Katherine Jackson Speaks and says she is devestated over losing guardianship

If you have been following the story, you will realize something strange has been going on while Katherine Jackson was reported missing for about 10 days.   Now, she is back and speaking about the alleged report.   If you watch this following video, she seems like she has been coached of what to say.   Also, Jermaine looks off while Janet seems as though she is allegedly covering up facts, after her nephew TJ has been appointed as temporary guardianship over Katherine's grandchildren.   Katherine says she is devestated after learning she has been stripped as the guardian of Michael's kids.   Now some of her children like Randy allegedly acts as though he is shocked of her not having guardianship.

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Prince Jackson blasts aunts, uncles over grandmother's treatment

By Alan Duke, CNN Los Angeles (CNN) -- Michael Jackson's oldest son blasted his famous aunts and uncles on Twitter on Thursday for taking his grandmother away and keeping her out of touch for 10 days...Read full article, here.
Source, photo can video: CNN.com  


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