Feds raid City Hall of New Jersey capital, after they raided Mayor Tony Mack's home

This is an update, regarding Mayor Tony Mack of Trenton, N. J. 

Reporters still have not discovered the reason FBI agents barged into the mayor's home the other night.  Now, they have searched city hall in the state capitol of New Jersey.   On this following video, you will see these FBI agents carrying out secured luggage.  The question is, what was inside of them?  Then, what are the reasons for these raids?   We suppose we will eventually find out what's going on.

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Trenton City Hall is raided by FBI agents in expanding probe of Mayor Tony Mack

TRENTON -- A swarm of FBI agents arrived at Trenton City Hall this morning as part of the expanding federal probe of Mayor Tony Mack. Roughly 20 agents arrived in 10 cars and were seen carrying crates and wearing rubber gloves as they entered through the back door of City Hall shortly after 10 a.m. Inside the East State Street building, which is just blocks from the Statehouse, agents were seen going through...Read full article, here. Source, Photo and Video: www.NJ.com


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