Researchers Turn on the Bacteria in the Computer

Biology researchers from the United States to develop software that can imitate one-celled living organisms from birth to death. For the first time the journey of life organisms simulated by computer.

Organism Mycoplasma genitalium is a pathogen which has 525 genes. Hundreds of genes is in charge of "managing" the journey of life M. genitalium.
Scientists have created the first complete computer simulation of an organism, an STD-causing microbe called Mycoplasma genitalium. (Picture from:
Researchers from Stanford University and J. Craig Venter Institute to imitate the life of this organism by using 128 computers which are arranged in a cluster. The software is the backbone of the simulation is to map interactions within the cell to the molecular level.

The results are reported through scientific papers in the journal Cell. "It's hard work, involving the interpretation and integration of large amounts of data," said biologist from Columbia University, Peter L. Freddolino, who became editor of a scientific report.

Head of research from Stanford University, Mark W. Covert, say, a live bacteria within 10 hours, and then dividing. The journey of life is recorded into the data by half a gigabyte.

The scientists benefited from previous studies, which have identified the structure of the bacteria. Donation of 900 scientific reports regarding the accuracy of the model bacterium that supports the software they develop.

The data mentioned M. genitalium with 525 genes more modest than the bacteria E coli gene that has a 4,288. However Covert bacteria recognize more complex life simulation will be a challenge in the future.

Simulation of bacterial life could be a basis for studying various diseases caused by genetic changes, such as cancer and Alzheimer's. For researchers in molecular biology, this model could provide new insights on cell development. *** [NYTIMES | ANTON WILLIAM | KORAN TEMPO 3949]
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