Toledo COGIC Church Harbored 5 Sex Offenders as Church Employees?

COGIC Pedophiles on the Church- St James Holiness COGIC church

Today, Report COGIC Abuse confirmed that the St James Holiness COGIC in Toledo, OH, now has the dubious distinction of having had 5 sexual offenders in its ministry ranks. St. James Church is also known as “The Armory” [website here]. The church is a part of the Ohio North Jurisdiction where Bishop Edward Cook presides. (We've said it before: who would let a man that looks like this in their church as an employee?)
According to law enforcement officials at the Lucas County (OH) Jail,  Eddie Jordan, a Sunday School teacher at the church, is incarcerated and awaiting trial on 3 counts of kidnapping and 2 counts of attempted rape.
In November 2009, RCA broke the heinous story of this same church who had harbored 4 other convicted pedophiles in leadership positions.
According to the report, since the church had four convicted pedophiles operating in its ministry, with the knowledge of it's pastor, he never  made the men leave the church before the authorities were involved...

Read the full report at AT2W's Church Scandal Report!


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