Is Bishop Hezekiah Walker's Azusa The Next Generation really for today's church?

Note: Although, we are aware Bishop Hezekiah Walker's Azusa event has already passed this year, in case this is an ongoing annual event, we felt it necessary to mention a popular controversial matter be mentioned at this revival and that is the controversy of gay marriage.  

Bishop Hezekiah Walker has just began his annual event, he claims came from God and that is to continue Bishop Carlton Pearson's Azusa.   Azusa was an event meant for Pentecost to reign among all denominations and all races.  However, we question if Bishop Walker or any other preachers attending Azusa will be touching on biblical principles, which is opposed within many of today's church, whether they be white, black or any other race and that is homosexuality and gay marriage.   The controversial situations the body of Christ is dealing with today is far beyond breaking racial lines and denominations, we have so much diversity, many gays and lesbians feel they have the right to to marry in the church and even oppose biblical scriptures against homosexuality.  Some denominations have even publicly denied God's Word and condoned gay marriage and even ordaining transsexuals in their churches.  Therefore,  we ask you this very important question, is Bishop Hezekiah Walker's Azusa really going to be powerful move of God for today's church to combat the rebellion among many gay affirming pastors and their church members?

Saints of God, we are so diverse within our society and even in the church, many pastors of churches are recognizing gays as equal to any heterosexual couple within their congregations.   If God gave Pastor Hezekiah Walker this assignment, then on this following video we needed to hear him speak on his stance on gay marriage and even homosexuality.   The true saints of God are in need of the sort of revival that is going to combat demonic strongholds that has been working against the body of Christ and if this Azusa event is just going to continue to encourage all races and denominations coming together for Pentecost, then it will not be strong enough to empower the saints of God in during this era of controversy, regarding gay marriage and even children being allowed to change their sexual identity.   The usual way of having a Pentecostal revival must change now, because we are dealing with worst demonic stronghold than previous times when races and denominations were more divided. Because some denominations of any race support gay marriage, we must now rethink if God wants all denominations united if we are in disagreement, regarding homosexuality, gay marriage and transgender lifestyles.  In other-wards, what worked for the 20th century, may not work for Azusa in the 21st century. Now, there is so much unity among various races, God's original plan for marriage to remain between one man and one woman is obsolete in the minds of many ministers whom call even themselves full gospel, holiness or even Pentecostal.   

As you know, we are in such a spiritual battle, we have Christian business owners whom are being attacked by those whom oppose God's Word.  We ask you, where is the revival for those specific struggles mentioned in above, we are enduring today within the body of Christ?   If God gave Bishop Walker this assignment, we would like to hear how he is supporting the body of Christ who is fully in submission to God's Word and refusing to yield to the gay agenda.   God and His children whom have listened to Bishop Hezekiah Walker's gospel music for so many years need to know His stance on gay marriage and if he and other ministers have stressed this issue at Azusa and will continue to do so in the future.   It would be very good to know Bishop Walker's stance, since many gospel artists are refusing to publicly oppose gay marriage, because he is not just gospel artist, he is also supposed to be a man of God's Word.

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