Pastor Gary Bickford Threatened with Arrest for Loud Music

The body of Christ is facing a time when many people in authority are violating our freedom of religion.   Time and time again, we have devilish people creating conflict, all because they do not want us to be free to worship God in this country.   Obviously, these are people whom hate God and possibly are Devil worshipers.   Whenever, you have the guts to interrupt a church service and accuse a pastor of making too much noise, you must not love God.  This is what happened in the case of Pastor Gary Bickford and his church members when they were exercising their freedom of worshiping God, outdoors at Bonita Lakes Park.

Pastor Bickford was threatened with an arrest, after the female police officer demanded he turn turn his music.  He turned it down, about three times and then, she returned to inform him that he would be arrested for disturbing the peace.   This sort of behavior is no different than what African Americans faced back in the 1950's before we became equal in America.  Now, the body of Christ, regardless of race or age is facing that same sort of discrimination.  In this era, there are people of all races, including some blacks whom want to take away freedom of religion in America.  There are many people whom hate God and His children whom are free to worship in this country.  However, the enemy is trying so very hard to take away our right to serve Him and to believe and follow every commandment found in His Word.

It is time for true followers of Jesus Christ to unite and protect our right to serve God without interruption or conflict.
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Pastor Threatened with Arrest for Loud Music
Meridian, MS-- Out of 46 years in ministry, the pastor of Agape Fellowship Church in Meridian says he has never experienced what happened to him Sunday.

'Never in all my ministry,' says Pastor Gary Bickford.

Members of his congregation contacted local news outlet, ABC-11, about an incident which they say happened during the...Read full article, here.

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