Does God Want Celebrity Preachers (in the Black Church) Charging for Conferences?

Since we have kept you up to date, regarding celebrity preacher, Bishop T. D. Jakes agenda for his upcoming conferences, 'Woman Thou Art Loosed' and 'ManPower', we had to do an article, regarding how God may feel about celebrity preachers charging at their conferences.   Allegedly, many others like Juanita Bynum, Joel Osteen, Bishop Eddie Long, Paula White and many others have charged for people to come and learn how to change their lives through Jesus Christ.   For those of us, who have been reared in the era of the black church in the 1970's and 80's, we recall tent revivals, church revivals and prayer meetings with no charge necessary.   If their was any money given, it was through tithes and offerings.  Our elders had church for hours and the focus was for lost souls to be completely delivered from sin.   Those services were so powerful, people were being healed and there were no actors and actresses.  People actually were healed from all sorts of diseases and they testified in front of souls hungry for God's anointing to flow among them.   People of all ages would praise God at the alter until they reached heaven.  These days, there is an air of sophistication and we see celebrity preachers wearing fine suits as they stand up similar to motivational speakers.   Many times, we see no cross, except for the initials of the ministry with a logo or person's name imprinted on the podium to represent their multi-million dollar corporate ministry.  Ask yourself, does God want this within the body of Christ?   Does He except extravagant conferences within His Kingdom?

When we looked at Bishop T. D. Jakes Manpower flier, we could not understand why he charges $60 per person, same for the conference for women, 'Woman Thou Art Loosed'.   Are the people coming to the conference to hear a preacher or a motivational speaker?  If we are homeless people, can we afford to go wash up in a hotel and go to his conference?  If we are women who live in the projects, raising kids as single mother, can we afford to go to Bishop T. D. Jakes Conference?  If we work a 9 to 5 job, making minimum wage and struggling to pay bills and rent, can we afford to pay a fee and go hear Bishop T. D. Jakes speak to us?  If we are on the bus and cannot afford to buy a car and get off of work a bit too late to attend 'Man Power' or 'Woman Thou Art Loosed' conference, can we afford to get better transportation and then a ticket to go to either of those conferences?  The answer is no to all of these questions and we know it is not God's will for the celebrity preacher to be able to drive a Bentley or be chauffeured in his or her limousine while children of God whom lack funds to attend any conference given by any pastor within the black church or any other church.

SCR readers, we as children of God, need to recognize how God must feel about all of this.  God wants souls saved and delivered from sin.  There needs to be a great awakening of the revivals we used to have back in the day, when pastors were not known as celebrity preachers, but they were only known as powerful men of God, healing the sick and even raising the dead.  The only preacher many saints of God used to complain about was Rev. Ike, but then it seemed like when we heard about others joining the ranks as televangelists, it was more acceptable for the pastor of a mega church or mega ministry to drive a Rolls Royce and live a huge mansion.   

You may ask, why should we even be concerned about this subject?  Well, it is very simple, we heard of preachers who are in hell now for seeking fame and fortune and when Jesus heard their plea to get out, Jesus responded that it was theft to take tithes and offerings and leave off of it while the followers within the were struggling to survive.  If you do not believe it, then go and listen to Minister Mary K. Baxter talk about on our videos page.  You will also hear Bishop Earthquake Kelley allegedly claim he had a conversation with God and God told Him preachers will start falling dead in their pulpits, because they refuse to stop preaching for fame and fortune.

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