Ex-Lesbian accepted Jesus Christ: Black Church must now avoid gay marriage and support ex-homosexuals

Jamora has given her testimony of how she accepted Jesus Christ into her life.  Once she got saved, she got filled with the Spirit began speaking in unknown tongues.  Her testimony is among  many testimonies of ex-homosexuals whom have had a supernatural experience, once they surrendered their souls to Christ.   She had no more bondage in her life and felt free from alleged demonic forces that had her trapped in a lesbian lifestyle.   

You see, this is why we continue to forewarn the black church whom have made a decision to become gay affirming that they are in extreme danger with God, because they are unknowingly in agreement with ministries whom judge ex-gays and ex-lesbians as though they cannot change. Believe us, you have a lot in common with those 'so-call' holiness ministers whom discriminate against ex-homosexuals.  The black churches who have made a decision to welcome homosexuals and marry gays are offending God, including those whom turned away from the homosexuality.   Jamora is very happy with her supernatural experience and this should give many of you pastors some wisdom about how many ex-gays and ex-lesbians feel, after God has changed them.   So some of you pastors want to accept gay marriage, in order to be recognized by your peers whom agree with the president's gay agenda?   After you watch this following video of Jamora's testimony of being delivered from homosexuality, then you ask God how he feels about your gay affirming ministry and also will he accept you into His Kingdom, now that you are supporting gay marriage.

Congratulations to this woman of God who has been delivered and set free of homosexuality.

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