Celebrity, Dr. Juanita Bynum Speaks to Bishop Darryl Hines about how God worked a miracle while homeless

We never heard Dr. Juanita Bynum ever admit she became homeless before today.  When she spoke with Bishop Darryl Hines on this final video clip, she admitted to being locked out of her hotel room.   Wow, Dr. Bynum really opened up to us and was humble enough to talk about how it felt while church people recognized her sitting in the lobby without any money or any place to go, after hours.   So, Dr. Bynum has not only been strong to share her previous experience as a lesbian and drug user, she also shared her story of how she actually lost everything and did not even know where her next meal was coming from. She told Bishop Hines God worked a miracle for her to remain in the hotel and be fed by a woman who worked at the hotel whom cared for her.  If her story is reality, this sure teaches us to keep on praising God and not give up, because God definitely is real.

Dr. Juanita Bynum's story reminds us of how God actually worked out a miracle for two sisters whom were former members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.  They were homeless and had nowhere to go, they did not receive assistance from Bishop Eddie Long nor His ministry and were allegedly denied by a well-known minister of the church, but God gave them a miracle to leave Atlanta and no longer remain homeless.   You see, just when you think no one cares, God is there for you and it does not matter how many church people may see you and do not speak when you have nothing, just like the ones who recognized Dr. Bynum in the hotel lobby, God will reveal Himself to you.

Dr. Juanita Bynum really shared her life story with us, so we can get closer to God and trust Him, regardless of our problems in life.   Believe us, you may not see God, but you can feel Him.   For those of you who recall the way we were taught to pray and tarry in the presence of the Lord years ago, you know what it is like to be close to God, just the way Bishop Hines mentioned while speaking about revivals and the church returning back to seeking God.  After listening to Dr. Bynum's testimony, you should realize how important it is to seek God the way our parents and grand-parents taught us, even if the majority of those within the church do not think it is important to do so.  However, after listening to Dr. Bynum's complete testimony, you will realize seeking God has nothing to do with tradition, but is about having a close relationship with God, and loving Him more than anyone or anything in this world.  God has to know you do not mind spending a lot of time in His presence, regardless of what you lost, who may hurt you or how many times they may offend you.  For example, if you lose millions of dollars, you have to let God know how much you still love him, more than that money.  Even if you never have much and you lose all you've got, you still must let God know He is still your Savior.  God works miracles whom remain close to Him during personal trials, struggles and storms in their lives.  

It is time for the church to return to seeking God more than ever before.  Prosperity gospel needs to cease, all together.   In Matthew 6:33, the Word tell us, 'But seek you first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.'

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Watch Dr. Juanita Bynum's interview with Bishop Darryl Hines, Part III

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