Another victory for Jesus Christ, business owner of Bakery denies wedding cake to gay couple in Colorado

Every time a business owner denies to do any sort of service that supports gay marriage, it is a victory for not only the body of Christ, but especially for Jesus Christ.   Business owner, Jack Phillips allegedly stated that the state of Colorado does not even support gay marriage.  Therefore, we see can see why he feels he has absolutely no obligation to make a wedding cake for this gay couple, Charlie Craig and Dave Mullen.  Dave allegedly mentioned, 'it's just a wedding cake', well if that's so, why didn't they both just go to a supermarket or find a business owner of a cake shop whom supports gay marriage to make it?  However, even if the state of Colorado supported gay marriage, we feel Mr. Phillips or any other business owner should have the right to deny a gay couple a wedding cake or any other service based on freedom of religion. 

The right thing to do would be for gay couples to go to a store that specializes in making those sorts of cakes, not infringe on the rights of business owners whom do not support gay marriage.  Jack Phillips has been making wedding cakes for men and women in matrimony, so why all of a sudden should he have to change his beliefs for anyone?

In the meantime, we will be praying for Jack Phillips, since it was mentioned he gets a lot of people and protestors outside of his shop demanding he drops his respect for God and start making wedding cakes.   This is a strong man, this is not the first time, he denied a gay couple a wedding cake.   May God continue to bless he and his business.

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