Ex-FBI employee claims she saw angels at Flight 93 crash site: Do You Believe in Angels?

We apologize for waiting on this article, but we had so much to share with you over the past 2 weeks.  However, we did not forget to feature this story about an ex-FBI employee, Lillie Leonardi who allegedly claims she saw angels at Flight 93 crash.  This article is very important to us, because we live in our society where a lot of evil dominates so much, many people fail to remember we have angels taking charge over our lives, once we make a decision to serve God.   You may say, 'well why didn't these angels stop the multiple plane crashes on 9/11, in 2001?'  That's not our business, it is certainly God's business when He sends His angels and if they should halt danger.   These angels this former FBI employee spotted at the Flight 93 crash possibly came to get those souls whom were left there at the sight, only those of us whom are truly saved and have had various heavenly experiences with Christ can only understand that fact.

If you have listened to some of the testimonies we presented on our Videos page of those whom had an out of body experience, they have spoke and seen angels.  Angels are very real and they come here on earth to protect children of God.  Just like certain people whom were on their deathbed at one time said they fought with demons who tried to snatch them into hell, angels from God's Kingdom exist and they come to not only protect, but to get souls on earth.  God's angels have an assignment to take care of business.  Therefore, when you feel evil all around you, please recognize angels will be there to protect you, if you belong to God.   There is a biblical scripture in Hebrews 13:2 that says, 'Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.'   This reminds us of the legendary rock star, Little Richard who even believes in angels.  Now Little Richard may not appear as though he is a holy man; however, he once was a man of God.  Therefore, we believe him when he allegedly stated he was in a hospital and actually encountered one whom was dressed like a doctor.  He said after the angel briefly spoke to him, he turned around and he was gone.  
Many of us whom are truly saved can testify we have been approached by evil people and we could feel such a demonic environment as they spoke.   However, their evil spirits could not harm us, because we had angels assigned to our lives.  If you are a newborn Christian, you need to realize once you became a part of the body of Christ, God appointed angels assigned to take charge over your life.  They are there to protect you from all sorts of evil that tries to dominate the earth.   Every time people have spoken about angels, they have admitted the same thing and experienced similar encounters.   One of those similarities is that they appear as human beings.  There was another story years ago about a man whom was driving a taxi cab.  He picked up a passenger and when he looked in the mirror and asked where he was going, the man replied, 'Jesus is coming back soon,' when he turned around the man was gone.  So, the angel had a message for the cab driver to share with others for them to take heed of Jesus return. 

Lillie Leonardi's story is just one of many others we have heard about angels visiting the earth.  Her story is very believable, because angels will reveal themselves to humanity, if they desire to be seen for a testimony.    

Ex-FBI employee claims she saw angels at Flight 93 crash site

KTVU And Wires

A former police officer who retired from the FBI due to post-traumatic stress disorder linked to her role in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terror attacks has written a book about seeing legions of angels guarding the Pennsylvania site where a hijacked airliner crashed.

Lillie Leonardi served as a liaison between law enforcement and the families of the passengers and crew members killed in the United Airlines Flight 93 crash. She arrived...Read full article, here.

Source: ktvu.com
Photo Courtesy: http://www.mostlyghosts.com/index.php/are-angels-real-angel-pictures/ 


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