Detroit Pastor says police impostors invaded his home: Does God Want Revivals in the Black Church?

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This is the second pastor in Detroit that has been robbed, except Pastor Steve Arthur in the above photo was tied up in his home.  However, whether you are robbed outside like Pastor Marvin Winans or robbed in your own home like Pastor Arthur and his wife, both cases are very bad.  When Pastor Arthur spoke on the below video, we noticed he mentioned the mayor and city council members need to do something about these criminals and get them off the streets.   We know once anyone is robbed they will say anything about the situation out of frustration.  However, we know Pastor Steve Arthur, Pastor Marvin Winans and other ministers know this problem is spiritual and just locking them up without offering them salvation is certainly not going to do them any good.

In our opinion, as men of God, we think that Pastor Winans, Pastor Arthur and other ministers whom are flustered about these criminals going around Detroit harming and robbing people need to get together and have prayer meetings and revivals.   The black church around the nation no longer has prayer meetings or revivals, because they have became so modernized with their extravagant conferences which are not necessarily saving souls, but earning celebrity preachers millions of dollars.  Of course, we are not saying Winans or Arthur do such things, but what we are saying is this, if the both of them would get together and start running revivals and prayer meeting among their clergy members, we believe things will not only get better in Detroit, but also around the country.  Celebrity preachers will admire them and began focusing on saving souls instead of focusing on their celebrity status and earning millions of dollars through their corporate ministries.   In general, various pastors will admire their effort to allow God to break yokes and save lost souls, then political officials may not have to lock these criminals up, because they will began to give their lives to Jesus Christ.   However, it takes these two men whom yearn to change things and make a difference, because they recognize what happened to both of them is a spiritual battle between God and the Devil.   Therefore, these criminals need salvation and the atmosphere within the city of Detroit need to change, but it takes strong men and women of God who believe in the power of prayer and fasting to make it happen.  God wants more deliverance ministries to spread within the black church and for all of the entertainment to cease.

We hope Pastor Steve Arthur and his family are doing alright, since the robbery.  We also pray for these police imposters that they completely surrender their lives to Jesus Christ and repent for the wrong they have done. Thank God Pastor Arthur and his family are safe and alive.

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Pastor says police impostors invaded his Detroit home

By Alexis Wiley

DETROIT (WJBK) - "They said that they were the police and this was a raid and everyone get on the floor," said Pastor Steve Arthur.

It happened inside a home on Detroit's west side.  The pastor was asleep when he heard a group of men kick in his front door.

"By the time I got to them, they were already in the home," he said.

At first, the pastor actually thought they were police ...Read full article, here.

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