First Glasses Have No Stems

Glasses are no longer just a tool to read, but has evolved into a part of fashion and style. Many people use glasses to protect eyes from the direct beam of sunlight, but many also use it to look more okay.

Ancient eyeglasses.
Do you know when glasses are found and how the development of glasses since been found to display like its present form? It is said that Emperor Nero (37-68 AD) used a magnifying glass to see the gladiator games. At that time, used a magnifying glass gemstones that Nero is specifically geared to be a kind of lens.

Theories about the eye that develops until the 10th century states that the eyes of issuing some sort of signal or beam to detect objects around him. That theory a full blown away by Alhazen or Abu Ali Hasan Ibn al-At-Haytham (965-1039) by stating that people see as a bright light into the eyeball.

Alhazen also explains the usefulness of the lens to zoom in to see the object. Arab mathematician is an expert first do a thorough research on the eye. However, it is not too penelttian note until the 13th century an English monk named Roger Bacon (1214-1294) developed the study.

The First spectacles made by 
Silvano d'armato. (Picture from:
Manufacture of modern eyeglasses Salvino d'Armato was initiated to introduce his work in Florence, Italy, in 1268. Glasses does not have a handle which is attached on either sist the user's face. Salvino glasses work at the base of the nose and positioned to be balanced by the user.

Stalk the new glasses were introduced in the 18th century in Paris, France. The shaft is still short and simply measuring both sides of the head clamp. Stem glasses with the size of the ears reach new users created in 1727 by a British ophthalmologist, Edward Scarlett.

Dual focus lens to help see the long-distance and short distance trusted discovered in 1784 by American scientists Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790). Later proved that the finding was made by Samuel Pierce from England in 1775. *** [SEPTI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 19072012]
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