Lynn Manley Had Faith to Forgive Abusive Men in Her Life

Lynn Manley was first sexually abused when she was only 9 years old.   Her family members gave her away to men to satisfy their drug addiction.   Then, she was in a club, met a stranger and was drugged, tied up and raped.  Then, she had a failed marriage, which caused her to attempt suicide.   This woman's life is truly an amazing testimony for all of you whom are experiencing un-forgiveness in your heart against those whom abused you.   She experienced all sorts of abuse, the first people she trusted to protect her, gave her away to strangers, so understand the depth of this woman's emotional pain she suppressed for so many years.  When she had a talk with God, He encouraged her to forgive, so she could move on.  That's the answer, SCR readers, we all have to forgive our enemies and abusers or all types.   If we choose not to forgive, then the Devil will have their soul and even your soul, lost for eternity.

No matter, if you were molested by a family member or your mother excused a pastor for trying to molest you, you must forgive.  This subject of forgiveness is very serious.   Have you listened to the story of Angelica Zambrano on out Videos page yet?   She allegedly admits to seeing her grandmother in hell when Jesus took her on a tour there.  Jesus explained she knew Him, but held grudges against people.   Saints of God, we have so much we need to make right with God, before our lives come to an end.  Please let's all make very sure, we forgive and if any of us have trouble doing so, then we need to have faith to forgive through Jesus Christ.  Even if you still feel offended by anyone, just keep having faith and repeat in your prayers, 'Lord I forgive them', and Jesus will honor your effort, regardless if you do not feel it.

Are you ready to hear what God has done for this woman?   However, please realize it took faith for her to forgive all of the people whom hurt her.   It definitely was a higher power who gave her strength to forgive, faith in God.

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