday (January 25, 2012) last week, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences / Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI) and the Research and Development Agency for Marine and Fisheries, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia held a national coordination meeting of The Census of Marine Life (CoML).

Many speakers complained about the lack of effort we make marine biota as a source of food and medicine. Though Indonesia's marine wealth, abundant said the Professor of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University (Institut Pertanian Bogor) Rokhmin Dahuri.

From the data gathered Rokhmin, Indonesia has about 35 thousand species of marine life. It consists of 910 coral species (75 percent of the world's total coral), 850 species of sponges, 13 of 20 species of seagrasses of the world, and 682 species of seaweed. Then the 2,500 species of mollusk, 1,502 species of crustaceans, 745 species of echinoderms, 6 species of turtles, 29 species of whales and dolphins, a species of dugong and over 2,500 species of fish.

"Indonesia has the greatest potential of marine biotechnology industry in the world whose value reached U.S. $ 50 billion per year," said Rokhmin, a doctorate from the School for Resources and Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, who had been Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic Indonesian.

Unfortunately, Rokhmin said Indonesia every year instead of foreign exchange loss of approximately U.S. $ 4 billion to import various products of marine biotechnology industries. Starting from the sea cucumber, omega-3, sgualene, viagra, khitin, khitosan, and spirulina. "So far we only export of marine life in a raw state," he said.

This condition occurs because one of them thinking about food security in the minds of the public and government policy. In the view of society, food is always associated with rice as the carbohydrate source. Though not exclusively about food sources of carbohydrates, and not always on rice.

"There should be diversification, do not that's it. So, there are other species in the ocean that can be exploited," said Zainal Arifin. Deputy of Earth Sciences LIPI Iskandar Zulkarnain said, the utilization of marine life as food sources are not independent of government policy.

He exemplifies how government policy can change the diet of the people of Papua before consuming sago as a staple food rice. "Try it from now looking for alternative food security-that of the marine biota." Iskandar pointed out, seaweed and other marine biota.

According to Iskandar, the national coordination meeting CoML not only identify and map the distribution of marine life in waters around Indonesia, but also recognize the potential and introduced it to the public. "There needs assessment, analysis. And research on biota biota-anywhere that has potential as a source of food," he said.

The Census of Marine Life is a global research program of data collection in the world's first marine life that involved scientists across the country. Program that lasted for a decade starting in 2010, with the aim of studying the conditions of the diversity, distribution, communities and population abundance of marine life in the past and present.

Since 2010 until January 2011. CoML has record levels of more than 30 species records obtained before and beyond the census and millions more are added from the field work. Included in it is 1,200 new species discovered and described from Indonesian marine areas. 5,000 As for the other species awaiting formal description.

CoML is also supporting the World List of Marine Species, which asserts that, in addition to microbes, there are more than 200 thousand marine species have been formally described. It is estimated there are at least 750 thousand more species will be described. *** [MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 3779]

Indonesian Marine Taxonomist Crisis
We have always prided ourselves as a maritime nation with the greatest wealth of marine life. But our concern is minimal. Imagine, Indonesia, which has the second longest coastline in the world after Canada, has only 100-300 people marine taxonomist.

That, too, is combined with para-taxonomist, the taxonomist who did not fully do the job of taxonomy and identification of species of marine life. While the number of pure marine taxonomist less than half of the numbers above.

"In Indonesia, a senior taxonomist living and retired, while the lack of regeneration," said Secretary of the Census of Marine Life (CoML) Indonesia Tonny Wagey, on Thursday (January 26).

According to Tony, the activities of taxonomy and species identification of marine life has been a field that did not attract much attention. As a result, researchers who pursue the field of taxonomy is very little.

Training focused on coral taxonomy, coral reef monitoring, management and action planning skills, as well as project design, implementation and analysis skills, from EDGE regional training courses on the island of Hoga in Indonesia, July 2011. (Picture from:
Putting the coral finder guide into action! The guide is also a great way for the course participants to pass their newly found coral ID skills and knowledge onto their colleagues. from EDGE regional training courses on the island of Hoga in Indonesia, July 2011. (Picture from:
Senior researcher at Research Center for Oceanography LIPI, Professor Suharsono, said the phylogeny and genetic mapping taxonomy of marine life has become very urgent needs. Therefore, a shortage of marine taxonomist must be addressed immediately.

According to him, the need to add marine taxonomist can be measured by several things. For example, a taxonomist must handle at least one class in marine taxa, every order is handled within taxa ideally a taxonomist, and, for example, the minimum number of marine taxonomist is 45 people for all of Indonesia.

Tonny did not know exactly how many additional marine taxonomist required. Therefore, to determine the ideal number of marine taxonomist would first have to know how many species of marine life in Indonesia today. "We need about 100 more taxonomist who really new," he said.

CoML, national coordination meeting to agree on a few priority action plan.

  1. First, make a list of researchers (para-taxonomist and taxonomist) marine who was in Indonesia.
  2. Second, create a site and build a network of scientists. Includes set of protocols and standardization of methodologies, training of marine taxonomy, and fundraising through funding mechanisms.
  3. Third, develop standards and operating procedures for the collection and use of data, compiled a database that contains information and research results census of marine life in waters of Indonesia that covers aspects of diversity, distribution, and abundance.*** [MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 3779]Enhanced by Zemanta

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