How Can Homosexuals Get Saved In COGIC, Since Bishop Charles Blake Signed The Same Sex Marriage Declaration?

If you are a true child of God who knows the history of the oldest and largest African American denomination, ask yourself this question, 'how can gays and lesbians think anything is wrong with homosexuality, if the leader of COGIC supports the Same Sex Marriage Declaration?'   If you have a child who has been struggling with homosexuality and you are still a part of the Church of God in Christ, you cannot help but wonder if you should still belong to such a denomination who supported President Barack Obama's bill for gay marriage.   Children of God, you need to wake up, we are living in the last days, Bishop Charles Blake is not a man of God, but he is under the dominion of Satan.   Everyone knows, the founder of COGIC, late Bishop Charles Harrison Mason would not be pleased, if he was alive and no doubt, would make Bishop Charles Blake step down out of his position, regardless of this being the era of the 21st century.

We have children who are suppose to respect elders in the church and if they discover that an elder is opposing God's Word on the issue of homosexuality, then they will rebel when we tell them it is a sin to be gay.   It is time, to cease COGIC and start being better examples that leaders like Bishop Blake, obviously cannot be.   Our Bible, God's Word says it is wrong to be gay, so what gave Bishop Blake the audacity to sign the Human Rights Act for Gay Marriage?   Not one clergy member of COGIC is opposing Bishop Blake or even requesting that he steps down from his position.   Where is the standard of holiness and righteousness.   One of the scariest things to think about is this, there are a lot of COGIC followers who are not speaking out against Bishop Charles Blake's endorsement.  Maybe they are trying to respect him, but once a minister opposes God's Word, it is time to speak out against his or her wrongdoings and discontinue following him as the Sheppard.   What Bishop Charles Blake has done, is to make gay affirming pastors and bishops think they are okay with God and it will be more difficult for other COGIC leaders who oppose homosexuality to get gays and lesbians to turn away from sin, it is not fair to them and especially not fair to God.

The Church of God in Christ is now a rebellious organization.  If they have a leader like Bishop Charles Blake in charge to make decisions and give the Word of God, then-those who listen will become possessed by Satan, because he has offended God by signing the same-sex marriage declaration.   People will not be humble and husbands and wives will began to turn away from each other and turn toward the same sex, because there are no guidelines once the commandments in God's Word are ignored.   

There are too many people coming out of the closet as homosexuals, and even worst among them are descendants of the Church of God in Christ.  Those who are yet a part of COGIC who claim to be truly holy and righteous should either leave or recruit others to assist their message that Bishop Charles Blake should resign and apologize to parishioners for going against the Word of God, which opposes homosexuality.

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Are Christians Suppose to Agree With Homosexuality Just To Show Love?

You know, these days there are many born again believers who are lost and for some odd reason think they are obligated to ignore biblical scriptures that oppose homosexuality in order to show love to gays and lesbians, they are very wrong.   God wants us as His children to obey His Word, not ignore everything we are taught in order to reveal our love to sinners (homosexuals).  Therefore people in today's church are going to hell by the thousands everyday, all because they believe one of the most popular lie, which is a wicked sort of guilt the gay and lesbian community has placed on true born again believers.   God would never enslave or enforce His children to accept wrong just to prove we love everybody.

If you are a true child of God, you should have enough of this modern day philosophy in today's contemporary church, which has left full gospel teachings that guided us into righteousness.   Never should you yield to the belief that is a myth from Satan and his demons that tell you, you do not love homosexuals just because you disagree with their lifestyle.  If you have started to believe it, for some reason your spirit was weakened and not focused on God and that is how Satan has moved into your spirit to place guilt on you and deceive you, the Devil is a lie.   We as children of God are not weak and there is no way Satan could ever or should be able to ever come into our spirits and make us believe his lies; if  so, we will die and go to eternal hell and damnation with the homosexuals. 

This is why the forefathers of this country created freedom of religion, not to be enslaved by the beliefs of mankind, but so that we can have a freewill to serve God Almighty.   These days, homosexuals seem to be the new slave master of America, they want you to turn your back on righteousness and yield to Satan's command.  We of Sanctified Church Revolution came to tell you, we are not to be controlled by Satan or his sidekicks, we are God's children who will not be enslaved to the homosexual community.   It is wrong to be gay, because our Word tells us it is wrong and we only follow God's Word, no one else philosophy.   God is the ruler of this universe and He will win over Satan's children and the gay and lesbian community will have to bow down and submit to God Almighty, because He is Lord and Master.   Eventually, the gay and lesbian community will have to repent, because they have tried to enslave the minds and spirits of people into believing that God's Word is wrong and Satan's tactics are right.

You so-call Christians who are bowing down to the trick of Satan spoken through the evil spirits of gay affirming ministers will have to give an account, because God's Word is right and you knew that before you turned away from God's Word.  Just like people cannot be Christian and gay, you cannot support the gay and lesbian community while claiming you are straight and you love God.  God's wrath will eventually come on you, if you do not repent.  You know you are not suppose to agree with homosexuality and you do realize you can show love and disagree with whatever God says is wrong.    

In conclusion, God's children are leaders not followers of this evil world.

Rev. Al Sharpton: God Does Not Want Civil Rights, Only Advocate Righteousness in the 21st Century

This article is speaking to those who have been following civil rights leaders for years and you know it has done no good and things have not gotten better, all because God has been excluded from being the center of attention and sin has been condoned.  However, it is not just Rev. Al Sharpton that is falling for the lies of white gays and lesbians who control the homosexual community, it is also other various civil rights activists who are falling for the lie that is straight from Satan and his demons.   Satan has used that particular strategy to turn black folks or any other race from the Word of God that opposes homosexuality.   God is angry at civil rights activists who are being followers and not leaders.   It is puppets following the biggest puppet over this country, President Barack Obama and Rev. Al Sharpton is one of the main ones.   Rev. Al Sharpton is not a man of God, he is a worker of Satan and has been in rebellion against God.   God is going to send his wrath real soon and there will be nothing the black community can do to stop it, because He was a loving God to allow them freedom after enduring over 400 years of slavery, but now, since many have followed one of the biggest lies and defense the gay community uses today, God will no longer put up with civil rights movement, only those leaders who will preach and insist on righteousness for all races to follow, thus saith the Lord.   

Now, we can clearly see that all of the racial conflicts that has occurred in America has not really been about white and black issues, but it was the trick of Satan and his plan was to control the very race that was suppressed to come into submission to the gay and lesbian community, which is the alleged new slave master in America.  It seems as though they have used bullying as a way to push their beliefs off on those who were raised to oppose homosexuality, but now they are bullying the church, Latinos, African Americans and whomever else will fall for their game.   

The way Rev. Al Sharpton has used the excuse of his sister being a lesbian to condone homosexuality reveals he was never called to preach, but Sharpton has been used to by the Devil to always defend black people, whether they are right or wrong, whether they live for God or Satan.  Sharpton does not care, he has always cared about proving that white folks are the only real enemy, which hides the fact that the Devil has been behind white supremacists and their violent acts, the destruction of black people against their own race, Hispanics who destroy their own race, Latinos who have murdered black people in Los Angeles and other metropolitan cities, gang war between blacks and Hispanics and many other situations that  has destroyed peace in America.   It makes you wonder and ask yourself a very important question, now that the gay and lesbian community are using civil rights equal to the rights of racial issues and even biracial marriages, did God use the late Dr. Martin Luther King or was it Satan who used him as a tool to do what he has been orchestrating today, for homosexuals to dominate America and take the rights to believe in righteousness away from all races?

God does not want any more civil rights activists speaking out on any issues, because people are not willing to surrender and turn away from sin.   Historically, the subject of racial inequality in America was Satan's strategy to oppose God's Word that instructs us to turn away from same sex relationships.  It was a trick very the beginning when African Americans were forced onto the slave ship from Africa.   The Devil knew we would eventually have diversity in America from all of the demands that were made by the civil rights activists who were right to speak out against racism and slavery.  Therefore, he used white supremacy to control black people who would someday also bow down to the homosexual community and also fight for their rights.

Folks, God has been speaking for too long.  After the AIDS epidemic took many lives since 1981, it looks like black people along with homosexuals or any other race would have repented and bowed down to God by now, but no, they have been ruled by the same Satanic force that controlled the most stubborn tribe in history, the children of Israel.

Something is wrong with any so-call man or woman of God who goes against righteousness and tries to silent those who desire to live right and turn away from sin.   Many ministers like Rev. Al Sharpton are going to be destroyed for the rebellion they have spoke into an oppressed community, if they do not immediately repent.   Black people have complained and wondered why white people have been on top for so long without even realizing many of them were spiritually on an assignment by Satan to grasp them into hell along with all of their most of their tribe.   Civil rights is over and God demands that no more activists open up their mouths and complain about racism or any other problem, because when it was time to repent and turn away from sin, they rebelled and joined many descendants of the white slave masters who control the gay and lesbian community.  

We promise you, the worst slavery that many blacks and other races will face after death is in hell.  That is a place of eternal torment and those souls who did not obey God will never get out and escape,  because God was very patient and gave them time to repent, including Rev. Al Sharpton.

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Bishop Carlton Pearson: Children of The Pentecostal Church Are Responsible and Will Be Held Accountable for Today's Gospel of Inclusion

A lot of descendants of the Pentecostal church, whether they grew up in the Church of God in Christ, Apostolic, Full Gospel Baptist or any other holiness church are responsible for how they are misleading today's church into a Gospel of Inclusion movement.   Why is today's church in rebellion against God's Word?  Simply, because at one point in the life these children of the holiness church began to rebel against their parents and against God.  They wanted to do things their way.   The scary thing about all of this is, these children who are now in the position of their parents as pastors, bishops and evangelists, are only preaching a false gospel, lying to people that is okay to sin and expect to make it to heaven.  The things the Pentecostal church used to be afraid of doing back in the earlier years, they are no longer afraid to do.  Church leaders are preaching that one can reason with God and yet be a part of His Kingdom, but God says not so.   Too many people are coming back with testimonies saying they have seen ministers in hell for not doing what God told them to do.  This may seem scary, but this walk with Jesus Christ is very serious and is not to be taken for granted.

The average saying in the church these days: 'it's a new day', 'we are trying to reach the young folks', 'it doesn't take all that', 'you can be like the world and still be saved', 'we can't reach the world and not mingle with them'...all these false statements are reasoning with God and He is angry and extremely tired of today's preachers thinking that they can compromise His Word to satisfy people and keep a huge number of members.   The average minister would rather keep members instead of saving souls and God is saying to change it the other way around now, before it is everlasting too late.   We cannot reason with God, His Word means what is says and there is no way out of it.   If we who are ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ truly love the Lord, then we would do right and preach His Word, the way He expects, not the way the secularized church expects it to be taught.   

Bishop Carlton Pearson is a frightening case, he is going on with his life preaching the Gospel of Inclusion as though God has permitted him to do so.  However, the testimonies we have heard of people who once preached the Word of God, but did not preach it right are never going to get another chance.  Interim, Pearson is proceeding on with his own philosophy that there is no hell or Devil.  How could this be, a child who grew up in a Pentecostal denomination?   How could the Church of God in Christ have a person to turn against God's Word before the world as though he is correct and the Bible is a lie?  How could this be?   Furthermore, Pearson is continuing on in the ministry promoting his Gospel of Inclusion which allegedly condones homosexuality with his wife Gina by his side; how could this be? How could this once powerful man who promoted Azusa on the campus of Oral Roberts University attract all races to unite under a Pentecostal movement and then, just decide to reason with God as though He is not a God of wrath, although He loves each and everyone of us?

How did the demonic spirits of homosexuality, prostitution and pimping in gospel music lure the body of Christ to compromise their spiritual walk with God in exchange for money?   One of the most frightening thing is this, these grown children once sat in a sanctified church and were taught to be different from the world, but somewhere in their lives when they became old enough to make decisions, they began to desire worldly affairs more than God and became reprobated.    They began to get ashamed of being seen and identified as sanctified and holy, which possibly occurred when we started witnessing a mainstream contemporary movement in the 1980's, sort of an evil seed that flourished into what it is today.  The contemporary movement was not just in the gospel and christian music industry, but this demonic force dominated in the pulpits and pastors began preaching to influence celebrities to gain the same sort of income they earned in the million dollar bracket.

These children will have to someday stand before God and give an account for their rebellion and then, when they realize they really made a mistake, it will be everlasting too late to get it right.  Why?   Too many souls chose to listen to them, instead of believing and following God's Word.  They knew better, they grew up in the Pentecostal church and were taught to be sanctified and not indulge in sin, but desired the world more than God.   Not just Bishop Carlton Pearson, but also Bishop Yvette Flunder and her so-call wife Shirley Miller, Tonex (B Slade), Jaye Bakker, Rev. Al Sharpton, Bishop T. D. Jakes, even Bishop Charles Blake who signed the same sex marriage act for President Barack Obama and the list goes on.


Purgatory: Is There a Way to Get Family Members Out of Hell?

Our staff members have heard several stories of people who died and went on a tour to hell with Jesus Christ and they happened to see their relatives burning in hell.  One teenager, recently saw her grandmother, one woman saw her mother, one man saw his father.   These people were burning in eternal hell and damnation for a long time and they have not been released since they departed this world.   So, is there a way to get your family members, friends or spouses out of hell?  Absolutely not, once a person dies and there souls is tossed down into the pit of hell, they can never get out.   Therefore, no matter how much we love our family members, we must realize that God has control on where they go, to heaven or to hell.

For many years, the Catholic church has allegedly taught your relatives can escape hell, even if they were sinners.  According to, 'The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines purgatory as a "purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven," which is experienced by those "who die in God’s grace and friendship, but still imperfectly purified" (CCC 1030). It notes that "this final purification of the elect . . . is entirely different from the punishment of the damned' (CCC 1031).  Then in another paragraph, the site states this: 'The purification is necessary because, as Scripture teaches, nothing unclean will enter the presence of God in heaven (Rev. 21:27) and, while we may die with our mortal sins forgiven, there can still be many impurities in us, specifically venial sins and the temporal punishment due to sins already forgiven.'   According to a You Tube video, it was revealed that a teenage girl allegedly saw the Pope  John Paul II in hell.  If he cannot escape, what makes anyone, whether they be Catholic, Baptist, Gospel of Inclusion, United Church of Christ, AME or any other denomination.  

The Catholic Church may not tell you this, but the fact remains, you must live according the the Word of God, the Bible and not wait until you die to plead for mercy.  You must live your life based on God's terms and not on your own. Purgatory is a trick of the Devil and if you have been raised to believe it will rescue those you love, even your best friend from their place in hell, you are wrong.  There is no way out of hell, once you die and your soul is tossed into the eternal flames.  If you are a Catholic or any other denomination and your entire family have been believing this myth, you must stop believing it and do right in your life or else you are going to end up in hell.   However, we tell you this in love, because we care for your soul.

Not one commandment in the Word of God tells you, you can buy a soul out of eternal hell.  It is not true and please do not continue lying on God, if you are guilty of preaching this myth, regardless of your family history in a particular religion.   You must make a decision to live holy and righteous while you live and began showing a difference between the clean and the unclean, thus saith the Lord.  If you do not, you will go to the wicked place where Satan and his demons attacks souls who did not obey the Lord, Jesus Christ.

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A Warning To Preachers: You Must Teach The Entire Word of God, No Adding nor Subtraction

More than once, God forewarns ministers of the gospel not to subtract from His Word.   No man nor woman of God has a right to remake the Word of God into their own opinion.   This is a very serious matter, because souls are involved.   If you preach just to satisfy people and make them feel good, you will be held accountable for doing so, for there have been people who have died and went to hell and came back with a testimony to forewarn preachers that Jesus said the fire in hell was much worst for ministers who comprise the Word of God.   True saints of God, if you are under a pastor or a bishop who you realize if compromising God's Word, then you have the authority to cease his or her church.  Remember this, God never compromises His Word and we are expected to follow each and every commandment to please Him and only Him.   Therefore, all of you ministers who are saying wrong is right and right is wrong will burn in hell, because God gave you the authority to have a position to guide people into righteousness and you are responsible.

These are the scriptures for you preachers who have taught it is okay to be a homosexual and lying on God, telling people God also understands if you change your sex.   Take heed and change the way you have been preaching, thus saith the Lord.  "Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you (Deuteronomy 4:2).  Another one says: “Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it; you shall not add to it nor take away from it (Deuteronomy 12:32).”  Another one says: “For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book (Revelation 22:18-19).”

There are many ministers who have been going against God's Word and this article has been written for those of you who are even guilty of following them.  We will present a list of people who are in danger of judgment, thus saith the Lord.

Bishop Yvette Flunder (lesbian and gay affirming minister), she has been preaching the wrong doctrine for years and it does not matter to God, if she comes from a family of COGIC dignitaries.  Her late grandfather and uncle (yet living) have held a very prestigious position in the Church of God in Christ and because of that, this woman has used their power as her own to affirm homosexuality.   If she and her so-call wife, Shirley Miller do not change, they will not be able to escape eternal hell and damnation, thus saith the Lord.   God has been tired of this woman's evil ways for years and she has not yielded to His Will.  God is going to send judgment on her for compromising his word.  She has violated God's commandments and God says she is in so much trouble for using her relatives powerful position to entice those with her false gospel.  God is going to send wrath on her, her partner and her flock. She, like the one who died last year who she claims allegedly influenced her in the life of homosexuality, Bishop Walter Hawkins has been ignoring scriptures that oppose homosexuality for a very long time and God is not pleased.  Some of the following names have been workers of iniquity who have followed this female and her circle of Satanic associates and not God.

Bishop Carlton Pearson is in deep trouble with God.  He has been preaching the sick Gospel of Inclusion long enough.   God's wrath is coming upon Carlton Pearson.   He was always arrogant while standing in his prestigious position as a so-call man of God, so this was our first warning that he was not necessarily called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.   He is a false prophet and he will regret teaching the Gospel of Inclusion when He opens His eyes up in hell and he will never be able to escape, thus saith the Lord.  Those who believe his lie that there is no hell or Satan will get the worst shock when they open their eyes up in hell for placing this man above God. Pearson, along with his wife Gina do not even realize how angry God is with the both of them.    God is so angry, but He has been waiting for the Pearson's to turn their lives around and repent.  He has been waiting on this husband and wife team to tell the truth about His Word and inform people that there is a hell and there is a battle with Satan for souls to end up eternally in his place for them: hell, fire and brimstone.  It is not understood why he and his wife Gina remain married, if they both agree with homosexuality.  You see how twisted they are?

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Bishop O. C. Allen is the pastor of a gay affirming ministry called, Vision Church of Atlanta.  He is a gay affirming minister and has been misleading people into hell.   On his Myspace page, he says he is gay and married.  God is not pleased with this man, because he has a flock from young to old and he has tricked them into believing you can be holy and gay.  God's wrath is coming against this man and it will be horrible when he faces Satan and his demons, if he does not repent.  He and Flunder have been having conferences as though they are preaching holiness while affirming homosexuality.
Tonex, child of Apostolic Pentecostal father who passed on.  Tonex disrespected his father's memory in the media and had the audacity to take on his father church.  He is a gay affirming minister and has been playing both sides, claiming to be a child of God, but has been on Satan's territory for a very long time.  He has had fun showing off as a cross dresser music artist, at times.  He preaches as though he has the anointing of God, but he is an openly gay man and very hostile and unforgiving toward his father who, Tonex claims embarrassed him in front of the church, after he told his parents he was gay.  He lives his life to please his flesh and not God.

Jay Bakker, the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker. In a previous article, Baker made an excuse of why he approves homosexuality.  He whines in the media about black people not accepting homosexuality, the race from ancestors who were enslaved in this country.  He is always looking for attention and broke down in a gay affirming church about his gay friends whom he cares about.

Rob Bell who has been preaching the Gospel of Inclusion to over 7,000 followers each Sunday and lying to the world in a book, claiming there is no hell.  God is very angry with this man and he is reprobated like others on this list.  If he does not change, he is going to get the worst shock of his life and Satan will be laughing in his face.

Dr. Kenneth Samuel of Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Allegedly, this gay affirming pastor made an example that people eat pork and it wrong; so, why can't people be a gay?   Previously, residents could see he and his wife on billboards around the city, but now he is obviously no longer with his wife, because her name is off his church website.   Samuel is cunning in his ministry and persuades people in the wrong path to hell, because he is an activist and has a position as a leader with the NAACP.  He also is running for state representative.   This pastor is on his way to hell and don't even know it.

Jim Swilley has recently came out of the closet as a gay man and since then losing a lot of his church members.   He church has went into foreclosure.  He admitted his wife knew for years, but they both were like the television characters, Will and Grace living together.   Jim Swilley claims he has been suppressing his sexuality for a long time.  Swilley is related to the late Bishop Earl Paulk.  Think about it, where did Paulk go, if he did not repent for molesting several women in his church?   Jim Swilley is on his way to the same place as his uncle, if he does not repent.   

Swilley's cousin, Donnie Earl Paulk who is the son and nephew of the late Bishop Earl Paulk is a gay affirming minister who has a congregation of mostly African Americans.  Although, he is from a twisted background of being the son of a man who slept with his sister in-law, Paulk is without excuse and he will have to give an account for preaching the wrong gospel and compromising God's Word.  Jay Bakker was at this man's church, glaring down at the black parishioners, making comments that he could not understand those who have a history of slavery in this country, not agreeing with homosexuality.

There is a whole lot more gay affirming ministers who are in deep trouble with God for adding and subtracting from his Word.  The only good thing is, they have time to say yes to God's will and yes to His way, but the sad part, they may never change and when each one of them dies and be cast into hell with Satan and his demons, they will never be able to escape.  They cannot say, no one forewarned them to change.  Furthermore, just decided to give you some recognized names to inform you of how important it is for ministers to strictly preach God's Word and give His commandments. 

Watch Jaye Bakker use psychology at Donnie Earl Paulk's church, the most famous trick of the Devil, making an oppressed race feel guilty of not agreeing with sin.  Those who remained at Grace Church, after they heard this false gospel will be facing God's judgment, because that was their warning to leave this gay affirming church, right then and there.

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Too Many Unhappy Gays and Lesbians for There Not to Be a Deliverance Ministry

It is very disturbing to God that we have these gay affirming churches and pastors who only care about the homosexual community.  We need a deliverance ministry for the gays and lesbians that say, ' I do not want to be a homosexual anymore' or 'I want out of this same sex marriage'.   It is time for true men and women of God to stand up and open the doors to their churches and ministries to help deliver unhappy gays and lesbians.  Time is winding up and God is expecting righteous pastors, bishops and evangelists to reach out to people who was to be saved and delivered from homosexuality.   It is time to stop expecting to be accepted by the circle of ministers who are not doing right and start doing right by God and be satisfied He accepts you above anyone else.

If you are a ministry who has not been preaching and teaching right, opposing homosexuality and allow those who have been saved and delivered from the sin to stand up and give their testimony, then-you better start doing it now, because God is not pleased with ministries who ignore reformed homosexual's ministry.  The doors of your church need to be closed, permanently if you have been ignoring the deep issue of homosexuality that has not only destroyed the lives of many men and women who could have been set free and now are in eternal hell, fire and brimstone, but also those who are yet alive who want someone to minister to them when they feel suicidal from being gay, lesbian or even a trans sexual.  As a man or woman of God you are responsible and there are no excuses when you are a leader who represents the Kingdom of God.   When you come to the end of your life, what are you going to do, when God ask you 'why didn't you provide a ministry for people to escape homosexuality and allow those who have been set free from it'?

God is examining your life in the ministry and if you have not considered those who admit they have been delivered from homosexuality, you will be held accountable.  So what, if many ministers are becoming gay affirming, that is their problem and they will have to face judgment, someday.  However, what are you going to do in the ministry God has given you, are you to start paying more attention to those who desire to reach out to the church and be saved from homosexuality or are you one of those weak ministers who only care what your think about you?  If so, you are not close to Jesus Christ, because in order to be close to the Son of God, you must be willing to be persecuted, even if it means being persecuted by the church, your family or so-call friends.  There are too many unhappy gays and lesbians who seek to leave their same sex relationship or marriage, regardless of their children they may have adopted.   Your ministry is suppose to be equipped to consider the needs of those who are unhappy as homosexuals while the gay affirming churches are only caring and affirming the lifestyle of their gay and lesbian church members.

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