TBN Accuses Granddaughter of Refusing to Settle Out of Court

TBN- Paul and Jan Crouch

TBN wants to petition the courts against their granddaughter Brittany Koper and her husband for failing to settle their disputes out of court.

TBN says the Kopers, according to court filings by TBN attorney Douglas Mahaffey, have failed to file a response in a timely fashion to their demand for arbitration. This, in the eyes of TBN and attorneys, means the Kopers want 'hush money' as an "agenda advanced by the public forums."
The network's petition says in part:

"The reasons for the Kopers not participating have been strategic. Since their termination, the Kopers have pursued 'hush money' by a media campaign to undermine the mission and reputation of TCCSA by making baseless allegations against TCCSA's principals.

 Read FULL report HERE at AT2W


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