Church Asked to Move Cross After Town Pressured by Church State Organization

People always wonder why we have so many tragedies across our nation, but when you have some people who cannot stand to see a cross with the words, 'Jesus Saves' on it, it should not be too hard to understand the reason.   Those whom attack Jesus Christ and the cross He died on cannot ever expect anything to get better in America.  This cross in the above photo has to be removed by Family Community Church who placed it at an entrance of a Southwestern town of Indiana, in 2010.  Why is it that an advocacy group based in another state allegedly complained to Americans United for Separation of Church and State?  Possibly there are a group of alleged atheists whom are trying to control America for their own interests to just diminish Christianity.

Saints of God, we are living in an evil society where Satan is trying to control everything for his kingdom.   That cross shown on the above photo made him so intimidated and he does not like souls to know Jesus can save them from being attacked by various demons.
  Demons attack many people of all races with oppression, depression, fear, sickness and disease, lust, greed, murder, suicide and all other sorts of other evil spirits.   The enemy desires for people to be in spiritual bondage and does not want them to be free.   There are many souls burning in eternal hell right now, simply because they refused to accept the cross and be saved by Jesus Christ.  This is why we have so many unbelievers attacking the body of Christ.  They do not want us to read our Bibles, pray or even wear a cross on the job.  Recently, an Arizona man of God was told he would be serving jail time and paying a fine for having Bible study in his home.   Children at a New York school were not allowed to sing, "God bless America."   Our nation is so wicked, many pastors will no longer reveal a cross in their churches, you will see this within many mega ministries, they will reveal a globe instead.

God should not be kept in a box.  We should have the right to reveal a cross on a town or city's property and let lost souls know that Jesus saves.  Historically, America has always been a free country and was blessed because we honored God, up until the time when an atheist woman, Madalyn Murray O'Hair wanted to take prayer out of the schools. Years later, she was murdered, along with her son and granddaughter, according to Wikapedia.  Therefore, we must not be afraid to take our country back and educate people about all of the crime that occurs in our nation as being one of the main reasons why Christianity must remain the foundation of our land.

In the meantime, we are praying for Faith Community Church that God strengthens them in an evil time such as this era of the 21st century.   Furthermore, we are glad to know they are not giving up this battle for the cross to remain on the town's property.

Church Asked to Move Cross After Town Pressured by Church State Group

Leaders of a southwestern Indiana town will ask a church to remove a 26-foot cross from town property after receiving a complaint from a Washington-based advocacy group.

The Dugger Town Council unanimously agreed Monday to have Faith Community Church move the cross off the property at an entrance to the town.The decision came after officials received a letter from the organization Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Town officials gave permission in 2010 for the cross, she said, which stands about two stories...Read full article, here.

Source: Wikapedia


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