Dolphins May be Used Math While Hunting

The dolphin could be far 
more skilled at math than was
ever thought possible before.
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Dolphins are known as smart animals. But who would have thought if marine mammals are able to perform mathematical calculations style. A team of researchers from the University of Southampton, UK, showed that dolphins use math while hunting.

There are specific techniques used when hunting this animal, the "bubble nets". They blew bubbles around the fish that will prey to force close. With the ability of echolocation, dolphins use sonar to determine who will devour their prey.

But the question arises, how to dolphin distinguish fish from the bubble? The study, led by Tim Leighton, a professor of ultrasound and underwater acoustics, shows that the dolphins "count" feedback from sonar signals they give off. "This capability requires a mastery of advanced non-linear mathematics," he said.

The dolphins use sonar in full and the exclusion of the other senses when hunting. When activating sonar, said Leighton, these animals emit sound waves with varying amplitude levels.

"Variations in the echo waves produce changes that can identify the target, in this small fish, in bubble nets. Manmade Sonar can not do this," he said Tuesday.

Leighton also found that the shape of the advanced sonar-called biased sonar pulse summation (BiaPSS) - allows the dolphin sonar sometimes separating emitted by prey. This capability is owned dolphins naturally.
Bottlenose dolphins swimming. Analysis of a dolphin hunting technique suggests the animals may be natural math geniuses. (Picture from:
Leighton research tracing the use of the basic principles of mathematics by dolphins to hunt. "It's very possible for the dolphins," said Hugh Griffiths, an engineer from University College London in England. *** [HUFFINGTON POST | MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 3951]
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