Anthony and Harriett Jinwright-former Co Pastors of Greater Salem in Charlotte will Remain in federal Prison

We just learned from our friend at Church Lady Blogs that former pastor and co-pastor of Greater Salem in Charlotte will be remain in prison.  They both will not receive their jail cards to be eventually be released from federal prison.  In our opinion, this news is very sad, because we are now living in an age when the black church is so modern.   Of course, we do not know what sort church services were held during the Jinwright's serving positions as pastor and co-pastor, but overall, we feel the black church has left its' foundation of getting souls delivered and set free.   If the Jinwright's are truly innocent of the accusations, then this is possibly a spiritual matter.  The sad part is, they both are going to be spending time in seperate prisons, Co-Pastor Harriet Jinwright more than 6 years and her husband, Anthony Jinwright, more than 8 years.

To be honest, we feel the black church needs to be more focused on saving souls and getting back to biblical standards, simply because hell is a very serious place.   Too many souls are yet dying and being lost and if pastors and celebrity preachers are more focused on driving an expensive car and living in a big mansion, then people will miss out on God and not knowing how to live for Him.   God has been revealing himself through recent news of Pastor Marvin Winans and another one, Pastor Steve Arthur getting robbed and stripped of their possessions.  Please tell us, what is it going to take for the black church to come in unity and seek God and stop following the greedy ways of rich white televangelists that have no concern for the poor or turning their ministries into deliverance ministries?   

As for the Jinwrights', they are truly blessed, because they could have gotten much more time or even faced judgement before God's presence.  So, if they both are guilty, at least they have a chance to repent and get their lives right with God, many others are possibly paying for allegedly stealing through tithes and offerings in a worst way.   God wants this couple to come out of jail and not stop their ministry, but be more focused about saving souls instead of fortune.   It is alright to have a nice home and drive an expensive car, but God wants us to earn it the right way.  God may not mind preachers having a salary, but He also expects them to pay their taxes and give to the poor.  So, maybe when they are finally released, they will get out and do it right, because too many lost souls are waiting to be saved and delivered from sin.  However, we do pray for Pastor's Anthony and Harriet Jinwright and feel deep down inside, they both really are good people and love the Lord.

Anthony and Harriett Jinwright-former Co Pastors of Greater Salem in Charlotte, will NOT receive Get Out of Jail Cards

It appears that Anthony and Harriett Jinwright,  former Co-pastors of once mega church, Greater Salem  in Charlotte,  will NOT receive  a get out of jail card, as the appeals court upheld their tax fraud convictions of 2010. Both are serving their sentences in federal prisons in West Virginia.

By: Charlotee Observer staff

A federal appeals court has upheld the tax fraud convictions of Anthony and Harriet Jinwright, the husband-wife team who once co-pastored Greater Salem Church in west Charlotte.

The Jinwrights were convicted in May 2010 for failing to report nearly $2.5 million in taxable income between 2001 and 2007. Anthony Jinwright was sentenced to eight years and nine months in prison; Harriet Jinwright received six years and eight months.

In their appeal, the Jinwrights alleged that U.S. District Judge Frank Whitney...Read full article, here.




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