S. E. Cupp Says She Would Never Vote for an Atheist President: So Could She Have Faith or Believe in God?

Honestly, we are going to pray for this alleged atheist, S. E. Cupp, because she admits she would never vote for an Atheist president.   Why?  Allegedly, she stated on the following video, because she would not desire someone in office who represents the small percentage of herself and would rather it be someone who addresses a higher being than himself (the president).  A person like S. E. Cupp can be helped and surely she can most definitely become a born again Christian.  It sounds like deep down inside she believes in God, because she is allegedly saying if a president has faith in someone above him, then she feels more comfortable than with a person who does not believe or trust in someone bigger than himself.  Therefore, S. E. Cupp sounds like she has somewhat faith in God and possibly someday may believe in Him.

For a lot of atheist, there is no hope, because they have crossed the line of not respecting God nor the idea of Him being the Creator of humanity, the universe and everything in it.  However, what we hear with S. E. Cupp is simply that she has confidence in a person who has faith in God and has a relationship with Him.   This woman is not one of those atheists who has no idea of God's presence on earth.  It sounds like she has some idea, because she would trust a president who knows there is a God.   So, obviously she just may eventually admit she decided to give her life to Jesus Christ.   One of the greatest things about this situation is this, God may give her miracle in her life to reveal Himself to her and also may reveal Himself through a vision or a dream.   Cupp is very outspoken when it comes to atheism, so someday if she should surrender to Jesus Christ, she will be outspoken about her faith and how she came to realize God is real in her life.

In the meantime, we will pray for S. E. Cupp and have faith God reveals Himself to her real soon.  

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Source: http://youtu.be/2IvBWp9p7Do


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