Celebrity News: Estate blocks family members from Michael Jackson's kids home

Allegedly, T.J. Jackson's attorney requested that a list be made to not allow Janet, Randy or Tito on the Michael Jackson's kids' property in Calabasas, according to our source.  The decision may have been made, because of last week's alleged confrontation among the Jackson siblings.

This is very sad that after Michael's death, the siblings are not allowed to be on the property of their mother, niece and nephews.  Although, Randy denied there was a fight, they possibly would not have been banned from the home, if it was not caught on camera to appear as though their was conflict.

Michael Jackson's estate blocks family members from children's home

By Daily Mail Reporter

The estate of Michael Jackson has confirmed reports that it has blocked some members of the extended family from the home shared by his children and mother.

The estate has drawn up a list of approved guests in the wake of a family feud that turned...Read full article, here.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
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