Video: Dr. Oz Talks About Faith with Aimee Copeland's Father

While watching, we were touched by Dr. Oz words to Mr. Copeland, Aimee's father.   Although, he spoke words from Winston Churchill, 'never give up, no matter how difficult life gets, you gotta keep going...', those were indeed words of faith.  Mr. Copeland even admitted Aimiee's testimony is a testimony of the power of prayer and he believes that it the power of prayer that sped her healing process.  He also said if she ever wrote a book, it should be 'Blessed to be Different.'

Aimee Copeland's testimony is for all Christians to take heed to acknowledge God's miraculous wonders.  He still works miracles, but He wants us to learn from the trials of other people, even if they are not our own.  We have so much to be grateful for.   Many times, people within the body of Christ forget and began focusing on the wrong thoughts, but when trouble comes knocking on their door, they start repenting and pleading with God to have mercy on them.   God used Aimee, a born again Christian for the rest of us to take heed and remember, He is the ruler of this universe and yet has power to remove all sickness and disease and also deal with the troubles on our land that worry us.   So, Christians Aimee's testimony of faith encourages us to remain focused on God's Kingdom and trust He will open doors and make things better for us, but many times, we are challenged through tests God requires for us to go through, that's what faith is all about.

After watching this following video, evaluate your soul and ask God are you where you should be in your walk with Him.   Ask Him to show you if you lack faith or maybe you have not been grateful enough.   Aimee Copeland's testimony is for the entire of body of Christ to hear what God is saying to us.  This young lady just didn't get healed for nothing, God allowed her life to be a testimony for us to evaluate our own spirits.   Just how close are we to the throne of God?  This is why we tell you all the time we cannot afford to yield to wickedness within our society, God has done too much for us to recognize He still lives and has all power to heal our land.   No matter how much those whom support sin, which God does not condone, we cannot afford to lose our souls, but we must continue to pay attention to what God is doing in Aimee's life, including our own.  We are the family of God, people of faith, not living according to the world's standards.

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