Jericho City of Praise Excommunicated Members file lawsuit: See The Empty Church Now on Video After Most Members Followed Pastor Joel Peebles

Thanks to our friends over at The Church Lady Blogs, we were finally able to see what Jericho City of Praise actually looks like inside, after the majority of the church members chose not to remain there.  This is a very sad snapshot of a very few people having church in a huge building at Jericho City of Praise.  We know the late Apostle Betty Peebles would have never thought this would be the end of her vision, but when demonic forces allegedly rule some whom are not true followers of Christ to honor the visionary, this is what occurs.  You see all of those empty seats? They were once full up into the time Pastor Joel Peebles was wrongfully removed from his position as the leader of God's House.  We listened to the recorded clip and could not even tell what sort of tongues the lady was speaking in, because they were having church in a sanctuary that is in the absence of a chosen Shepard, the son of the late visionary, Pastor Joel Peebles, including his wife, First Lady Ylawnda Peebles and all the original members of Jericho City of Praise.

There is a possibility the few people that are showing off as though they are having some good church at Jericho City of Praise could be there to receive a prestigious position.   Whatever the case, God must have watched this pitiful scene and shook His head.   God will allow this to only go on for so long, because souls need to be saved and not entering a place where there has been division.  God wants unity in His House before the pews are filled and possibly the only way it will happen again is if Pastor Joel Peebles returns as pastor, along with the rest of his followers.  People are very smart, they pay attention the the historical background of a church and if there was so much division against the Sheppard, the church maybe recognized as place not meant to save souls, but possibly just for personal gain.

Now look at what God is doing in Pastor Joel Peebles life.   His mother, Apostle Betty Peebles must be smiling down at her son, including his father, Bishop James R. Peebles, Sr.  Most of the church members of Jericho City of Praise are remaining with him at City of Praise church, because he has been chosen by God to lead lost souls into His Kingdom.  This is the sort of picture God wants to see, a church full of people hungry for the Word of God.  This simply shows the vision of his parents truly lives on through his ministry, because a building means nothing, God is looking at how many lost souls are being brought into His Kingdom.  Real soon, God is going to bless Pastor Joel Peebles with a building big enough to hold all of his members.

As for the lawsuit filed against the board of trustees by Jericho City of Praise Excommunicated members, you may see that document at These church members were allegedly denied by the board of trustees to see actual financial records.   These church members are making sure their voice will be heard in court.   Also, they have set up a legal defense fund and seeking donations to help pay the lawyers.  In the meantime, we will be praying that God works everything out on their behalf.


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ChurchLady Blogs Exclusive: Jericho City of Praise Excommunicated Members file lawsuit, establish Legal Defense Fund & Pastor Joel Peeples ministry moves to larger location

by The Churchlady

As you know the Church Lady has been following and keeping you updated on the saga surrounding Jericho City of praise. Well a trusted source contacted thechurchladyblogs to reveal that several Members who were excommunicated from the once Maryland mega church,  Jericho City of Praise, Roderick Chavez, Barbara Jackson, Trenillo Walters, Charlise  Logan  and Bessie Ashworth have filed a lawsuit against the church and its purported...Read full article, here. 



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