Bishop Randy White Returns to Church Under Suspicion of Untruths, Report Says

Pastor Randy White Tells Lies about Church and needed money?

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 Bishop Randy White Returns to Church Under Suspicion of Untruths, Report Says

Our friends at Liberty Advocate have brought to our attention some untruths told by a popular Florida minister. According to them, they have been following Pastor Randy White who recently returned as the leader of Without Walls International Church in Tampa, Fl. As former wife, Paul White has moved on to Orlando area church New Destiny Christian Center, Pastor Randy White has taken over WWIC now, according to the reports and his words, to what we call the prosperity gospel game of lies.

Liberty Advocate has put together some information using reports that Pastor Randy White told the media himself.

Here's what they stated he told one publication:

Without Walls Randy White reveals to The Christian Post the $4.4 MIL sale of property:
According to White, a part of the Without Walls property is being sold for $4.4 million to a condominium developer, which will help lower the church's debt. He further announced that he would personally be giving $10,000 to the church and urged congregants to help reach the goal of $300,000 to "pay off all accounts payable debt." Responding to the media on why he asks for offerings so frequently, he said simply, "We need it."
Now, take a look at what he stated on another date to The Ledger:

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