Black Church News: Does God Understand This Lady Hitting Her Pastor Upside the Head with a Bible?

Ina Garrett was arrested for hitting her pastor upside his head with a Bible.   She and other members were ordered by Pastor Leon Taylor to leave and they refused to do so.  This is what caused her to get very angry, right in God's House.  However, we doubt God understands this sort of behavior, because the very Bible she hit Pastor Taylor with reads, 'Be ye angry and sin not (Ephesians 4:26).'   She was violent and disobedient to her pastor, including the others who refused to leave, peacefully.

We learned from the following video that these disruptive women have been members at this church for over 65 years, that's a very long time.  Since God has allowed them to live and attend church services for that long, it seems like they would have so much more respect for His House.  The sad thing about this story is this, if Ina Garrett and her friends do not get it right with God and apologize to their pastor, their prolonged years will do them no good when they face judgement.   

Also, the church only has 30 church members, we wonder which is worse a small church like theirs with much strife or a church like Joel Osteen which is much bigger with thousands of members with no anointing?  Both are pretty bad off if you ask us.

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