Jesse Jackson Jr. suffering from ‘emotional’ and ‘physical’ ailments

U. S. Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Ill.) administration allegedly states he is suffering from emotional and physical ailments, according to the NY Daily News.  As we recall, Jesse Jackson Jr. was in the headlines during the Rod Blagojevech scandal, because of various accusations.   In our opinion, all of that trouble could have overwhelmed him and caused a lot of stress in his life.   The son of Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. has always responded to the media whenever necessary, but too much pressure is not good for anyone.  If he is suffering from emotional ailments, of course, it will catch up with him, physically.

Although, Jesse Jackson Jr. father has always been involved in politics, maybe he should have chosen another career.  However, he has always done a good job and always been very confident when seen in the press.  Hopefully, he after he gets well, he will consider an early retirement, because being a civil rights activist like his father, including a politician maybe what is causing his serious illness.

We will keep Jesse Jackson, Jr. in our prayers and have faith for his full recovery.

Jesse Jackson Jr. suffering from ‘emotional’ and ‘physical’ ailments, his office says

It’s unclear how long it'll be before the Chicago Democrat returns to Congress, but the son of civil rights leader Jesse Jackson Sr will need extensive treatment, according to a statement.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is struggling with physical and emotional ailments that will require extensive medical treatment, his office announced Thursday.

The statement, which comes after the Chicago Democrat took a medical leave of absence last month, said his condition is more serious than previously...Read full article, here.


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