Liberal Journalists on 'The View' Come to Defense of Chick-fil-A

Really, many people should have already understood that America is a country of freedom when it comes to religion and speech.  However, it took all of the hosts on the television show, 'The View' to remind those whom support gay and lesbian organizations to explain that fact.   For many decades, America has always been a country that was based on freedom and if you take it away from any person or business, it is most definitely slavery.  One of the show host brought up a very important point, Chick-fil-A has never discriminated against a person for their race, religion or sexual orientation, so their personal opinion against gay marriage should not matter to any politician or anyone else.  In the eyes of God, all that matters is simply more business owners honors Him and His desires for humanity, which is stated in the Word of God.

Whoopi Goldberg made it so very clear, which all gay and lesbian people should already know, if you do not like their opinion, there are plenty of other places to go buy chicken, but to close down a business owner, because they believe in the traditional values for marriage, is absurd.  Furthermore, in our opinion, it seems as though there is a demonic oppression, working in spiritual darkness in America that is trying so very hard to enslave the children of God whom choose to completely obey and agree with His commandments.  As you can see, the good part about it is, God always uses people whom will defend the righteous, although they may not be within the body of Christ.  May God bless 'The View' show hosts.

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Liberal Journalists Come to Defense of Chick-fil-A

Several prominent liberals are coming to the defense of Chick-fil-A after the fast food giant's president, Dan Cathy, voice his company's support for traditional marriage.
Their support comes after the mayors of Boston and Chicago announced that new Chick-fil-A stores are not...Read full article, here.   Source and Photo Courtesy:



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