Some Ministers like Pastor Larry Allen will shoot in the pulpit: Isn't carnality allowed in the modern day church to blame?

We are living in an age when ministers like Pastor Larry Allen of Albuquerque, NM  are now carrying guns to their pulpits and even have a security team to back them up, just in case an insane person comes into their churches to shoot and kill.  Now, although we know things are not the same in many churches as many years ago, we question if either of these ministers on this following video are thinking about how Jesus feels about guns being in the church, even while they are preaching God's Word.  It is a great possibility the church would be a safe place again, if there was more respect for God and how things are operated in His House.

Yes, many shootings have occurred at various churches across this nation.  However, let us be real with you, isn't the demon of carnality being allowed in the church to blame? In Cor. 6:14 it says, 'Be you not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness? and what partnership has light with darkness?.'  Today's church is doing just that, many churches have allowed a worldly atmosphere to abide in God's House, a night club atmosphere has brought in millions of dollars, instead of many pastors respecting God's anointing and allowing it to flow as He desires.  We are not saying that Pastor Allen nor Pastor Smotherman have allowed such services, but for the ones whom are guilty, it should not surprise us they are carrying guns.  For the ones whom are not allowing carnality in God's House and have actually experienced gunmen shooting in their churches, they should began having revivals every week and seriously think about having shut-in prayers.  It may seem old-fashion, but this is what kept demonic spirits away from God's House many years ago, the pastor and his congregation kept their minds and souls focused on the Kingdom of God.   It not nothing about being old-fashion, it's called having complete reverence for God.

Pastor Allen mentioned he recalls when the church was different and that it was safe to be without a gun, but does he realize why things are not the same?   It is time for modern age churches to accept responsibility of mingling with the ways of the world.  Possibly, this is why the angels of God have stepped back.  God will not claim any church as His own and assign His angels to take charge over it, if there are services very similar to a worldly atmosphere.   It all goes back to the above scripture, 'what fellowship does light have with darkness?'   Then God told us to be holy in I Peter 1:16.  God does not want us being yoked in anyway to Satan's demonic territory and this means to make sure that the church is coordinated into an atmosphere of complete holiness.  We need the type of services to return in all churches that will scare demons away.  However, many pastors are so carnal, they would rather identify with others ministries that are not glorifying God, but rather seek fame and fortune.

If some churches continue to welcome a nightclub atmosphere and call it God's House, then they cannot expect for God to protect them, because it is hypocrisy.  We will say this again, being holy is not tradition, being holy is completely practicing holiness in our personal lives and even during worship services in the church or at any other christian event.

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