Celebrity News: Usher Wants to Settle Custody With Tameka Foster Raymond

Update: Please read our Tameka's released statement that says this is untrue.  God bless.

According to our source, Usher wants to peacefully settle custody with his Tameka Foster Raymond, since the current events turned out for the worst, regarding Kyle in critical condition.  He may not just settle to give her most of the time with the children, but he could give her more money for child support. This is very painful to think about, after we recall flashes of them both in the court room.   However, Usher just wants to put all of those painful memories behind and be considerate and end their divorce, peacefully.

As we have heard in the media, the medical bills are very high, so we assumed Usher being the considerate person he is, he would be fair while they are both grieving for his stepson being left brain dead.   

In the meantime, we still believe God is a miracle worker and we pray they both hear from God, regarding their legal separation.  May God bless, Usher, Tameka and their entire family.  

Usher Wants to SETTLE With Ex
In Wake of Jet Ski Tragedy
Usher has changed his tune and now wants to up his ante to settle his epic child support/custody war with Tameka Raymond after the jet ski accident that left his stepson Kyle brain dead ...Read full article, here.


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