Human Sperm Genome was Mapped

For the first time human sperm genome successfully dismantled. Researchers from Stanford University, United States, have mapped the entire genetic code of 91 sperm of a man aged 40 years. Map of the sperm is to be a breakthrough that will assist physicians in understanding and diagnosing male fertility problems.
For the first time scientists have obtained genetic blueprints of almost 100 sperm. (Picture from:
The scientists were also able to understand more about recombination, which is a natural process of how a child inherits the different elements of each DNA grandfathers and grandmothers. This means that children develop the genetic code of an entirely new and add to the diversity of mankind.

"Diversity is not going to happen when the children inherit the entire chromosome from their parents," said professor Stephen Quake was quoted as saying by the Telegraph on Tuesday.

Human sperm cells 
under 100x magnification
(Picture from:
Professor Quake says many mothers have trouble getting pregnant because her husband suffered reproductive disorders. Through his research, published in the journal Cell, found an effective way to analyze a problem with the sperm.

"Researching one's sperm cells can reveal how often a mixture of DNA that have occurred in each cell and how the rate of recombination among human beings," he said. Previous research only able to estimate the rate of recombination at the level of the overall population, but could not reveal how often the process that occurs at the individual level.

"For the first time we are able to produce maps of individual recombination and mutation rates for each sperm from one man," says Barry Behr, associate professor Quake, in this study. This technique is useful for diagnosing potential problems in sperm.

Further technological advances are enabling the latest techniques used routinely to scan reproductive problems in men. "At the same time increase the success rate of fertility treatments," he said. Because, "DNA is the material that determines the potency of sperm."

Professor Quake adds, sperm genome mapping technique is fairly advanced. The researchers simply catch the sperm cells as they divide. This is much more profitable than the previous technique, which involves the destruction of the cell, causing the sperm cells were killed.

"We just need to catch the sperm when dividing cells and are still attached to their siblings, so the genome derived from each other perfectly," he said. The researchers then sort the genomes of each sperm cell. *** [TELEGRAPH | MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 3951]
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